Scamdemic News

Too much lying, right from the beginning. Reminds me of Dr. Mann and his hockey stick.

Fauci et al drastically inflated the number of cases. Fauci et al put every death in the covid column that could possibly be put there. People stopped dying from heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and falling off a roof.

Every stupid mistake that could be made was made. Putting sick people in nursing homes. Putting ventilators in people when it would kill them. Most egregiously, prohibiting American citizens from trying remedies that have proved effective in many, many thousands of cases.

Furthermore, all the media, our little sicko media, coordinated a fear campaign so people were afraid to leave the house.

The big news today is that the scam seems to be falling apart, as this article reports.

The Government and CDC Are Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin; The Question Is Why?
Wayne Allyn Root


PS: the giveaway for me, admittedly one of many, was that Fauci and his gang were so inappropriately ruthless when anything threatened their game. Remember the weird attacks on hydroxy. The media reported that Trump told people to inject bleach into their veins. That sort of nonsense went on for months as they tried to make people stay home and wait for a vaccine. The attack was picked up again when many doctors reported success with ivermectin. Dr. Zelenko explained the options in March of 2020. Everything he said made sense to me. Virtually nothing that Fauci said made sense. Fauci was like the election, the Biden candidacy, the vote count, the insurrection, the rush from Afghanistan, our lying media, and duplicitous Democrats generally. It’s shocking the number of people on this site who describe Fauci (and Biden) as decent and well-meaning.

16 thoughts on “Scamdemic News

  1. What people get wrong about treating COVID 19 is that timing is critical.

    In the first 5 days, any anti-viral, whether HCQ, Ivermectin, Quecertin, Rescemdivir, Regenron or convalsecent plasma, is better than nothing. Some are better than others, but all have a positive benefits. After the first 5 days, they are useless, then it is time to treat the cytokine storm, best with dexamethasone but oddly Ivermectin also has anti inflammatory benefits.

    But since in much of the US, primary care physicians don’t treat COVID and off label treatments are prohibited except is hospital based studies, when it is too late, the antivirals have not been realistically evaluated.

    The FDA bureaucracy has a lot of blood on its hands.


    1. In the correct dose. A horse pill for an animal 800 to 1200 pounds would have to be cut in 6 parts, and powdering a pill can make it relese to much too fast.

      You need to instruct these people in how to take drugs for an animal safely, Doc. Strart with PCP.

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      1. Ivermectin is available for human use in proper dosage. the FDA just doesn’t permit it for use in treating COVID outside of hospital based research,

        If the FDA were not banning it’s off label use by PCPs there would be no dosage problem.


          1. OK, so how do you create an ethical double blind study for a drug that is only useful if given at the first sigh of disease by the patient’s PCP?

            Does your PCP knowingly give you a placebo knowing that he has taken away your chance at effective treatment?

            Ivermectin will never be approved by the FDA, because they rely on studies at hospitals and at that point it is too late.

            The FDA needs to get out of the PCP’s way and let them learn by shared experience.


          2. If it is double blind, no one knows who gets what. But you need infected volunteers and if the five day window for efficacy is true and a volunteer is asymptomatic, the window may pass.

            There may be no good way to test and I suppose it makes it difficult to approve a treatment based on anecdotal evidence or small studies.

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          3. That’s the problem. The FDA has no place approving or disapproving the use of a known safe drug for off label purposes.

            If it’s safe, then physicians should be able to, with informed consent, try it and learn by experience. Doctors communicate online just as we do and compare results.

            Let them treat patients as they and their patients choose.


          4. I guess the problem is in finding a doctor that will try the unapproved treatments, then have the patient die. Even if shielded from liability a doctor might not be willing to kill some of his patients as an experiment.

            Tens of millions of patients around the world, treated by hundreds of thousands of doctors, you would think there would be tons of evidence, and yet…

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          5. And the patients who die for lack of treatment don’t count?

            Again, how would you structure a trial the FDA would accept at the PCP level.

            Ivermectin will not kill anyone, it is safe, At worst, it would be ineffective, and waiting for patients to get sick enough to need hospitalization to treat can’t be better.

            I am grateful that if my wife had to have a breakthrough infection, she had it in Louisiana where PCPs send patients for a Regeneron infusion promptly instead of instead of here where nothing gets done until their PO2 starts falling.


    2. You do realize the best solution to eliminating the FDA bottleneck is to eliminate the need for a prescription and pharmacies, right?

      They market directly to us. Why not let the manufacturers sell directly to us? We have the internet. We really don’t need doctors. We just need the drugs. Why should Ivermectin, or any of those drugs be different than, oh say, Sant John’s Wort?

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  2. Fauci’s gang is childishly desperate. A fake story swept the country last week, as summed up in Rolling Stone. There were so many people dying from.ivermectin that covid patients could not get to the emergency room in an Oklahoma hospital. Every worthless lib network screamed the story…. Until Rolling Stone was forced to print a retraction:

    It’s worth looking at the details. How completely divorced from reality the fake story was. The eagerness of bad networks to publish such nonsense. The eagerness of commentators to believe something clearly idiotic.

    And we stilll see evidences of the fake story here on this site. Part of the gimmick was to refer to ivermectin as a horse medicine. No problem there. The idiocy was to insist that a human being would insist on taking the horse dose. If that’s fatal, does it tell us anything about ivermectin? How about if people insist on taking the horse dose of aspirin, advil, or even water? You can probably kill yourself with any of these approaches.

    This is no question that the country is getting dumber, thanks to the cleverness of our education establishment. My favorite new ploy, asked at random to people on the street, is this, i’ll give you a dollar if you can name a continent…
    Many people look stunned by this question. Who knows junk like that?


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