AZ audit and State Senate considering door to door questioning of voters.

Now it’s is really a case of jack-booted state thugs demanding answers about how people voted. Welcome to what a right wing “Amerika” would look like.

And the right wing nuts are getting wadded up panties over bringing vaccines to the people. The phony Cawthorn is spreading lies about people losing guns and Bibles to the local volunteers trying so hard to save lives. What would he say about demanding voter information?

58 thoughts on “AZ audit and State Senate considering door to door questioning of voters.

  1. So. they want to verify technically questionable ballots by asking the purported voter if he indeed did vote and if the signature on the envelope is theirs.

    What’s wrong with that?


    1. What’s wrong with local health officials and assisting volunteers going door-to-door to promote vaccines and provide factual information?

      “Technically questionable” defined as a vote for Joe Biden.


      1. Technically questionable as in ballots that were machine folded after being marked.

        Or ballots lacking legible addresses, or hundreds of ballots having the same address.


        1. Hundreds of older Americans who live in nursing homes or senior facilities with THE SAME ADDRESS.

          And what proof is there of machine folding? And maybe it was done AFTER they were officially counted by election officials, not some fly by night ninja company.


    2. What is wrong with that? Uh, what is wrong with volunteers knocking at your door to provide vaccine? Republicans advocate the one and demonize the other. Go figure.

      It is worth noting that it is supposed to be a secret ballot. If there is a “technically questionable ballot” as judged by a paid Republican operative you want somebody to somehow tie it back to the person who sent it and go knocking on their door? What could possibly go wrong?

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      1. Thei is not a vaccine thread, start one if you want to discuss that.

        What is in question are not the ballots but the signed envelopes. The presence of pre-marked, machine folded ballots calls into question the number of illegal ballots and checking the envelopes (not connected to a specific ballot) will determine if manufactured ballots were added to the total by comparing the number of ballot counted to the total legally cast.


        1. “This is not a vaccine thread, start one if you want to discuss that.”

          Finally some moderation! Totally misguided and very selective in the choice of a target but maybe a sign you will take the responsibility a little more seriously so that posts like the following that came out of the blue a few days ago do not continue to escape your scrutiny . . .

          “The funny part is Paul, being a narcissistic sociopath, has no idea how much he resembles Trump. Donald Murphy..haha ha”

          I was NOT starting a new topic. You asked what is wrong with dispatching people to go door to door as part of this “audit.” My comment about the slanders you people throw out and/or defend about President Biden’s plan to send people door to door to save their lives is ON TOPIC. IMHO.

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          1. Not Zuckerberg?

            But, as you have just demonstrated, you do not mind putting on your moderator hat for me with very little reason, but not for the likes of the author of the post just cited.

            I really do not care what your “moderation” policy is. But, I do suggest you work towards some consistency. That would be great.

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  2. Can you say census? BTW, your characterizations are amusing but I wouldn’t give up my day job just yet. Ciao


  3. Will the guns and Bibles be confiscated? Cawthorn seems to think so.

    Oh, wait, that is for vaccine outreach.

    Bottom line is that this audit will never be finished. The AZ senate is already asking for more time and more equipment from the Republican Election Board. The whole point is to destroy our election integrity.

    For those of you who truly want a king, this is the path.

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    1. I disagree, I think this is the path to restoring election integrity. Right now, half the country thinks the election was stolen, and a significant part of the rest is hoping they don’t get caught.

      No one is seriously thinking the election will be reversed, but they do believe that following all the details to the end will make the next one honest.

      The way to destroy election integrity is to make unconstitutional rule changes on the fly, without the consent of the legislatures, that enable fraud, whether it happened or not.

      We need to restore Constitutional election laws determined by legislatures, and then follow them, whether there is a pandemic, locusts, frogs or alien invasion. Following the Rule of Law no matter what is how you gain confidence in the outcome.


      1. …”and a significant part of the rest is hoping they don’t get caught.”

        And there it is. Don just admitted he believes the election was “stolen”.

        Quick, charge all of those who voted for Biden with election thievery.

        “Following the Rule of Law no matter what is how you gain confidence in the outcome.”

