Where do students learn to do these “slave trade” postings?


Essentially, High Schoolers held another “slave trade” online targeting the handful of black students in Traverse, MI. So if there is no systemic racism, who thought this was a good idea and where did it come from? This is not new, other schools around the country have had the same problem.

For a more detailed version, with interviews:


33 thoughts on “Where do students learn to do these “slave trade” postings?

  1. I can only hope this was intended as satire by tone deaf students trying to raise attention and the hateful comments were not from the originators.

    I guess we will find out as it plays out.


    1. Even it were “satire”, where does this idea even gain traction 150 years after slavery and 50 years after Civil Rights legislation.

      We are told that all this is in the past. Let bygones be bygones. Don’t stir up divisiveness.

      And yet this crap happens still today. These kids are going to be tomorrow’s leaders, movers and shakers. Remember how Northam was pilloried for a photo he may or may not have been in. Think about how this slave auction stuff will play out in 30 years. It just perpetuates a racial problem we still haven’t reconciled.

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      1. The crap that is happening today is you guys pushing racist divisive rhetoric like CRT into the public square and schools. If white kids weren’t told they are oppressors then this sort of stuff wouldn’t be in their minds but you guys just have to push it and then say “see” when minor crap like this comes up.


        1. Sex Ed will make sex more prevalent.

          Of course the real story is that learning about sex, it’s consequences, it’s biology and it’s risks is much better than whispered “facts” by young peers.

          It took a few decades to accept the fact that teens had sex and it was time to educate them.

          I see a parallel. Reconciling our recent history of racism is uncomfortable for some, but better than ignoring and “letting bygones be…”.


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          1. How does medical science become compared to an opinion and blaming kids or people that have zero involvement in your racism claims? We are in the here and now, not 1861. Get over it!!!


          2. There is no “getting over it”. That train left the depot a long time ago.

            Again, 1964 is the starting point for legal acceptance of Blacks as Americans with full citizenship.

            That was after much bloodshed. Then came the resistance against the new freedoms through legal, and some not so legal, machinations. We are still incurring de facto redlining, financial disparities, skewed judicial treatment.

            BLM caught fire around the globe, so it is a pervasive issue and it won’t disappear on its own.

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        2. “The crap that is happening today is you guys pushing racist divisive rhetoric like CRT into the public square and schools”

          BULLSHIT. CRT was an obscure topic of discussion in obscure academic circles FOR DECADES until the Republican Party decided to try to score political points by whining about it. THEY dug it up and THEY are the ones “pushing racist divisive rhetoric” about it.

          CRT plays the same exact role as Birtherism – bullshit to get racists fired up to vote Republican. It is just one more sign of the desperation that has become the hallmark of the GOP as it sinks into laughable irrelevance. So long as the GOP is about nothing other than restoring the days of unquestioned white male hegemony it cannot stop the decline. Pushing CRT is exactly the wrong thing for their political future. Georgia in 2020 proved that beyond any doubt.

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      2. Why haven’t the Poles torn down and obliterated Auschwitz?

        They keep it as a reminder of what happened there so it never happens again.

        I would think auctioning their classmates like chattel would be sufficiently repulsive to make the point.

        I don’t know if that was their intent but it would seem to fit presuming good intentions.


        1. “ The Snapchat group, titled “slave trade,” also saw a student share the messages “all blacks should die” and “let’s start another holocaust,” according to screenshots obtained by The Washington Post.”

          Again, is this something innate or learned?

          I know, these are just kids. Dating, proms, exams, sports, advanced placement, college, summer jobs, are part an parcel of that age.

          Racist games and threats seem out of the blue, but we know that is not true. This town is about 90% White, the rest a mix of Black, Latino and Native American. Why this animosity against a group based on skin or ethnicity?

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          1. Don’t assume that the originators of the ‘slave trade’ and those who injected hateful speech are the same or have the same motivation.


          1. True, but leaving the gas chambers and ovens intact was not necessary for a memorial.

            Those are there so the horrors that happened there will not be forgotten,

            Never again.


          2. Have you been to Yad Va’shem in Jerusalem? The entrance to the children’s memorial is through a set of the chamber doors, placed so that when you walk in you are looking at the INSIDE of the gas chamber. It is not just the doors, but the section of the wall the doors were mounted in. You can see the scratch marks were people attempted to claw their way out.

            And with Holocausts deniers rampant in many parts of the world, it is absolutely necessary to maintain those edifices so that Never Again is the goal.


        1. Of course.

          CRT, which most have not a clue about origins or significance, is a vote getter for the right. Along with Dr. Seuss. Except Seuss was fiction.

