Breaking News : Honest, Decent Republican Tries to Save Lives.

Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stands up against the insanity gripping the GOP – this time its leaders killing people with their outrage politics rhetoric about fighting the pandemic. He knows this insanity is self-destructive and that “garbage politicians” like Ted Cruz are going to crash the GOP plane into the ground if Republican voters listen to them.

20 thoughts on “Breaking News : Honest, Decent Republican Tries to Save Lives.

    1. Why not face the facts. Sure, there is plenty of reluctance or just plain ignorance in poor black communities about getting vaccinated. It is based on historical issues and distrust but it is NOT to make a political statement. Their reluctance and apathy is a problem in getting to herd immunity which is precisely why President Biden is trying to organize door to door education and service efforts. Efforts which Republicans demonize and Kinzinger calls out.

      The black community may be A problem but they are not THE problem. Even if their vaccination rate is lower than whites they are a much smaller part of the population than are white Republicans. This is a matter of simple mathematics which does not fit your narrative, so you ignore it.

      What is tragic and criminal is that it would take very little effort by Donald Trump to end the significant partisan divide on vaccination that is going to kill thousands of his supporters and endanger everybody else.

      I denounce the ugly stupidity preached by Farrakhan without reservation. And he may be part of the problem in the black community – I have no idea how influential he is with them. He may be given more latitude on social networks because of his “religious” status. With that said, I would ban him after such dangerous language if it were up to me. Would you agree to ban Greene, Bobbert and Cruz for the same reason? Somehow I doubt it.

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        1. “ RE: “The question for me is whether people are being sincere in their questions and answers. Quite often, I don’t see that.”

          “I see that as a problem, too, but I attribute it to participants here commenting outside their own areas of expertise”. JTR

          For example…

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      1. Of course there are many different factors in vaccine hesitancy but the one that should NOT be there and could be removed by Donald Trump if he cared about his supporters is political. Here is a source you people trust – the Rupert Murdoch Wall Street Journal . . .

        Core fact from the article : “Eight in 10 Democrats have at least one dose, compared with about half of Republicans.”

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        1. Well my news story and your opinion piece have competing data results unless it is true that blacks and 18 to 34 year olds jumped the Democratic ship.


          1. Uh, the “opinion piece” is citing facts. I thought you could accept the veracity of the WSJ but maybe not. I often do not because they share Murdoch with Fox News. Whatever. Their reporting of the vaccination difference between Democrats and Republicans is available from countless other sources.

            What is going on here are overlapping data and partial data sets – think Venn diagrams. They are not inconsistent. I am sure that all claims are true . . .

            Blacks are under vaccinated. Check.
            18-34 year olds are under vaccinated. Check.
            Republicans are under vaccinated. Check.

            A small portion of blacks are Republicans and a fairly sizeable portion of 18-34 year olds are as well. Then there are black 18-34 year olds. And Independents outside the Dems-GOP comparison. etc. etc.


  1. Kinzinger, apparently, is willing to throw his own party under the bus by embracing the opposition party’s talking points. Screw him.

    Questions about Covid vaccine safety and efficacy are legitimate. They will remain legitimate for the foreseeable future simply because the science is incomplete, and even if safety and efficacy are proved beyond any reasonable doubt.

    To pretend otherwise is to indulge in magical thinking.


    1. The other party’s talking points that Kinzinger is embracing?
      You mean when Democrats say that volunteer health workers going door to door are NOT Nazi Brownshirts. That talking point?

      There ARE questions about Covid vaccine safety. That is true. But there is NO question that a Covid infection is dangerous and deadly. And the available EVIDENCE so far is that a Covid infection is orders of magnitude more dangerous than the vaccination. And, so long as the virus is actively circulating, millions of people with compromised immune systems are at risk.

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      1. RE: “But there is NO question that a Covid infection is dangerous and deadly.”

        For whom, and under what circumstances? Such black-and-white assertions are the magical thinking to which I referred.


        1. “For whom . . .”

          For you.

          My statement is a simple statement of fact. It is not “magical thinking.” Saying that it is such is sheer foolishness.

          The Covid infected person may or may not get sick. If they do get sick they may or may not need hospitaliziation. If they need hospitalization they may or may not die. If they survive they may or may not have lifelong health deficits. If NONE of these bad things happen they may or may not infect other people who will suffer them. Or they may prove to be an incubator for a more deadly variation. In short, a Covid infection is dangerous and deadly.

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          1. RE: “My statement is a simple statement of fact.”

            Simple is the operative word, as in simpleminded.”


          2. Simpleminded?
            Here is my statement that you find to be “simpleminded”

            “But, there is NO question that a Covid infection is dangerous and deadly.”

            I say it is a statement of fact. You say it is simpleminded.

            One of us is simpleminded. I vote for the fellow who boldly declared yesterday the “FDR was not a progressive.”

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    2. …”is willing to throw his own party under the bus”…

      When it is deserved, why not?

      The GOP is acting with great indifference to the health and well being of the people of this country. But if they want to kill off their own voters by telling them not to get vaccinated, that is the bed they have made.

      If the GOP were asking questions about safety (efficacy has been proven. See California’s report that ZERO new Covid cases in the state had been fully vaccinated.), fair enough. But that is NOT what they are doing. They are using the same level of fear porn to scare people into not talking to their doctors about the safety and ramifications of being vaccinated or not. They are preaching “brown shirts” coming to doors in underserved and under vaccinated communities to provide information so they can make an informed decision are actually coming to force vaccinations. If they just stop freaking lying about their intentions, then I would personally call for Kinzinger to back the bus up. But if they persist, I will support him backing it up and driving over them again and again until they stop screwing around and give a damn about the people they represent.

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    3. How was Kinzinger throwing his party under the bus?

      By telling the truth?

      Jack Nicholson said it well enough to borrow:

      “Republicans can’t handle the truth.”

      (Hence, the Big Lie.)

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