Arizona “Audit” in Chaos

It has been clear from the very beginning that the “audit” was a joke organized by partisan hacks without the skills, experience or credibility needed for a real review. Now their internal chaos is coming to light with one of the key leaders banned from the campus for the sin of sharing the fact that the “audit” was tracking very closely to the official tallies. Telling the simple truth is often a sin in Republican circles – why would this be any different.

11 thoughts on “Arizona “Audit” in Chaos

  1. At least now there is a possibility that the count may end with a whimper rather than a bang. State Senator Fann may have some explaining to do as to where she got her information about thousands of suspicious ballots.

    Of course now without an honest observer…

    PS: what fly by night airline did those ballots from China come in on. Maybe Fann could tell us.

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      1. Wait for the report?

        Fann and Trump have been spewing “data” from day one from this “audit”. Now that it is becoming apparent there was no fraud, that leak is unauthorized.

        Egad, Republicans are a desperate lot, eh?

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  2. Of course Bennett was banned. He was leaking partial data prior to the release of the report.

    The report will be out soon, if it confirms the original count, I will accept, but will you accept it if it does not?


    1. If bamboo is not found that is proof positive that the Chinese are slick. They used non-bamboo to fool the Ninja guys. (Of course that is not really hard to do.)

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  3. Arizona audit in “Chaos”.
    Really? Who’s gonna believe something like that?
    Ah . . . only EVERYONE with a quarter of a brain.

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  4. If this “audit” is really about establishing faith in our elections then why are not all the counties included.

    Texas is trying to “audit” only Democrat. counties when it is common knowledge that voters also voted in other ones. 😎

    Since Trump won Texas by a few points I would question those rural counties and their shenanigans out of the public eye.

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