        Then why change the law? You advocate and defend what is going on in defense of the lie about the election being stoles. All because more people were able to have their votes counted during a national emergency. If the former guy had been re-elcted, NONE of these laws would even have been brought forward for consideration.

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        1. You are reading things that aren’t there.

          What your quote really says is that many Democrats themselves secretly believe there was fraud but like the result. Very few people think the last election was free of fraud,

          The proposed changes in the laws in TX and GA fall into 2 categories. Making some the things done legal, like early voting and time off from work to vote, and to specifically prohibit some of the unlawful changes made by fiat, like ballot harvesting and unsupervised ballot drop boxes.

          The pandemic was used to get around many of the safeguards to protect election integrity, whether those were exploited or not. That can’t happen again.


          1. “You are reading things that aren’t there.”

            Uh, no he is not. Are you trying to upstage Dr. Semantics?

            When you say election integrity needs restoring AND “a significant part of the rest is hoping they don’t get caught” carries the undeniable implication that you believe the Big Lie. You may have given up on reversing the outcome but you still want to assert that President Biden somehow won in a corrupt process. Nope, he won fair and very square.

            Let’s call “half the country thinks the election was stolen” uh, what ” hyperbole?” A “wrong assumption?” In fact that figure is about right for Republicans. The overwhelming majority of people polled think the election was won fair and square. For example . . .


            Those who don’t believe it was a fair election are trapped in the Trump-Fox bubble of lies. We know that this “stolen election” story is a lie because of overwhelming evidence that it was fair and fraud free. Believe it or not – EVIDENCE matters.

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          2. More accurate would have been to say that half the country believes the election was corrupted, rather than stolen, as the fraud may not be sufficient to overturn the results.

            But I am also of the opinion that a lot of Democrats believe there was fraud, and are fine with that.

            And as far as polling, considering the extent to which the current administration is spying and tracking citizens, if someone called me and asked if I thought the election was fair, I’d have to consider saying yes to avoid being patted down every time I flew or audited every year at tax time.

            Polling is never accurate under a totalitarian wannabe regime.


          3. “Polling is never accurate under a totalitarian wannabe regime.”

            Uh, Trump was removed back in January.

            So, let’s see if we have this right. The evidence that shows your claims are totally overblown is not valid evidence because you and others like you believe that Big Brother Biden is watching you and that he gives a shit how you respond to a poll. Is that about right? Your preferred belief is the fact of the matter, evidence be damned. Yeah, sure, very persuasive.

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          4. Trump was not telling Facebook which content to ban and which accounts to remove.

            The alliance between the Biden administration and Big Tech creates a mechanism for an unaccountable, extra-govrernmental Big Brother that has not existed before.

            Right now, we need a separation of Tech and Stake as much as Church and State.


          5. By God, you are right. The Biden administration has been flagging misinformation being spread on Facebook with the clear implication that Facebook should do something about it.

            What you leave out – I wonder why – is that the context is the use of Facebook to spread LIES about Covid-19. Seems the tyrants in charge do not want thousands of people dying based on LIES.


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          6. First, on this issue, I am 100% pro voluntary vaccination.

            But on the issue of speech, I am 100% anti-censorship. As Louis Brandis wrote. the best remedy for bad speech is more speech.


            Censorship is counterproductive. A lot of people have lost trust in both government and the press. When the government squelches dissent, those people(including to some extent me) will immediately presume there is something to the suppressed speech simply because the government doesn’t want you to hear it.

            The harder the government tries to silence “disinformation” the more people will believe it.


          7. “What your quote really says is that many Democrats themselves secretly believe there was fraud but like the result. Very few people think the last election was free of fraud,”

            No sir. It is you who is now reading things not said. I have heard of ZERO Democrats claiming there was fraud. That is totoal bullshuit and you know it.

            THere was ZERO fraud to the level that would change the outcome. But you are saying that changing laws because the outcome was not to your liking is just fine and dandy.

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      2. If what you say were true you’d have a point. But believing this “audit” is anything but an effort to undermine the election is the rabbit hole.

        This election has already been audited and counted twice. By Republicans.

        The only reason there are concerns regarding this election is because one man has said so for 6 years.

