So, it’s OK to burn the American flag…

Proud Boys leader gets jail for burning BLM flag

He got 125 days for possession of 2 extended magazines in DC. And then 30 more days for burning a BLM flag because it was a racist act. OK, now look at the picture.

Regarding the  magazines, there was no associated weapon present nor ammunition, he was just delivering the magazines to a purchaser who he was meeting at the protest.

13 thoughts on “So, it’s OK to burn the American flag…

  1. Thats right up there with a black cop getting by with using the white guy insta”your fired” n word numerous times.
    Or those beloved “native” Americans who can get by with murder like charging 5000% interest on indian “bank” loans like American Web Loans offered by the Otoes. And white males are the bad guys?? Please do tell!!


      1. We are all very sorry you think its ok for a black person to use the n word in a polite society. So you think it’s fine for others to use the n word? Seriously??


        1. Black people can use the word as they see fit.

          You know how you might be critical of or make jokes at the expense of your close friends and family, but then resent it if you heard it from someone else? Same principle.

          And, nobody is stopping you and your buddies from saying it. But if you say it around decent people, you might experience some pushback. Sorry it’s not the 50s anymore.

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          1. Some 50 years ago, I was the only white guy on a construction crew in New Orleans. The N* word was in pretty much every sentence spoken by my co-workers. The conversations went something like, ‘Did you hear that Jacob got shot last Saturday night?” No. dat N* didn’t get shot, he got stabbed. Dat N* Louis got shot.”

            The guys could see I was uncomfortable with the use of the word so one morning the lead carpenter called me to the front and said “The New Orleans N* Society had a meeting last night and voted you an Honorary N* so you are Ok to join in and use the word as one of us”

            I didn’t, of course, but I appreciated the gesture of dealing with my discomfort with humor.

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          2. Quit making pathetic excuses for you to play pathetic games. So, just as this thread suggests, left wing extremist jackasses hold a double standard in common decency. Perhaps you should add how to use the N word in your next “asshole liberals for dummies”.


    1. “American Web Loans offered by the Otoes. And white males are the bad guys?? ”

      The “Otoes” are facilitators for the loans. It is the white males that get them to do it in their name


    1. Indeed there is the matter of destruction of private property, but the BLM protestors weren’t prosecuted for burning businesses. In any case, that isn’t what the judge based his sentence on.


      1. “… BLM protestors weren’t prosecuted for burning businesses.”

        Perhaps a more correct phrase would have been “…agitators who infiltrated the BLM demonstrations and protests were not all prosecuted..”.

        Are you sure most were not prosecuted? Or just enough to saturate right wing media and pols with the same injustices over and over again.

        Still, Trump issued his order to “standby” so the yellow clad PB’s will probably obey.

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