The Truth Is Out There.

Even the Kremlin has leaks. This very reputable source is putting the flesh on the bones of what we already knew – Putin chose Trump to be his candidate of choice in 2016 and ordered his government to help him.

According to The Guardian . . . “There is a brief psychological assessment of Trump, who is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”.

Also according to The Guardian, the Kremlin paper asserts that they have compromising materials gathered during earlier Trump visits.

Slowly, but surely, ALL the truth is going to come out.

22 thoughts on “The Truth Is Out There.

  1. Of course the Russians wanted Trump to win. The Russians love their children too.

    You forget that Trump was running against a warmonger who was quite willing to start a war when she needed a distraction. Remember that when she was Sect of State she was eager to put Russian and US fighter aircraft in the same airspace to provide air support for what later turned out to be ISIS. She armed ISIS with the weapons plundered from Libya.

    Any sane Russian leader would do whatever he could to help anyone running against Clinton.

    For the children.

    And, of course, there is still nothing showing any cooperation between Russia and the Trump campaign.


    1. Of course. Predictable, understandable, expected and yet…

      Putin could not care less about the children nor was he worried about war with the US. But a polarizing nutjob in the White House, that is a whole ‘nuther level of usefulness. And it worked. 1/6 was proof of that.

      There is still the matter of Manafort handing over campaign strategies in key states to Russian intelligence. Kinda shoved to one side by Barr after receiving the report.

      Pure coincidence I am sure.

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      1. Talk about predictable

        What is it about Russia that we have to be enemies for you guys? Of course, they, including Putin, love their children.

        They are smart, patriotic, family oriented people. They went down a bad road with Socialism, and they still have along way to go to rid themselves of oligarchs but just as in WW2, we have much worse common enemies.

        It’s time we start cooperating with them to contain Islam rather than keep needless animosity going.


        1. Putin is an incredibly corrupt, murderous autocrat. He kills or imprisons his critics, invades sovereign countries and wants to return Imperial Russia to its former self at the peril of his neighbors.

          Trump was considered a dummy they could control.

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          1. Putin has an 80% favorability rating at home.

            He does want to reunite the ethnic Russian populations that were split up by the USSR. They were divided by force to dilute ethic Russian populations in the USSR.

            The Crimean ethnic Russian minority in Ukraine was facing discrimination and voted 90% to rejoin Russia. I have no problem with the reunification, especially knowing why the Russian people were divided.

            We jumped in on the wrong side of that dispute simply because of knee-jerk Russian boogey man sentiments.

            Don’t forget that absent the Russian people’s sacrifice we would have lost millions of US troops defeating Hitler, if we even could have.


        2. You right wingers are funny. When Russia was our ally and bore the brunt of the fighting against Nazi Germany any American who was in the least bit sympathetic or helpful to them was labeled a “Commie” or a “Pinko” and their careers were ruined. Now that Russia is an aggressive land-grabbing adversary you have fallen in love with their dictator and anyone who wants to push back against their expansionism or punish them for meddling in our internal affairs is a war monger.

          The point of the story in The Guardian is not that the Russians are bad. It is the fact that Trump is their tool. People who pay any attention with an open mind already knew that. Now the long hidden evidence is going to start coming out.

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          1. What land is Russia “grabbing” that was not originally Russian and peopled with ethnic Russians before the USSR intentionally separated the Russian people into neighboring districts to disperse the Russian identity?

            Who have they brought into Russia that did not want to be there?

            As I see it, this is reunification, not aggression.


          2. Can we give Texas back to the Mexicans? There are good reasons to believe it was taken for less than savory reasons, Davy Crockett notwithstanding.

            Reunification, doncha know.

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          3. Do the residents of Texas WANT to be part of Mexico? 90% of Crimeans wanted to be reunified with Russia.

            The USSR broke up Russia to dilute ethnic identity, The borders today do not represent the historic Russian empire nor the desires of the people living in those border regions.

