Democrats Gaslighting America

From the Claremont Institute

The Claremont Institute came up here recently. Here is a piece from them that makes a lot of sense.

Words lose their meaning and truth disappears in pursuit of the progressive agenda.

31 thoughts on “Democrats Gaslighting America

  1. After reading the article is am not sure if I can say anything that won’t upset the underdog status the right has assumed for the last decade or so.

    Again, it “us trampled patriots v. the Harvard elites”. Which is funny considering some of the most fiery firebrands on the right all went to top Ivy League schools. The money, the political power and the religious power are mostly in the hands of conservative, White, Christians.

    Yet, make proposals to soften the more egregious inequities nurtured by those same power brokers then suddenly the “oppression” becomes unbearable.

    In other words, from my viewpoint, conservative elitism is unhappy with competition so they resort to the classic football tactic of the major teams…take the under dog status all the time. Like Alabama does before most games.

    The article is the highbrow side of the “Jews (nor anyone else for that matter) will not replace us” in an effort to legitimize victim hood and foster hatred of anything or anyone different than their view of 1950’s America.

    The legacy of the right for this era is murky so long as they preach that everyone else is the “enemy of the people”.


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  2. It is very telling how hard the party of LYING LIARS, The Big Lie and Insurrection has to work to show how victimized they are. This essay is palpable nonsense. Yours is the party of “Alternative Facts” and they are what is destructive of the social, political and economic order – not these cutesy whines.

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      1. Examples spot on.

        There are no actual examples in the article. There is NOTHING in that “essay” of any substance of any kind. Just a compilation of fine whines.

        Too bad your mind is so constipated with hatred that you cannot see or smell horseshit when it is right in front of your nose. Sad.

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  3. As it was me who brought up the decline of the Claremont Institute as a REAL conservative think tank that has fallen into the scummy world of Trumpism, anything they have to say it this point is taken with a grain of salt (and a shot of Patron).

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          1. LOL!

            Where is right about anything? Spinning cherry-picked hypothetical comments by no one in particular to fit laughable – but cute – “laws” is, well, laughable.

            I do not need to be cutesy to give you serious and consequential gaslighting by the right. Here are two easy examples . . .

            1. The election was stolen from Donald Trump by treacherous actors including Republicans.
            2. Cutting taxes on wealthy people generates greater prosperity for everyone.

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  4. After four plus years of gaslighting by the Trump administration and all of his little minions in Congress and the media, it is completely disingenuous to be concerned about it now. For all of those years you gave Trump a pass with idiotic rationalizations and excuses.


      1. Paul and I have already addressed this question. Sorry if the a answer doesn’t meet with your standards. But the fact that you are using a disgraced organizations rantings, which are counter to everything they said previously, the credibility is gone.


        1. No, you have engaged in ad hominems and deflections, but you have not shown where the article is on error.

          The reason is that it very accurately describes the rhetoric and deceptions of the left.


          1. Yet you protect the rhetoric and MAJOR deceptions of the right.

            OK, here it is. You are a hypocrite thta does not see his own hypocrisy.

            AS far as the accuracy of the article, I will post one of your brothers here. “Who cares?’ The whining right has no credibility any more and that a man who is as learned as you continues to defend their snowflake status is just amazing.


          2. The article is incoherent babble. There is no meat in it to refute.

            You people talking about deceptions is a hoot. Your whole movement – such as it is – is fueled by LIES big and small. Look how your own attempted characterization of the January 6th terrorists as mere “trespassers” was demolished by video and testimony yesterday. Look how your Big Lie about the election withered in court. Look at the joke your Arizona “audit” is proving to be. Just the other day look how the poor little gun lovers were ‘dissed by the media who supposedly never cover Olympic skeet. Except that they do. Day after day it is the same story with you people. Now you are trying to point fingers at Nancy Pelosi over security failures on January 6th when NONE of that is her area of responsibility or authority.

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          3. It is “spot on”only because it feeds his own personal worldview and is not based on anything but the grievance politics of the right.


  5. The paradox, of course, is that those who believe propaganda can’t see it for what it is.

    Excellent essay.


        1. You believe and spread propaganda regularly here on this forum. BUT YOU are the one who cannot see it for what it is.

          The essay is crapola; the Claremont Institute has devolved into crapola and I really could care less about any kind of parallax you and the author believe in.

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  6. What’s funny is the left wingers on this board are committing the article’s examples in this thread proving them absolutely correct. They can’t help themselves, lying liars and all…


        1. Just because everyone else isn’t an idiot like you claim doesnt mean you have to prove the essay correct by you claiming everyone is an idiot. That just makes you an idiot. I know you can’t help yourself…


        1. “The first three for starters”

          LOL! You just proved Len’s point. You do not understand ANY of this nonsense well enough to concretely relate it to anything. I am not criticizing you. It is very silly rubbish that nobody could figure out.

          I post a lot. If I am wrong, take any one of my posts and explain how it is an example of any one of these cutesy categories.

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