12 thoughts on “Model City Monday

  1. Funny these Libertarians should be targetting New Hampshire which already has no income or sales taxes. What further changes would they have in mind for the Live Free or Die state? And right next door is Vermont which has both income and sales taxes AND – horror of horrors – sends a socialist to the Senate.

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  2. Sounds just like a modern version of Galt’s Retreat. Leave an ungrateful, chaotic world and do…what?

    The Rapture at least has a creative tale summed up in the Book of Revelation with blood, violence, apocalyptic fervor and a cosmic space elevator for the faithful.

    Libertarians want a nation that is socially and culturally liberal (do what you want, just don’t bother me) but would rather not pay for the essentials that can secure a safe environment for all coupled with a healthy, well educated workforce.


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    1. Libertarians want everyone to be prosperous, healthy and well educated, we just believe that government is the worst possible tool for accomplishing those goals.

      But New Hampshire is just too damned cold.


          1. I have never been ripped off by the DMV. And, I have found their services to be exemplary.

            Fertilizer companies NEED government oversightl. Without it they would be selling and spreading water on your lawn when you have paid for a 32% Nitrogen solution. That is what markets do.

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          2. Interesting you should mention some lawn services. We have tried three over a decade and all they managed to do was destroy the St. Augustine. Plus the last Tru-Green effort was such a joy. They charged for soil testing. Weeks later, no results. Why? They said they batch other samples and send to the lab. Not enough to send yet.

            All these were national chains and franchises. As a rule, I try to avoid franchisees of any service. Local businesses are usually much more reliable, better pricing and higher quality.

            I don’t know if investors bought out some of these companies, but like most, they will strip the companies, sell off assets and dump them. It seems that rarely are takeovers any good.

            So, I now am my own government and we take care of the lawn ourselves.

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      1. “Libertarians want everyone to be prosperous, healthy and well educated”
        Who doesn’t?

        Unregulated markets have NEVER come close to that ideal. That is why your Dickensian view of how the economy and society should be organized is a failure in the “marketplace of ideas.” You know – evidence.
        I suppose that is why you hate democracy and would prefer a strong man government to impose the “right” ideas.

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