26 thoughts on “Fluvoxamine is showing good results as a therapeutic.

  1. Apples and Oranges.

    Fluvoxamine is useful in the anti-inflammatory part of the treatment, Ivermectinm Regeneron, and even HCQ are useful in the anti-viral stage. They are not contradictory, and timing is everything.


      1. Looks to me like the problem here is that people had to resort to veterinary supplies because the FDA interferes in the use of a known safe drug for off label use.

        Ivermectin has been used with great success right here at EVMS as part of the I-Mask+ protocol.


        1. Either that, or the rugged individualism of the typical backwoods American has devolved to self-medicating with any available substance.

          I say this as a typical self-medicating male. Doctors? Who needs ’em?! I’ve got the seed & feed store!

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          1. Typical condescension toward rural people by the coastal elite.

            Ivermectin for human use is cheap and safe, the only barrier to people getting it from their doctor is the FDA’s ban on off-label use.

            EVMS uses it with success because they can get around the FDA by including the patients in research.

            But the FDA and state health departments should not have any authority to prevent your doctor from off-label use of known safe drugs, and they didn’t until Obamacare. One of those little nuggets we had to pass the bill to see.


          2. “ Typical condescension toward rural people by the coastal elite.”

            Those rural folks are mighty condescending when they call the coastal folks un-American, but that is just fine I suppose. Impugn lack of patriotism, then use the mob to enforce same.

            The playbook is so familiar, but evidently loved by the authoritarian folks who hate for real people to vote.

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          3. So you think the presumption that rural folk head for the Feed and Seed when they get sick instead of calling a doctor is OK?

            I notice you don’t address the FDA getting between those patients and their doctors


          4. Better than calling everyone else communists, unpatriotic and the enemy.

            Your complaint about the possibly over cautious FDA may have merit, however.

            Ironic that some of the same folks who distrust the vaccine will try to self-medicate based on internet info.

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          5. This excuse that the attackers were justified because they felt the were not respected by some “coasties” is just amazing.

            Around the world people rebel because of unrelenting tyranny, starvation, persecution and massive corruption.

            Not here though. The word “rube” is cause enough to attack.

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          6. Who attacked anyone to get Ivermectin?

            Is any government overreach now OK because a handful of people had unlawful intent on Jan 6?

            What gives government the power to tell my doctor what he can and can’t use to treat me?


          7. You bought it up:

            “Typical condescension toward rural people by the coastal elite.”

            Playing the underdog is cheap and pointless. Yet…

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          8. You don’t think saying that rural people go to the Feed and Seed instead of a doctor is condescending?

            And what does that have to do with Jan 6? Is Jan 6 the all purpose excuse for every overreach or insult?


          9. My mind wanders occasionally.

            Personally, I don’t care what the elites do on your side or mine. All of it is political theater. And each side has its fans.

            You reacted to the Feed and Seed jest like it was evidence of horrible persecution, which is not even close to true if you consider, fairly, the dismissal of the left as enemies of the state. That is serious stuff.

            Mo Brooks said he understood why the alleged car bomber threat did what he did. Really? Why? Mass murder, come on. Is it that bad?

            So can we put the victim hood to rest or is it just too good to create enemies in accordance with the conservative rhetoric?

            Yes, it is not on topic until you bristled at the comment about veterinary pills.

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    1. “Timing”? True. Problem is that we are not all celebrities or presidents with 12 docs on call.

      Many places are sticking patients in hallways and with short staffs how precise will that timing be. Some don’t go to the hospital until they can’t breathe.

      Bottom line, the message is clear: get the jab, wear a mask and quit the whining. (Not you, but the hesitant.)

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      1. Certainly get the vaccine and mask where appropriate, but that is no reason to not properly treat people who get sick.

        My brother-in-law in LA got COVID 3 weeks after his first shot. He is getting good OUTPATIENT treatment with Regeneron from his PCP. That is how to do it, not tell people to go home and wait until they are sick enough to need the ER before treating them as Northam’s Health Dept does it here.


        1. The way the infections, hospitalizations and deaths are piling up in the South, ER and ICU space is an issue anyway.

          Poorer nations are begging for vaccines. And we are throwing out thousands of doses that people refuse to take. Embarrassment of riches perhaps.

          That Russian comedian who used to punctuate his jokes about America with “vot a country” could certainly find the irony.

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          1. I don’t know how many vaccine doses are being thrown out, that would be extremely poor planning at this point, but if that is happening then making them available to elders for boosters would be a good use.


  2. I read this story and thought, the writer is a hack. No surprise then to find out that his paper has disciplined him for unscrupulous behavior unbecoming a blogger.

    His story may have a kernel at the center that is legit. An old drug that can help a little. By his real aim is to insult all the other options, hydroxy, ivermectin, etc.,etc., things that have standing and proof. He makes those big sweeping lies that are a troll’s best friends. I think of him as a Fauci Friend.

    Here’s the story that deserves more attention. I’ve seen several stories about side effects from taking multiple jabs of the so-called vaccines. Scientists worry more damage will show up as time goes by, or the government orders repeated jabs.


    1. What side effects have you read about?

      True, out of a few hundred million jabs there will be thousands of cases where the side effects may be severe.

      Few who have gotten COVID however would opt for a repeat.

      As far as time going by, these vaccines have been administered to thousands over a year ago as part of the testing. Then hundreds of millions since.

      I know both of, and personally, many who suffered through the disease. It is bad. Really bad. Unfortunately, I also know some that died.

      I can’t convince the hesitant. What is happening in the southern states is a real tragedy. And it was avoidable.

      Now the problem is that younger people and children are in ICU’s. So many that other serious diseases and accidents are unable to get the care they need unless they are transferred elsewhere.

      Like we used to say, you buy your ticket and see if it is a lucky one.

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