            So, the more accurate analogy would be if the UN came in and gave Texas to Mexico and Florida to Cuba, would we be justified in helping the Americans there reunify with the US?

            The Russians are not the bad guys in Georgia or Ukraine. we just jumped in on the other side as a knee-jerk response to Russia of the USSR, which no longer exists.


          4. It is not the least bit surprising to me that you admire and support the murderous fascist dictator of Russia while denigrating our own leaders. For years now people with any knowledge of history have been noting the fact that Trumpism and fascism are – if not identical twins – close cousins.

            Those same people who actually know things also know that what you call “reunification” is EXACTLY the same aggressive policy that an earlier generation of fascists claimed to be doing when they seized the Rhineland, Austria, parts of Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland. How did that turn out?

            Your regurgitating of Putin’s spin on his aggression is kind of sad. The territory seized from Georgia are NOT long lost parts of Russia. Neither the Abkhazia nor the Ossetians are of Russian ethnicity. Putin took advantage of ethnic strife inside of a neighboring country to invade and annex.

            Crimea is a mix of Ukrainians, Tatars and Russians. It was part of Ukraine from 1954 onward. Putin’s tactics were very similar to the Sudetenland – create tensions and violence as a pretext for invasion. The war was provoked not by concern for Russians but by the fact the Ukraine was developing better economic ties with Europe and flirting with NATO.

            You are slipping in your old age. Hillary Clinton a “war monger?” Should that be a “corrupt pedophilic Lesbian war monger?” Uh, the actual war monger is the leader that starts wars. That would be Putin.

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          5. How do you know that 90% of Crimean wanted to be absorbed by Russia? Since the population of Crimea is only 65% of Russian ethnicity and many of those had become used to more Western and democratic living it is surprising that ALL of them plus most of the ethnic Ukrainians and Tatar would agree. Very surprising.

            I suppose you trust the Plebiscite of March 2014. Maybe the result was not so surprising since the Plebiscite was held with Russians controlling the streets and the balloting AND since the choices did not include reverting to the status quo ante bellum.

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  2. Several things, first the story uses “appears”, “seems”, etc excessively so there is no definite conclusion that the conspiracy was discussed or happened. Second, I’m really not buying this “leaked” document at this stage of excessive left wing bad Trump good Biden propaganda in the “news”. It seems too convenient to me. Did Russia prefer Trump over Clinton? Sure, just like a majority of voters, so what?


    1. So what? indeed.

      One of the consequences of free speech is that foreign actors are free to speak. I view that as a benefit or, at least, a better problem to have than the solution.


    2. “Trump over Clinton? Sure, just like a majority of voters”…

      Wrong again, my friend. A MAJORITY of the voters in 2016 voted for Hillary. t was the Electoral College that gave us HIM.


  3. RE: “Slowly, but surely, ALL the truth is going to come out.”

    I wonder what truth that will be. The Guardian story serves to confirm the basic finding of the Mueller report that there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.


    1. The Guardian story does confirm the real basic finding of the Mueller report and that was the Russian government was actively involved in a campaign of interference in the 2016 election. It also confirms that report by our security services that stated the same thing and that Trump was the Putin-preferred candidate.

      Your parroting of Barr’s spin on “collusion” does not make it true. The truth is that “while Mueller was unable to establish a conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians involved in this activity, he made it clear that “[a] statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.”

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      1. RE: “Trump was the Putin-preferred candidate.”

        So what? Putin is entitled to his preferences.

        Apart from that, Mueller’s failing to establish collusion is far from evidence that collusion occurred.


        1. Sure Putin is entitled to his preferences. The question is WHY would he prefer Trump.

          We do not have to wonder why. The Kremlin paper tells us why . . . It is because they wanted our country to have as its President and individual who is “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex.” The kind of weakling whom Putin could dominate and manipulate. And that is what has happened. The KGB knew their business.


          1. “I don’t care”

            Well that’s fine. But please do not be a hypocrite and claim to be a patriot. A patriot would care that a hostile fascist regime had its talons dug into the heart of our country.


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