GOP Deathwish Explained!

New polling that gathered data on vaccination rates by preferred news source may have found the single most significant reason why so many Republicans are risking their lives for no good reason.

Vaccination rates per this poll . . .

All adults 70% (Close to CDC reports)

Fox News Viewers 62%

MSNBC Viewers 83%

Network News Viewers 79%

What makes these findings even worse is that the Fox News audience is significantly older than average and should therefore have the highest and not the lowest vaccination rates.

It has been shown many times before that Fox News viewers end up misinformed on almost every subject so this result is not all that surprising. What the poll cannot answer is which comes first – The Ignorance or the Fox News preference? I think it is the later. Watching Fox News makes people ignorant. Or worse, they “know” things that are simply not true – in this case that vaccines will harm you.

15 thoughts on “GOP Deathwish Explained!

  1. ‘MSNBC viewers’ is too small a sample to be statistically significant.

    Again, your source does not take age into account. If 70% of adults vs 62% of FOX viewers is correct, that is a small gap and age is important.

    What percentage of FOX vs Network viewers over 60 are vaccinated?

    Choosing not to be vaccinated if you are 25 is not a death wish. So, what was the average age of the Network and FOX viewers, and how old was the MSNBC viewer?


    1. “If 70% of adults vs 62% of FOX viewers is correct, that is a small gap and age is important.”

      Your statistical analysis is a little thin.
      The meaningful comparison is not with the average. The meaningful comparison is with viewers of outlets that tell the truth. There the swing is very significant – 62% versus ~80%. The more accurate your information about the vaccine the significantly more likely you are to get vaccinated. Simple really.

      If you read the article you would see a discussion about age – Fox Viewers are significantly older and should therefore be biased towards a much higher vaccination rate. Since TV watching is an old person thing – as the article makes clear – your hope that somehow the young are skewing the results away from a fact you don’t like is mathematically improbable.

      I get you joke about MSNBC viewership. Funny. But the actual comparison in the article is with both CNN and MSNBC at 83%.

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      1. And how can you prove 50% of radicalized MSNBC viewers weren’t lying? Passport check? Oh yeah, I bet they ate all of their veggies at age 5 too…


        1. I suggest you get “radicalized” by getting the truth instead of the “stuff” that right wing media feeds you. A good place to start is “All In with Chris Hayes” who does an hour each evening. Here are a few samples of recent reports. Enjoy. I like the one where Chris compares the current fight over masks and vaccines to the fight over seatbelts 40 years ago.

          You might also be interested in Al Sharpton discussing with a leading doctor the fact that in NJ the most vaccine hesitancy is in the black and Latin communities. Surprised. Don’t be. The truth is the truth.

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      1. Please don’t make me spew milk like that again. Are you seriously saying Fox news convinced those under 50 in the most LIBERAL bastion of the US to not get vaccinated? Maybe you should take a mental cognitive test along with Biden.


        1. Disinformation on Fox and other “conservative” media is not the ONLY reason for vaccine hesitancy but it is a MAJOR reason IMHO. Admittedly there have always been Loony Toon anti-vaxxers on the left and they are still undoubtedly doing their foolish, anti-science thing as well.

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  2. Maybe what a very conservative Governor says about hesitancy in Arkansas, a very conservative state:

    “Why is our vaccination rate lower? We’re a very rural state. We have a lot of resistance. It’s a conservative state. Sometimes conservatives are hesitant about the government, and we’ve just got to counteract that by getting better information to them, building confidence,” Hutchinson said during the interview.”

    “…getting better information to them…”. Outreach to local communities perhaps. Or is that “brown shirt” stuff?

    Or “better information” meaning they have gotten poor info up until now?

    From where, I wonder?

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    1. It is indicative of the sorry state of one’s intellect to offer someone like Ann Coulter as an expert on anything and doubly so on a matter requiring both knowledge and integrity.

      The key fact in her little polemic is a falsehood. That is all you need to know. Here is the “alternative fact” she is peddling . . .

      “The current research — and that’s all we have for the vaccines, too — indicates that natural immunity is not as good as vaccine immunity — it’s better!”

      That is demonstrably false. There are very good reasons to believe that the immunity created by the mRNA vaccines provides better protection against a wider variety of variants and even more reason to believe that whatever natural immunity you have acquired is enhanced by such vaccines.

      My advice? Trust the Mayo Clinic and not Ann Coulter when it comes to protecting your life . . .


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