Day one of the House investigation discusses the uncivil behavior of “tourists” on 1/6.

Generally, the officers testified their deep emotional hurt of being call liars and that hugs and kisses were what the “patriots” were giving out. One did refer to federal code describing a terrorist action and how it fit what happened. We definitely need to keep 1/6 top of mind to counter GOP and Trump gaslighting.

We have been attacked or invaded few times in our history. 1812, Mexican War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and 1/6. Only one of those has a concerted effort to squash facts. The rest are memorialized.

49 thoughts on “Day one of the House investigation discusses the uncivil behavior of “tourists” on 1/6.

    1. What is “tooo silly”? The testimony of men beaten half to death trying to defend your country? Or perhaps the childish antics of right wing Trump toadies? Maybe the ex-president lying about hugs and kisses?

      Or maybe you are upset that the autogolpe failed? Oh, my sarcastic title? Yeah, that’s it. Sorry.

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      1. Great article. It describes far left extremist liberals like Paul and Len in true living color. That would be those people who cast aspertions on others while being vastly more guilty themselves. Classic liberal…


        1. It is clear from the testimony that racism was a big part of what motivated many of these Trump shitheads to assault the Congress. How dare those “urban” people vote against Dear Leader! As y’all are diehard supporters of the Birther-in-chief, it is not surprising that you now try to minimize the massive terrorist assault on our democracy.

          If you think that either Len or I are “far left” then you are totally out of touch with reality. Do you not know ANY well-educated young people?

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          1. Oh bullshit. And the babbling, gaslighting insulter in chief pops up from the rabbit hole again.


      2. Your opinion is noted.

        Truth is not a strong point of the right, so such articles are understandable under the burden of fantasy writing.

        Probably those officers should have just lay down and watched. No point in them risking their lives to protect the pond scum in the GOP. Those Republicans turned on those working men as if they were traitors, just like the terrorists called them. Along with Confederate flags and calling officers n****rs, they are all from the same seed.

        I would think you would be ashamed to support such trash, but as you often say, don’t assume too much.

        So I won’t.

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        1. “Back the Blue!”

          Unless of course they tell uncomfortable truths that those on the right really don’t want coming to light as it will give their Orange Haired leader a black eye.


    2. Pelosi opening statement:
      “I just want all to know that tissues have been placed next to microphones and a group hug is scheduled to follow this session. All are expected to attend.”


  1. I dont think anyone disagrees that the rioters were uncivil but these stories seem full of drama. These guys sound like hall monitors and not cops. Whatever. The report is already written by Pelosi and her yes men will rubberstamp it anyway.


        1. The officers who testified were upset with the terrorists because they were supposed to be Americans, not enemies.

          But as Officer Fanone put, the people’s lives he and the other officers were protecting now call them liars and are attacking them.

          Now you can call me or Paul or anyone else extremist liberals, I don’t care. I consider the source and discount it. But unless you were there fighting for YOUR country like those men were, your insults just identify whom you really are.

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  2. Ho hum

    If there had been actual representatives of the Republican party there to cross examine the witnesses on matters such as why, with a week of warning there would be trouble, adequate precautions were not taken, this can’t be taken seriously. But with no one there but the anti-Trump team to ask the questions, this is nothing more than Kabuki Theater with no more credibility than a Saturday Night Live skit.

    Pelosi could have had a serious investigation but chose a path with no legitimacy.


    1. Ho Hum?

      Your “logic” is absolutely pathetic. Because the government was not adequately prepared to stop the assault, that makes the assault on the Congress sort of Okay. Not the fault of those who assembled the mob and sent them to the Capitol to hang Mike Pence.

      None of yesterday’s witnesses were in a position to know the answer to the questions you would like to have asked. It is obviously the tactic of the LYING LIARS is to blame Speaker Pelosi. That is a dog that will not hunt. This Committee is looking for the truth – not some fig leaf to protect the guilty.

      The Capitol Police are not under the jurisdiction of Nancy Pelosi any more than they are under Mitch McConnell. A Board including the Sergeants-At-Arms of both Houses, the Architect of the Capital and the Chief of the Capitol Police have that responsibility. They were NOT appointed by nor do they answer to the Speaker.