        Unconstitutional changes is another lie because you lost. These changes were made in almost all states, Republican and Democrat alike.

        The solution is for courts to decide in accordance with the Rule of Law. And that rule requires “standing” and credible evidence. Neither was offered because neither existed.

        Just because you and Trump say procedures were illegal doesn’t make them so.

        You tout Rule of Law, but only if it suits you. And that is the simple fact.

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          1. I no longer trust Snopes, but regardless the issue has been reported elsewhere.

            It involves recreated ballots lacking serial numbers that may have been counted multiple times.

            Lacking a serial number, they should not have been counted once.


          2. Still a lie. Snopes is one of many fact checkers.
            But the right doesn’t care about facts or the Rule of Law.

            You still haven’t addressed why you ignore the Rule of Law with regards to the election disputes offered the courts.

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          3. “I no longer trust Snopes”…

            Why is that? Could it be because they have debunked more of the right wing drivel that has been put out there? Could it be because they have laid to waste some things you personally believe in?

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          4. Snopes makes extensive use of Straw men, distorting what someone actually said and then debunking their fictional version.

            It was once a good reference, but it has become politicized to the extent it is no more trustworthy than CNN



            Essentially AT is a huge lie, recycled conspiracies based on earlier lies and spoon fed to the vulnerable.

            But the right hates fact checking and has said so over and over.

            Half the country believes fraud in the election? Really? Even if you count all of Trump’s voters, only two thirds still feel The Big Lie. That is about 40 million out of 330 million.

            So that is a lie, too.

            Reality is difficult outside the teddy bear comfort of hugging conspiracies. This is coming from those who already approve violence for political gain, dismiss media not loyal (FOX included when they depart the red party line.) and hate the Rule of Law when the law doesn’t suit them.

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          6. “I no longer trust Snopes, but regardless the issue has been reported elsewhere.”

            With all due respect that response is intellectual garbage.

            Whether YOU trust Snopes or not is not relevant to the FACTS that they have reported.
            No matter how many places spread a LIE (“reported elsewhere”), it is still a LIE.

            You linked to trash but even when provided with the evidence that it is trash, you cannot simply do a mea culpa. Sad.

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          7. Trump says not to trust anyone who doesn’t kiss his ring, so his supporters dutifully obey.

            I am starting to think that secession by the faithful is not a bad idea. And they can take COVID with them instead of polluting Americans with disease as well as conspiracies.

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          8. First. Snopes debunked a quote Carleson did not make. He didn’t say he had evidence of massive voter fraud, he said he had evidence of PROVABLE voter fraud.

            The issue of the ballots lacking serial numbers is real, and has been reported in many sources.

            There is no way, without a signature audit , to know if those ballots were counted once, twice or 1000 times.


          9. “ This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.” … Given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ …”

            Federal Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil, who herself was appointed to the federal bench by Trump nine months ago.

            Yet, he is the paragon for truth among the faithful.


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          10. “ During his July 14 primetime show, Carlson stated, “It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November.”

            So you are wrong. Snopes did not quote Carlson wrong, but you did. Twice.

            “Meaningful” is not “provable” and in this case flat out lies rehashing old, long debunked lies.


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          11. Carleson said pretty much the same thing multiple times, but his source. a non-profit I don’t remember and don’t have time to look up, used the word “provable”

            No one said ‘massive’ as Snopes claimed.


          12. “There is no way, without a signature audit , to know if those ballots were counted once, twice or 1000 times.”

            You are simply wrong about that. Part of the normal election integrity check, cross-check and audit process is to reconcile the votes cast in each district with the number of voters registered in that district. The idea that some bad actor could feed thousands of extra ballots into the count is not even remotely realistic. But that won’t stop people who hate those pesky urban voters from alleging that it might happen and that, in fact, it probably did happen since, you know, they lost – Bigly.

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          13. “[Snopes] no more trustworthy than CNN”

            Uh, that is very trustworthy especially by comparison with the joke sites you people throw out all the time. Here we are discussing Snopes instead of the fact that you provided a pack of lies from American Thinker.

            Try to remember, reality has a very strong liberal bias.

