The Unparalleled US Olympian You’ve never heard of.

Kimberly Rhodes has medaled for the USA in six straight Olympics including 3 golds, medaling every time she competed over a span of 24 years. No other USA athlete can match that record.

But you haven’t seen her on TV, her record goes largely unreported. What scandal makes her an unmentionable?

Her sport. even sports reporting is biased by political correctness.

Kimberly Rhodes Olympic record

18 thoughts on “The Unparalleled US Olympian You’ve never heard of.

  1. You are making a “scandal” where none exists. How many watched the air rifle event on the first day? Bias or boredom?

    I shoot targets for fun with a customized Ruger small bore. Would I watch someone do the same for a few hours. Not really.

    It is a matter of popularity so many Olympic sports are labors of lonely love.

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    1. Kind of reminds me of the other day I was reading the newspaper late in the day, and had my TV on ESPN. Suddenly, I looked up and realized I’d had had the channel 12 on which had been running a Cornhole match for at least 20 minutes. WHAT THE W.H.A.T!!

      In even my most bored moments you would be hard-pressed to find me watching Cornhole – on or off TV. I know, I know, I know – I know just what you may say to someone like me who has to watch women and men pros play golf on TV. Ha. We like what we like, I guess. Bowling and Cornhole – ah, NO! But, that’s just me.

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      1. I never expect my non-golfing friends to understand the draw of the game. With the new technology available for TV coverage it is much better for golfers, but it won’t convert anyone.

        Billiards, another small audience draw is actually quite interesting since the great shots are so well illustrated. So many different strategies for a literally infinite variety of positions often with multiple options.

        Bowling? I was an avid bowler 4-5 decades ago, but even then TV bowling was boring. Not much variety in the tosses.

        Popularity of sports viewing determines coverage which determines ad costs which determines profits.

        Politics be damned.


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    2. I don’t expect her matches to be televised, though I just watched a bunch of women riding bicycles, and it can’t be less interesting than that, but there are plenty of athlete interviews and other such recognitions for other sports of little visual interest. Medaling in 6 straight Olympics at least merits an interview or short.

      But 24 years of silence for an Olympic record matched by no one is too much to be coincidence.



        A quick look on Google turned up articles going back to 2009 about her storied Olympic records.

        So your concerns are a bit overblown. Unless your sources are truly limited and or biased.


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      2. You really are trying hard to make a scandal out of nothing. Even in the winter Olympics, the skiing/shooting events (can’t recall the actual name of the event, but x-country skiing combined with shooting targets is akin to old hunting in Nordic countries) get a smattering of late night coverage.

        Her accomplishments are wonderful. Congratulations for a great career. But your attempt to make a “story” out if it is kind of a nothingburger. There are several niche sports that don’t get any coverage.

        Besides, until skeets become endangered, it really isn’t an issue. 😇

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  2. RE: “Her sport. even sports reporting is biased by political correctness.”

    Sure looks like it, but notice: Shooting can’t really be an Olympic sport because the founders didn’t have guns.


        1. True enough. Ancient Olympics were mostly track and field events plus some boxing, wrestling and a chariot race I think.

          However the modern Olympics, founded in 1896, did add some sports.

          “…280 participants from 13 nations competed in 43 events, covering track-and-field, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, wrestling, weightlifting, fencing, shooting, and tennis.” Google

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  3. I hate to break it to you knowing how much you love your Sunday morning self-pity party but, as a matter of fact, NBC has been publicizing the Olympic shooting events. For example, here is their broadside on an NBC affiliate web site . . .

    Besides, your whine about Kimberly Rhode is out of date. (Her name is Rhode, not Rhodes). Kimberly is not getting much coverage right now because, you know, she did not make the team for 2020.

    I have also found that your whining about this terrible discrimination is not unique to you but is widespread among you people. In fact, it is so common on Facebook that it was flagged for inaccuracy and PolitiFact did a piece on it. Guess what – your whining is baseless. Just another of those juicy “alternative facts” that you people feed your resentments with.

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  4. Now that the dust is settled are you not a little bit embarrassed that you picked up this baseless whining from some “alternative fact” site and tried to spread it here to stoke resentments? Poor Mr. Roberts was taken in by your claims of political correctness even if those of us who are familiar with The Google were not. Maybe you owe him an apology?

    BTW, American skeet shooters won 2020 gold as reported by this MSM outlet which somehow overcame their political correctness . . .

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    1. I did not know Rhoke had not made the team this year, just that she has been ignored for decades.

      It’s sort of like assuming Tom Brady will be in the playoffs every year.

      I wonder what happened, an injury or illness?


      1. It was thoroughly covered by the “politically correct” news that you say doesn’t cover her sport. She came in fourth in the U.S. Competition. Only three could be on the team.

        Still not ready to admit your whining was . . . uh . . . based on nothing. Won’t admit you picked up this gripe from one of the alternative fact sources that specialize in feeding resentment? As noted, so many of you people have been doing the same whine that Facebook and PolitiFact responded. Just a coincidence?

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