          If inspired, how do we get to “kill” and “Holocaust”? Are the White kids, or their parents, suffering oppression that badly?

          The way conservatives talk you would think White people were the oppressed minority. Something to whine about as we mow the lawn, go to work, pay the mortgage, have cookouts, go to church, play golf, shoot at targets, … Sounds brutal, no?


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  2. RE: “This is not new, other schools around the country have had the same problem.”

    No, not new. You may recall the famous “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes” classroom exercise from 1968.


    For all we know, the Snapchat group “Slave Trade” was created by an adult as a contemporary version of Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes. In that case — as with Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes — the racism displayed by the children is likely a product of the auction, not evidence of “systemic racism.”


    1. Created by an adult as an exercise. And nobody said anything. A bunch of teens can’t keep a secret any better than for that matter.

      The “eyes” lesson was to teach the pernicious effects of racism. What happens in the slave auction proves they didn’t learn squat even decades later.

      After 150 years and we still have a highly segregated society, something has created a strong barrier. 100 years of apartheid is not erased overnight, and in our case it cemented where Americans lived, worked, learned and worshipped to this very day. The post WW2 boost to the working class Americans in housing and education benefits purposely excluded Blacks who served. Decades later the effects are real.

      Conservatives blame LBJ. Liberals blame racial policies. Bottom line is that the Black Americans are poorer and still live in segregated neighborhoods.

      And that is what happens when 12% of a population is accorded second class citizenship for so long it becomes a cultural artifact.

      Blaming a social experiment for the online slave trading is not realistic.


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      1. RE: “Blaming a social experiment for the online slave trading is not realistic.”

        It’s as good a guess as yours. Your own article even suggests the idea, at least by implying the Snapchat group may have been created by white supremacists. We’ll know more when investigators identify the originators.

        For the time being I’ll just note that deducing general principles from particular events is an exercise prone to error. That some children acted like racists online in no way proves that systemic racism is real.


          1. This line: “Research from the Southern Poverty Law Center states there has been in increase in recruiting tactics aimed at young people.”


  3. Where does an idea of this nature come from? Easy. From all the constant babble about phony systemic racism from you guys blaming whitey for all of society’s ills. We don’t know the specifics or what lead up to it but it’s highly possible they are reacting to being called oppressors from pandering liberals and even the black students themselves. Or maybe it’s a joke gone awry. No matter, it’s hardly epidemic but purely anecdotal. Not impressed with more drama…


      1. If you ignore a injury it can get infected and spread.

        Silly analogies both.

        Maybe 50 years of not healing points out a few issues.

        Funny how every time race enters the discussion, the reaction is what you and BRS just posted.

        I’m blaming Whitey for everything and we have to ignore the racial issue and they will go away.

        That, my friends, is truly telling.

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          1. Quackery? How?

            After a century of real oppression, second class citizenship, lynching, segregation under penalty of law or terror, financial discrimination and being call “n***er all your life.

            Not so much, considering.

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          2. RE: “Quackery? How?”

            The Civil Rights movement achieved a stopping point in 1964. Attempts to keep it going since have a history of debatable legitimacy.


          3. 1964 was the starting point, not the stopping point.

            What that did was change the laws, but not the culture. Redlining continued, schools stayed segregated, white flight was common, before affirmative action jobs and unions were blocked for minorities, housing sales steered minorities away from White communities.

            That kind of segregation takes a toll financially and culturally that lasts for generations. And we have millions of people who lived through some of the worst if they are our age, or even younger. Black and White.

            Immigrants who came here during the 19th and 20th centuries all faced some discrimination that hung on for a few generations at the most. The freed slaves were relegated to being immigrants in their own country except the discrimination didn’t end. It got better after 1964 to the extent that lynchings ended as entertainment and laws were changed. But we have a ways to go until we accept the Blacks as well as we do the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Lebanese, Poles…

            Heck until just a couple of decades or so ago, Bob Jones University disallowed interracial dating.

            Intermarriage is a tried and true way to integrate a society over time. We banned that until 1960 or so with Loving v. VA, but it certainly hasn’t become the norm yet.

            No reason to fear CRT, it just brings the elephant in the room into the conversation.


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          4. The civil rights movement since 1964 has a history of “debatable legitimacy?”

            That is a very provocative opinion. Can you support it with facts and sound logic? It is hard to see why the Civil Rights movement should have stopped in 1964 since here in 2021 minority communities are still struggling with de facto second class citizenship. But go ahead – try.

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      1. “You’ve got to be taught
        To be
        Of people
        Who’s eyes are oddly made
        And people who’s skin is a different shade
        You’ve got to
        Be carefuly

        We’ve known this for a long, long time. And yet…

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