So can I have my money back that supported schools, childbirth, Halloween candy, etc.?

FOX folks and J.D. Vance are trying to find cause to blame some childless Democrats in Congress and apparently decide that no kids equals no votes. Super silly, but discussed seriously. And sure as heck it will be another go to point for the Foxies.

11 thoughts on “So can I have my money back that supported schools, childbirth, Halloween candy, etc.?

  1. I dont know if they were merely musing or serious but it would never happen anyway so ho hum. I do understand the logic however. How is a childless liberal able to comprehend the importance of a penis free girls locker room or bathroom unless they experience parenthood of girls.

    As far as the money question, only if I get all of my tax money back that was passed out to freeloaders by Democrat’s vote buying campaigns. Now that would be a chunk…


      1. Obsession? May be but its for common decency, safety of and privacy rights of my daughters. You and Paul constantly downplaying its significance is telling…


        1. He will have a long way to go to catch Mr. Trump.

          Here is an important difference between the two parties. The Democrats are “Tax and Spend” while the Republicans are “Borrow and Spin”. The overwhelming majority of our national debt has come from Republican “Borrow and Spin” policies going right back to Saint Ronald.

          If you cannot accept this truth then your attack on President Biden’s emergency measures is coming from a very empty place.

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      2. “You and Paul constantly downplaying its significance is telling…”

        Telling of what? Not being ignorant dopes?

        Do you really believe that someone goes through years of counselling, hormone treatments and irreversible surgery to satisfy some prurient interest to see girls in locker room? Really? Try thinking. It will not hurt.

        As a matter of fact, young people are far more exposed to inappropriate sexual attention from their priests, ministers, scout leaders and, of course, wrestling coaches than from the miniscule number of the transgendered. So what to do – ban churches, scouts and sports teams?

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    1. What is it with you and the constant ugly references to the transgendered out of the blue. It seems to be an obsession. My obsession is trout fishing. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

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        1. Re-linking to laughable rubbish does not change the nature of it. I challenge you again (you failed last time) which of these ” oft-deployed lies” have I proven by pointing out your sick obsession with the genitals of other people?

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