6 thoughts on “Some good news for the environment.

      1. The methane, of course, doesn’t last long, quickly getting oxidized to CO2.

        The methane we’re talking about is less than 2% of that released by termites.

        But it comes unavoidably from the production of natural gas. We aren’t really going to cut our electric generation needs any time soon. If we block natural gas production, we burn more coal. Coal produces about 3 times as much CO2 per Gigawatt as natural gas.

        So, inhibit natural gas production, burn more coal, get more CO2.


        1. So your claim that stopping methane leaks will INCREASE greenhouse gases is based on the assumption that for-profit fossil fuel companies will simply not produce or transport their products if they can’t dump the methane instead of capping or capturing it. That is a very big assumption.

          As for the termites, I will cop to providing an erroneous figure. The real emissions of methane from the oil and gas industry see to be much higher.


          Then there is this . . .



          1. No, that was what I found. It relates to both oil and natural gas – as do the regulations that were imposed, revoked and now imposed again.


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