      That Speaker Pelosi is responsible for the readiness or lack of it is just another one of the LIES that you people spread. And since Jim Jordan is spreading that LIE, Pelosi excluding him is once again vindicated.

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      1. Read More carefully.

        The process is illegitimate not because of what the answers to those questions would be, it is a farce because the GOP Representatives chosen to raise such issues were not there.

        Pelosi poisoned the process when she replaced the representatives chosen by the GOP with two of her own choosing.

        From that point on, the process is illegitimate no matter waht else unfolds.


        1. “Pelosi poisoned the process when”…

          You continue to ignore that it was MCCARTHY who killed the bipartisan commission when he reneged on a deal negotiated by his appointed negotiator.

          Attempting to call Pelosi’s moves as poisonous is disingenuous until you acknowledge the TRUTH.

          The TRUTH that you keep avoiding and deflecting from. Not one single acknowledgment by YOU of what ACTUALLY transpired wrt the original commission.


          1. Nope. 2 different things.

            You can argue that McCarthy screwed up the proposed commission. Maybe so.

            But Pelosi has sole ownership of screwing up the Committee investigation


          2. Not 2 different things. You can say that they are, but they are completely related. If McCarthy hadn’t followed his maters’ orders and killed the commission, we would not be having this discussion.

            And by keeping the TOP “gaslighters” off of the committee, Pelosi did a service to something you seem to be against: The TRUTH.

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        2. “Read more carefully.”

          If there are areas of inquiry that need to be followed there is no reason to believe that Cheney and Kinzinger will not follow them wherever the evidence takes them. Someone with your level of intellect and integrity disrespecting theirs by calling them “ringers” is both laughable and despicable. IMHO.

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    2. “Pelosi could have had a serious investigation but chose a path with no legitimacy.”

      A path forced on her by the reneging toady in charge of the TOP caucus who, after a deal where he got EVERYTHING he asked for was reached, said “no thank you.”

      You have avoided that part of the topic since the beginning by spinning, pretzeling and rationalizing your way into such a corner you cannot get out.

      Your definition of bipartisan is akin to the TOP’s that if you don’t do EXACTLY what we ask for with ZERO compromise, then it isn’t bipartisan. The original commission would have done what everyone wanted, but it was McCarthy, under the ORDERS of Mar-a-Lago mafia Boss, killed it.

      What do the Republicans fear? And Mo Brooks is SOL now.

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      1. I have ignored that because it is irrelevant.

        Pelosi replaced the GOP appointed representatives with her ringers.

        That is as far as you have to go. Everything after that is illegitimate and cannot be rectified other than by starting over with the five GOP representatives seated on the committee.

        Until then it has no more validity than an SNL skit.


        1. “I have ignored that because it is irrelevant. ”

          It is NOT irrelevant that the ORIGINAL commission, as negotiated between the GOP (or TOP) and Pelosi’s office, was killed by McCarthy because he was told to do so.

          And Pelosi did not replace ANYONE. She appointed Cheney and Kinzinger, but told McCarthy his “bad actors” were not welcome because they don’t want to get to the truth; They want to protect he who should not be protected.

          Integrity is lost by the TOP, completely and totally. And it is they who are as valid as an SNL skit.


        2. You may be fooling yourself with this bullshit about “ringers” but you are not fooling anybody with any decency or sense. Trump Republicans have done everything they can to kneecap a serious inquiry from the beginning. The reason is obvious. They are culpable and do not want the truth to be publicized.

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    3. “… cross examine the witnesses on matters such as why, with a week of warning there would be trouble, adequate precautions were not taken, this can’t be taken seriously.”

      These were for low level frontline officers. Policy, command decisions and intelligence is not their bailiwick.

      It will come. There are plenty of folks to testify, including who those who knew, or should have known, what was going on and who was in charge.

      Day one was just laying the groundwork to avoid the “tourist” lie from popping up. We need to make sure that the violence is not dismissed as enthusiastic rowdiness or whatever else gaslighters would like for us to believe.

      You will have plenty of time to yell “objection” when the serious issues of who, when, where and why are addressed.

      Yesterday was the “what”.

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        1. I am sure the police officers you usually support with full throat would take offense at your “kabuki” statement.

          I have come to the conclusion there are two parties now. The Democratic Party and the Party of DJT, which no longer resembles the Republican Party. And it is a shame.