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          14. Since liberal policy requires the use of force to change what is to what you theorize would be better, it is a contradiction in terms to claim reality has a liberal bias. On the contrary, liberalism requires to destruction of reality.


          15. “On the contrary, liberalism requires to destruction of reality.”

            Wow! One of the most bizarre formulations of your constipated, doctrinaire thinking yet.

            Try to pay attention. The point is that liberals, unlike “conservatives,” do not need boat loads of “alternative facts” to support our opinions.

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          16. But they do need to change reality to fit their dream, which unlike the previous 800 times it has failed, is going to be really great this time.


          17. 800 times? That is only one less than the number of times “trickle down economics” has been tried and failed. 😇

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          18. So, only Democrats change reality?

            Your reports from Fantasy Island are getting pretty silly.

            I am not sure what 800 failures you think you are referring to? Stalin? Chavez? Mao? But here in this country, the countless reforms brought about by Democrats over the years are part and parcel of the American Way of Life.

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      3. RE: “Right now, half the country thinks the election was stolen, and a significant part of the rest is hoping they don’t get caught.”

        For the people to have faith in election integrity they need to see a process that makes sense:

        • Voter registration records are accurate and up to date.
        • Everybody votes in person on the same day.

        • Voters confirm they are eligible to vote when they arrive at the polling place.

        • There is a hard copy record of every vote that can be counted then re-counted, if necessary.

        Every one of these requirements was violated to some extent in the 2020 election. Hence the perception of electoral fraud.


          1. Voter registration records are accurate and up to date.
            That is indeed something to strive for, but all too often that process of doing that has been abused by Republicans to purge Democrats. It needs to be objective and carefully controlled.

          2. Everybody votes in person on the same day.
            There is no valid reason for this requirement. But if it becomes a requirement then election day needs to be made into a holiday. The working poor in their millions should not have to lose a day’s pay in order to vote.

          3. Voters confirm they are eligible to vote when they arrive at the polling place.
            Uh, no. They do that when they register, not when they vote. What they should confirm is that they are the person on the rolls with reasonable evidence or an affidavit. That is what we have in Virginia and what we used to have nation-wide with virtually no in-person voter fraud.

          4. Hard copy required.
            In an age of hackers that is a good requirement. It was included as such in HR1 which requires the use of “durable, voter-verified” paper ballots in federal elections.

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          1. Your glosses don’t make any sense. For example, you agree that registration records should be accurate and up to date, but you oppose a quality check at the polling place that would serve that purpose.


          2. You just want to disagree.
            In Virginia when you state your name to the poll worker they verify the accuracy of the rolls by asking you to state your address. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is those states who require very narrow forms of ID which a lot of people simply do not have unless they make a special effort which serves no valid purpose.

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        1. “ Everybody votes in person on the same day.”

          Disabled, working, military, out of town…no voting for them either? Should severe weather be an issue? Flooded towns are a problem.

          I suggest polls open for 72 hours round the clock with one day a holiday. Counting is contemporaneous with the votes being cast. Monitor the ballot boxes for early voting. Start counting mail-ins upon receiving them.

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  4. I dont see why liberals have their panties in a wad over in person verification of votes while having no problem with in person handing out treats and gifts to invalids in nursing homes for Democrat votes aka vote harvesting. “Now just mark here next to good Biden, sweetie, while Sara puts your free treat box on the table for you.”


    1. What you people call “vote harvesting” is actually volunteers helping people participate in the electoral process when they are unable to do so because of age or illness. Of course you people do not like it – the more people who vote, the less likely it is for your preferred candidates to win.

      Your fantasies of candy dispensing criminals prowling care facilities is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of elder citizens. Of course, you insult just about every one who does not see things your way, so why should they be exempt.

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      1. Why are you so insulting???? The funniest part is while you spew insult after insult you claim others are doing it. Is this your comic relief routine?? Find new material….


        1. What makes you think older Americans in assisted living facilities are all Democrats?

          The hard core Trump supporters are older White folks. Chances are decent that they are also in assisted living as they age.

          How would you suggest they exercise their right to vote? Particularly if they are bedridden.

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