The Claremont Institute taken to task, Deservedly so,

Laura Field, Senior Fellow @ the Niskanen Center and Scholar-in-Residence @ American University, takes today’s version of the Claremont Institute, a former think tank in the Conservative vein, and shows how it is become bastion of T****ism and racism. It’s a long read (27 pages in .pdf format), but worth the time to see what today’s “conservatism” has come to.

She nails it – IMHNEO (Thanks Len. It looks like a Hebrew word translated to English)

7 thoughts on “The Claremont Institute taken to task, Deservedly so,

    1. Perhaps you need to broaden your perspective. I have read some pieces from Claremont Review of Books over the years. I don’t agree with them, but the route they have taken lately is bordering on desperation.

      Admittedly this link was a long read, but revealing.

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  1. What is the issue here? The Claremont Institute doesn’t represent all conservatives.

    The way I read it, the essay’s main criticism is that Claremont doesn’t condemn Donald Trump to the writer’s satisfaction, It’s an exercise in witch hunting, not reason.


    1. Who does represent all conservatives?

      Probably no one. Like any political entity, the positions vary and are rarely monolithic. This piece was the story of shifting conservative icons in the face of an upheaval in the political landscape due to divided loyalties.

      “Witch hunt” is the go to response by the right in the face of stories voicing criticism.


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      1. RE: “‘Witch hunt’ is the go to response by the right in the face of stories voicing criticism.”

        I certainly use the term a lot because there’s a lot of witch hunting going on these days. In this case, the criticisms of Claremont are entirely without substance.

        Apparently, writers at Claremont don’t think right about the 2020 election or Donald Trump. Therefore the Institute is a witch.


        1. It is not the they don’t think right. They have caved, for some unknown reason, to the bullshit that is T****ism. Are they expecting an endowment of some sort if they play footsie with the former guy?

          Rich Lowry has done the same thing at National Review. And it is a sad thing – IMO.


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