        2. Your opinion is noted.

          All you want is an excuse as the probe proceeds.

          Fine if it makes you feel better.

          Face it, Pelosi could have accepted anyone, and it would still be Pelosi’s show and not legitimate.

          Your dismissal of principled Republicans taking huge heat for their participation says a lot.

          If the Republicans had not reneged, the commission would do its work behind the scenes and be bipartisan.

          But you don’t want bipartisan, period. It would legitimize an investigation into one of just a few time in history that our Capitol was attacked. And instigated by our own sitting president.

          So just say what you will and have been. It is what you want and makes you both happy and, honestly, part of the national problem.


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        3. Your calling this wrenching testimony of violence and near death experiences “Kabuki” with “no legitimacy” makes me wonder if you agree with the Fox News shithead who called officer Fanone a “crisis actor.” I would not put it past you.

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  3. Anybody who seriously thinks there was an insurrection is a fool.. The guards, the police, the whole protective structure of Washington DC let the people in the capitol. If Pelosi had wanted these rowdies kept out, they would have been kept out. That’s all you need to know.


      1. …”you might have some legitimacy.”

        Not a chance. He can’t back his statements and he knows it. He tosses out statements like this all of the time, gets challenged and crawls back into his hole to see where he can find the next Pizzagate or some other conspiratorial nonsense.

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  4. “ Pelosi could have had a serious investigation but chose a path with no legitimacy.”

    Sorry, I am sure you meant McCarthy. He scrubbed his own commission (all his wishes for investigating 1/6 were met, then he reneged).

    No legitimacy from a bipartisan committee?

    Two people who put principle over politics should get your praise.

    But I may be making assumptions.

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    1. It has become commonplace on this forum that SOME people refuse to acknowledge what really occurred. Both on 1/6 and wrt the attempt to establish a bipartisan commission.

      Denial by omission is a wonderful ploy. Too bad the facts lay any other argument to waste.

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  5. I noticed in the interviews of Capitol Policemen that the officers we saw on video removing barriers and showing rioters the way in were not questioned. On whose authority did they take that choice?

    Perhaps if there was actual Republican representation on the committee those questions would have been asked.


    1. Yesterday was day one. It had one purpose. To begin to rebut the LIES that have been spread by LYING LIARS about “trespassers” and “tourists” and “peaceful demonstrators” and “unjustified” police actions.

      There are weeks of inquiry still ahead. Be careful what you wish for. You will not like the answers. We will be finding out who gave reconnaisance tours to the would be assassins, who cooperated with the terrorist and who they were being instructed by.

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      1. We will not be finding out anything other than uncontested repetition’s of the most fanciful Democrat conspiracy theories. If there is any truth embedded in the theater, we will be unable to trust it because the other side has been frozen out of the investigation.

        Even Democrats pretending to believe it will suspect they are getting away with lies.

        No one will take seriously the outcome of proceedings where the outcome is known before the investigations.


        1. “. . . we will be unable to trust it because the other side has been frozen out of the investigation.”

          “No one will take seriously the outcome of proceedings where the outcome is known before the investigations.”

          Try to stay on topic. We are discussing the bi-partisan Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the Congress. Not the Cyber Ninja “audit” in Arizona.

          But, if you want to talk about the outcome of the Select Committee being known, you are way ahead of me. I have no idea what the outcome is going to be. What outcome do you already know about?

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          1. “When something is glaringly obvious, a lot of people will say it.”

            And when something is not glaringly obvious but a partisan fabrication, it will be dutifully repeated by dutiful parrots.

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        2. You seem to have a vivid imagination bolstered by Greg Jarrett’s assertions and lies.

          We need to hear from Republicans testifying under oath. That would be more than fair. They have nothing to hide, right?

          Jordan, McCarthy, Brooks, might have something to add. Nobody will make fools of them.

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      On whose authority? They were overwhelmed and had little choice. What do you think would have happened had the police opened fire instead? Is that what you wanted. Babbitt is already a phony martyr for the right and she was violently breaching the last line of defense before Congress.

      The supposed welcoming party was a short clip taken out of context to bolster the lies from Republican yellow bellies who shivered in fear then turned on their protectors after the danger was over.

      So essentially the “welcoming party” is just another lie pushed by those who want our country destroyed.

      And I am afraid you have been suckered.


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