So we finally get FDA approval for a vaccine. Good news huh? Unless you are promoting vaccine hesitancy.

We finally get approval for a vaccine. Why are notable Republicans attacking this? Even Trump was booed at his own rally in Alabama for suggesting getting the vaccine. Meanwhile doctors and nurses are leaving exhausted and frustrated. I understand they should be after risking their lives for 18 months and still people refuse to get the jab or even wear a mask. Loonies are running the show now.

17 thoughts on “So we finally get FDA approval for a vaccine. Good news huh? Unless you are promoting vaccine hesitancy.

  1. I am a big believer in vaccines and my faith has been rewarded.

    My wife went to Louisiana to visit family and got a breakthrough infection. Symptoms of a mild cold over in 4 days. Not bad for a 70 yo woman with a couple of risk factors.

    Go Moderna.

    But understand that the more you use force and intimidation to try to badger people into getting vaccinated, the more resistance will harden. It is an article of faith in the Liberty community that good ideas do not require force.


    1. Understand. I know relatives that won’t get vaccinated.

      But in my mind, these anti-vaxxers, along with the opportunist pols looking for votes, are also badgering by spewing misinformation. In the regions of resistance, if the general consensus among your circle of friends is some theory maligning the vaccine, it exaggerates group pressure in my opinion.

      That Trump rally in which the folks booed Trump when he suggested the vaccine is a good thing. That is group pressure.

      I really sympathize with the weary nurses and doctors who are angry and frustrated that they are working their asses off while folks party on and filling hospitals.

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      1. There is a difference.

        The anti-vaxxers, obstinate as they are, are not trying to force their views on others. They are not saying you can’t get vaccinated.

        It is only the pro vax side that is using the force of government or coercion.


        1. The unvaccinated are straining our healthcare system to the breaking point in many places.

          No big deal, just don’t have a medical problem for a while.

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          1. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t vaccinate, but threats of force and coercion will only increase resistance.

            The FDA and CDC have not missed a single opportunity to encourage resistance, from repeated pauses over possible side effects so rare that they are less than background to delaying full acceptance over shelf life.

            And then threatening force.

            Really inspires confidence.


  2. What’s the big problem with vaccine hesitancy?

    The vaccinated can transmit the virus more or less as easily as the unvaccinated. This means that vaccination doesn’t stop the spread.

    What vaccination does do is lessen the severity of the viral disease for those who are vaccinated.

    Put these two things together and you get this: The unvaccinated harm and risk only themselves. Thus, choosing to avoid vaccination at present has no social implications. The domain of all consequences is purely individual.


    1. Unless you are sick or have a serious health emergency and there is no room at the hospital. And this is the point among those doctors and nurses who are quitting or demonstrating. They are exhausted and facilities are full.

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          1. I asked, because your comment is indecipherable to me. It should be obvious that children lack the material and moral agency of adults.


          2. The “they” in question refers not to the children themselves, but those who choose not to get vaccinated.

            People who refuse to get vaccinated are not only endangering themselves.

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