Biden Admin colluding with BigTech

Biden Admin flagging posts for “fact checkers”

So, if you had any doubts the the Democratic Party is engaging in censorship by proxy, you have no excuse now.

13 thoughts on “Biden Admin colluding with BigTech

  1. Turns out that the real collusion was between Democrats and Democrat enablers. They always accuse you of what they are already doing.

    I don’t know why we aren’t hearing more about RICO crimes. When they conspired to destroy Parler, I think that was RICO.conspiracy. When four platforms dropped Trump in unison, that has to be a RICO conspiracy.

    I think the problem is that the Democrats have taken huge risks to prolong their Ponzi scheme. Which means in practice they have to scheme even more to protect those lies. So now they have a fake insurrection, a fake epidemic, fake opposition to recounts, and probably fake reasons for everything economic they do. A house of frauds.


    1. Partisanship blinds a lot of people. It is unconstitutional for government to use private companies to perform censorship that government itself cannot perform. Supporters of Stumble Joe will deny this principle because they won’t want the man to be guilty of unconstitutional behavior.


        1. Shocking, isn’t it? But you know, Covid will kill us all unless we destroy free speech to stop it.


        2. “It really does appear that Psaki has confessed to a high crime or misdemeanor on Biden’s behalf”

          An impeachable offense?

          Uh, that would be nonsense.
          The context here is DEADLY Covid-19 vaccination LIES. 18,000 people died of Covid-19 last month. Less than 1% of them had been vaccinated. Is that really the hill you want to die on?

          There is nothing Unconstitutional or illegal about the government looking for and reporting dangerous LIES in the media or even asking that they be purged before people are killed. If someone thinks it is, then let’s see a lawsuit demanding that this attempt to save lives be stopped. Free speech is one thing. But it has its limits. Lies that kill people are NOT protected speech. IMHO. It appears that the Courts have not yet directly ruled on this question of deadly LIES – bring a case to force the publication of such LIES and let’s see what happens.


          1. As I wrote, I am 100% for vaccination. But this isn’t going to work.

            The more you suppress anti-vax rhetoric, the more credible it will seem to those who have lost confidence of what they hear from the colluding press and government.

            The harder you try to suppress it, the more power it gets.

            In this case, I want the same thing you do, but the method you are supporting is trying the same thing and expecting different results.


          2. Okay, you make a reasonable argument for the government to ignore deadly LIES.

            That does not translate into your bullshit about High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Maybe you should try to tone down your constant stream of slanders?


          3. It is unlawful for the government to induce a private actor to accomplish something it is prohibited from doing itself.

            And, I did not say the government should do nothing. I quoted Brandis that the remedy for bad speech os good speech.

            Instead of suppressing the anti-vaxxers, they should engage them with information and wit.


          4. “It is unlawful for the government to induce a private actor to accomplish something it is prohibited from doing itself.”

            Uh, in this context that is NONSENSE with a capital N. So truthy but total baloney. You don’t get to defend your constant slanders with made up facts. Try as you might. What law has the Biden administration broken by pointing out widely disseminated and dangerous LIES to the people publishing them?

            We the people and the government trying to end the pandemic have a “compelling state interest” in the spread of truthful information about vaccinations and the suppression of deadly LIES. What could be more compelling than saving tens of thousands of lives? Pointing out the LIES to the publisher does not even come close to what the government could and should do in the face of such peril. Telling people to avoid vaccination is attempted murder. It needs to stop.


            And what is the point of debate with “information and wit” with LIARS who will not stop and who win whenever the LIES are debated. Joseph McCarthy explained the tactic when he had been constantly changing the number of Communists in the State Department. The subject became How many Communists? instead of Are there ANY Communists?

            And, the cherry on top off this Sundae of “conservative” bullshit, when Biden sets out to spread accurate information directly to the people, you people start yelling “Brown shirts!” and “Needle Nazis.”


          5. Totalitarian to the core.

            Would the government be allowed to suppress that speech directly?

            Of course not. The oft repeated standard is that you are not free to shout fire in a crowded theater. But you can state your opinion that based on your appraisal of the theater’s wiring, it is a substantial fire risk. Of course the theater owner can then sue you for slander and harming his business, and if your assessment is baseless, collect damages.

            But what if the government gives you protection from liability for allegations of fire danger?

            The withdrawal of that protection would place you in considerable risk, and thus the government now has coercive power over you. You will now find fire risks where and when the government wants you to.

            Section 230 protections give government coercive power over social media platforms, and they are no longer private actors but are now proxies for government to do what it could not do directly.

            The government has lots of smart people reviewing Facebook posts, Anti-vax posts are pretty easy to refute. I do it almost every day. How about instead of flagging the posts they disagree with for suppression, they instead post a reply backed by reason and fact?


          6. So, you make your case with a blatant lie about what is lawful and when you are called on it your answer is another one of your very NOT subtle insults . . . “Totalitarian to the core.”

            Nobody is coercing anybody. This is about keeping people from dying as a result of dangerously and deliberately false information. You cannot cite a law that has been broken but invole High Crimes and Misdemeanore You people and the lying liars of “conservative” media have tried to spin this little epidode as if President Biden were forcing Facebook to promote his propaganda or else. You – none of you – are honest.


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