The Purge of all things Trump

Trump had a plan, Biden replaced it with nothing.

It turns out that President Trump, who also planned to get out of Afghanistan. had a plan to leave in an orderly manner, and had assembled and funded the team to carry it out. But, in his lust to purge everything Trump from government, Biden defunded it and replaced it with hopes and good intentions, and no plan.

20 thoughts on “The Purge of all things Trump

  1. You talk about Biden as if he is a real person. Maybe a few years ago. I think he’s about 25% of a real person.. So the fascinating question is, who’s actually making the decisions and writing the speeches?


  2. I am not sure what this is about. It seems that the plan was to repatriate 100’s of thousands of Americans from all over the world. I got the impression it might have little to do with evacuation of foreign nationals from a war zone. And that is the crux of the problem in Afghanistan.

    It seems to be a variety of a medical evacuation to repatriate Americans in the pandemic.

    Research turned up little except the cut and paste sites. I am sure if this is a real issue, the right wing MSM would dive in soon. News at 11.

    One thing seems for sure to me, though. This Afghanistan crisis will supplant God, guns and gays (oh, and masks, too) for a while as the primary concern of the loyal opposition party. After all, even media pundits on the left and middle are criticizing the administration.

    One question for now regarding the Trump plan. Did he really expect to bring in tens of thousands of Afghan refugees into the US. And if so, why did he wait 31/2 years to implement a plan that would not take effect until after the next term?

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    1. The plan was not to bring back all Americans abroad, it was to be prepared to bring any who needed to be brought back from any place they happened to be.

      But again, the point isn’t whether Trump’s plan was perfect, it is that the Biden State Dept dumped it because it was Trump’s without first having a plan of their own.

      Pulling air support from the Afghan Army before Americans were extracted allowed a collapse that has thousands of American aid workers and contractors behind Taliban lines to be used as pawns by the Taliban.

      Getting out of Afghanistan was the right choice, but it didn’t have to be done with no plan in place.


      1. My point was the the plan may have had little to do with Afghanistan and all to do with global repatriation for reasons unknown except maybe cementing isolationism.

        Repatriation of nationals from the middle of a civil war zone is a lot different than plane tickets from Berlin.

        Are you speculating that it was done specifically because it was Trump? I think that is projecting. That is what Trump was trying to do with anything Obama.

        We’ll see as this crisis unfolds. The Taliban needs cash, a functional government and international recognition. Slaughtering people will get them none of those things. A few were shot at a street demonstration until the local Taliban commander halted the shooting, and displayed the Afghan flag on his vehicle in lieu of the Taliban flag. The point of the demonstration was to keep and honor the Afghan colors. The answer was that the flag has not been decided yet.

        Would this have happened in the 90’s? Hardly.

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        1. It absolutely was done because it was Trump’s plan. Biden made a big show of undoing every Trump executive order on day one, including illegally terminating the Keystone XL pipeline, which will cost billions as it goes through the court.

          Biden’s spiteful tirade is going to cost us.


          1. You are projecting again. Trump’s whole presidency was revenge against Obama, so I understand your thinking. But not every politician is so fixated on unraveling predecessors.

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          2. Did you read the link? Biden issued more executive orders in his first hundred days than Trump. Obama, and Bush COMBINED. There has never been such a single minded effort to erase a previous administrations policies, with no consideration for their wisdom, and with no replacement policies, EVER.

            And now we are reading the consequences.

            At least Jimmy Carter can now breath a sigh of relief.


  3. This story makes me think that U.S. presidents need a much longer term in office that will allow their imprint on the huge mechanism of government to take effect in ways that subsequent presidents cannot easily dismantle.


      1. What I have in mind is more along the lines: Had the Contingency and Crisis Response bureau had time to gain a reputation, there would be a political price to pay for abolishing it.


  4. Nobody wants to deal with the real question. The obvious answer is Obama. More and more people will figure this out.


        1. No argument that we needed to get out.

          That still doesn’t excuse scrapping a carefully planned and funded process for a phased withdrawal intended to get our people and allies out BEFORE control was lost, simply because it was put together while Trump was in office.

          And then winging it with no plan.


  5. Great Military Planning:
    “Let’s shell their coconut log bunkers for 12 hours and by the time the Marines land there won’t be a Japanese soldier left alive” — Tarawa

    “Here’s the plan. So we drops them on the wrong beach just in case the Germans knew our plans and when they capture some of them, their maps will indicate they’re in the wrong place and they’ll shift their defenses.” — Normandy

    “Okay, we’re on the beach with our backs to the sea, let’s fortify this place with sandcastles, and wait for them to find out we’re here.” — Anzio Beach

    There are hundreds more examples of military intelligence.


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