Trespassing after all

FBI finds no coordinated insurrection

Of 570 arrested, 40 charged with conspiracy, most of the remainder, trespassing.

21 thoughts on “Trespassing after all

  1. Bet the House panel comes up with a different story. They have Schiff to make up their story for Pelosi’s approval if she hasn’t written the report already.


  2. I think the coordination was speculated among the gangs, but apparently the chatter was mostly beer talk.

    However, and there is always a however, Trump did plan a rally on the very day that Congress was accepting the state tallies. His buddies riled up the crowd (Mo was wearing a bullet proof vest, hmm.). And then he refused to call off the assault once it was obvious that an armed attack on the nation’s government of which he was the head until hours passed.


    It is fairly obvious that that he was “playing” the mob and they came through for him. Many attackers said Trump invited them. They were sooo pegged by him to act predictably. Just like the phony donations to fund election legal battles. Not a penny spent on that.

    But, since there is a all out effort to excuse 1/6 as a picnic, I think it is important revive that old Southern bumper sticker:
    “Fergit, Hell”. Except with an American flag instead of the Stars and Bars.

    PS: as more videos come out, some of those lying “tourists” are shown beating police. I wonder how long they would have lasted assaulting cops with weapons in any other scenario. Like BLM protest, for example. “Trespassers” might have had a tough time through all the bear spray, pepper spray, flying clubs, tasers, knives, so it is understandable that they might want a refund on their tickets.

    I refuse to let gaslighters change my country’s history.

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    1. Too bad Ashley Babbitt wasn’t wearing body armor. Oh, that’s right, she was shot in the neck. I’m sure the shooter was aiming for a head shot but missed.


      1. She would be alive today if she hadn’t been part of a screaming mob trying to break into the chambers where the VP and Congress were sheltering or being evacuated.

        Actions have consequences, don’t you think?

        Or should they have been allowed to hang Mike Pence?

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        1. There is no evidence that anyone actually intended to hang anyone and no one has been charged with anything close to that.

          But who needs evidence when you can try dead people in the press.


          1. So the smashing of the doors and windows, the bear spray, the poles, the tasers, the knives, the body armor, the plastic cuffs, the helmets and some later admitted to guns, were all just posing for cameras?

            The last line of defense by police before reaching the Congressmen was held, unfortunately, by the first and only shot fired by one of our patriots.

            I thought self-defense was a right. No more I suppose.

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          2. So, if some people at a BLM riot are throwing fire bombs, it would be OK with you for the police to shoot some random Black woman protestor because she was available?

            There may have been some dangerous people at the Capitol, but Babbit was not one of them.


          3. Babbitt was not “some random” protester. She was the front of a bloodthirsty, armed mob that had already beaten dozens of police half to death and were breaching the very last line of defense.

            I guess the officer needed to ask if they were looking to use the restroom and that there was one for tourists down the hall to the left.

            The restraint by the brave police was nothing short of amazing until then.

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          4. Do you have a cite for “beaten dozens of police half to death?”

            A blood thirsty armed mob? Armed with sticks against known armed guards?

            Why have they not beeen charged then?


          5. Look at the videos. When you can see through the bear spray and tear gas, you will see cops beaten and damn near killed.

            Some are charged with assaulting police. I believe about 140 cops were hospitalized, some with serious injuries. How did they get those?

            There is a lot of plea bargaining going on.

            Your denial and support of the events on 1/6 is pure right wing propaganda.

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          6. I am sure the police who had been beaten knew it was all a big joke. How would the outnumbered last line of defense know that they were just “tourists”?

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      2. Strange how trespassing in the Capital is a “capital” offense but no BLM rioters breaking into police stations and federal buildings and torching them even got arrested. Must be because it was in…wait for it… the “Capital”???


        1. And in other news, the KKK investigated itself and found itself to be free of bigotry.

          Until there is an independent investigation with full transparency, this remains a suspicious police killing.


    2. It was always obvious to me the so-called insurrection was just another boogie man the Democrats created. Anyone could see there was scant actual fighting. Anyone could see that the guards let “rioters” in. Anyone could see a festive spirit more suitable to a toga party than a fight.

      Still, we have to be impressed by the FBI releasing their story. I thought they would string it out for months. But now that the insurrection story is dead, we have to hear triple the noise about the virus. Without the virus, the Democrats might have to admit they eagerly elected a non-eligible candidate. I think this will haunt the Democrats for decades.


  3. Too bad Ashley Babbitt wasn’t wearing body armor. Oh, that’s right, she was shot in the neck. I’m sure the shooter was aiming for a head shot but missed.


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