Panic in “R Town” to breakup districts that vote Democratic

The fly in the syrup is that it may seriously backfire as population migrations and demographics coupled with aggressive lawsuits could cause a loss of Republican seats. It has happened before when the “hogs got greedy” and the courts saw through the charade.

13 thoughts on “Panic in “R Town” to breakup districts that vote Democratic

  1. Losers in the “marketplace of ideas” grow desperate.

    They gave the Democrats two Senate seats in Georgia with their failed anti-democratic strategems. Seems that many of them have not yet learned the lesson – getting a lot of people mad at you is not a winning strategy.

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    1. Desperation is palpable. We are re-auditing the audits of the audited recounts from a election 9 months ago. Cultural issue are swirling in the potato bins and Seuss collections, birth control is under constant attack and communion is now a political sacrament.

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  2. Gerrymandering has been practiced by both parties since the early 1800s. Democrats only worry about it now because Republicans are in control of so many state legislatures.

    In any case, Democrats in VA whining about it with the existing 2nd and 4th Congressional Districts is unusually hypocritical even for them.


  3. So what do you call Democrats redrawing lines to gerrymander districts to their advantage like is being done now? Oh, being “competative”, right? Independent redistricting is the best solution but Democrats reneged on that bipartisan idea after getting a majority. Both sides do it so don’t play the victim, again….


    1. We have an independent commission in Va.
      There talk of it not passing but as far as I know it did. Do you have other info?

      You too missed the point of the article. It was not whether Gerrymandering is good or bad or Republican or Democratic, but rather that the Republicans may be creating a problem for themselves by chopping up cities

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      1. The commission passed by citizen vote but putting it on the ballot took a lot of public outcry to make Democrats acquiesce when they reneged.


        1. Not really. There was some protests on procedural issues that threatened a delay, but cooler heads prevailed. I was an active supporter and donor to the VA 2021 campaign that pushed this through over the years. I was sent regular updates as warranted.

          Democrats started the ball rolling and kicked it across the goal line. You would never get that from a majority GOP legislature here or anywhere else.

          The GOP went a along when they lost their big majority, because they could see the shift in VA from red, to purple to blue. When they lost the legislature, they had little choice.

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    2. Keep in mind the courts drew the current VA districts because the GOP refused to stop gerrymandering while they were in power. The Dems got an independent commission passed.

      Adn while they THREATENED to renege on the deal, that never cam to pass. Once again, you screwed up the facts. Partially.

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      1. The only way the commission passed was GOP and public pressure to get Democrats off of their ass and get the measure on the ballot. You got your story backwards.


        1. It was the Democrats who started the push. Republicans got onboard with the idea when they had their elected asses tossed and saw the writing on the wall. They only acted because they did not want done to them what they had been doing to Democrats for a couple of decades.

          And as Len pointed out there was some pushback against the bill as passed by the electorate. But cooler heads prevailed and the good overcame the perfect.

          You are the backwards one. Again.

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