Debunking Biden’s Claim We Must “Protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated”

Source: Mises Institute.

Before Covid-19 came along, it was never fashionable to accuse unvaccinated people of causing disease or social injustice. Sure, there were pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers who occasionally argued over esoteric subjects, such as whether the measles vaccine could be linked to autism or other side effects, but most people were reluctant to blame the unvaccinated for particular outbreaks.

There were practical reasons for this reluctance. It is standard practice with infectious disease to try to identify patient zero, but the best efforts to do so are fraught with uncertainty and the benefits of knowing patient zero (after the fact) don’t change what has already occurred. Hence, the moral default is simply to assume that infection is like an act of God.

Not so with Covid. Now it is fashionable to name the unvaccinated as the cause of various social problems. Even our president does it. The essay deflates three such claims.

8 thoughts on “Debunking Biden’s Claim We Must “Protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated”

  1. There is no doubt that those who have recovered from COVID and have measurable antibodies do not need vaccination. Perhaps in a year or two a booster, especially if they are updated, might be wise, but for now, antibodies are antibodies, whether natural or from vaccination.


    1. Good post.

      Validation of immunity is a good idea, better than just proof of vaccination. As the studies advance, natural immunity may be as effective or more if the educated speculations are correct. This is relatively new information, so policy should reflect that.

      “In 1958, when the American National Election Study first asked this question, 73% said they could trust the government just about always or most of the time.”

      And this has been eroding steadily ever since. This lack of trust has a lot of parents. I believe the Vietnam war was the main catalyst. Unfortunately, the internet has made is so easy to silo the Americans. We are now beholden to conspiracies for large swaths of the electorate. This used to be a fringe element that few actually paid attention to unless you were a fan of folks like Lyndon LaRouche or in the John Birch Society.

      I wonder what our response to the pandemic would have been in the 1950’s when 3/4’s of the country agreed they could trust the government to do the right thing.

      Of course the cynic in me says that trust in government is better when people are kept in the dark. There were many things going on long before the 50’s that should have garnered great mistrust in government had we known more.

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      1. Trust in government dies July 1988, when the Fairness Doctrine ended and Rush Limbaugh went national.

        Prior to that, the Democratic Party/MSM cabal had total control of the airwaves, but when Rush started arming his listeners with alternative views the monopoly was broken.


        1. Trust in media or trust in government?

          Vietnam era told us the government lied to us and 55,000 young men and women died.

          Reagan gave us Iran-Contra, selling arms to the enemy, tripling the debt.

          Clinton lied about his sex life and was impeached.

          Bush lied about WMD costing us trillions and thousands of lives.

          Obama lied, or at least mislead, about Obamacare.

          Trump lied about everything, but at this point trust was so far gone it just got ridiculous.

          We are headed towards a Turkish style regime. No trust, all conspiracy, and an possible autocracy.

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          1. “Trust in media or trust in government?”

            The MSM is merely the propaganda arm of the Deep State, which is mostly a creature of the Democratic Party.

            Until Rush, FOX and the Internet, they had total control of the flow of information.

            People trusted because there was no other voice to call out the lies.

            That is over.


        2. RE: “Trust in government died July 1988, when the Fairness Doctrine ended and Rush Limbaugh went national.”

          I’d say it died a long time before that, in the 1950s with the beat generation. Or in the 1920/1930s in response to the atrocities of WWI.

          In any case, we should all be wary of government-imposed litmus tests in our own era, whether they be based on vaccination status or immunity status.



    The Herman Cain Award concept is simple and ugly. A single entry to the subreddit consists of anywhere between two and 16 screenshots of a social media profile (usually Facebook, with last names scrubbed out) belonging to someone who died after aggressively rejecting precautions that could have protected them and others. The idea is to track the individual’s journey from COVID theory, so to speak, to COVID practice: what a person posted or commented about masks or shots, or those who advocated for either before getting sick, and how they and their community narrated their disease once they were ill.

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