CRT History You Should Know. Racism and the GI Bill.

This is a small but highly relevant and typical piece of recent history that the proponents of CRT believe should not be swept under the carpet. Our friendly neighborhood “European Civilization chauvinists” have their hair on fire with terror that our children might learn such history.

While these “European Civilization chauvinists” go on and on about their hard work and the superiority of their culture, they tend to forget the giant leg up their fathers and grandfathers got from the GI Bill of Rights compared to the fellow soldiers who were not white. Home owning and college educations provided by Uncle Sam are the foundations of the comfort that most of them enjoy today.

22 thoughts on “CRT History You Should Know. Racism and the GI Bill.

  1. For over a century after Emancipation, the slave descendants were effectively “punished” for daring to act like Americans. And decades after that, the laws and customs still kept the Black Americans in segregation.

    The joke was that Bush the Younger was born on third base and thought he hit a triple. In the case of Black Americans, they did not get past the turnstile to the stadium.

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  2. CRT isn’t needed to disapprove of the discrimination against black WWII veterans. By the same token, this particular instance of discrimination doesn’t prove that CRT is valid. What a waste of time.


    1. “CRT isn’t needed to disapprove . . .”

      Miss the point much? CRT is not about approving of disapproving of past injustice. It is about NOT sweeping them under the carpet for no reason other than that they make some white people uncomfortable.

      Many of you people explain your personal success and prosperity based on your superior culture. This little bit of actual history tells us that maybe your families got help rising into middle class status that was denied to black families. For a decent and thoughtful person that would support the idea that the government helping those left behind today is not such a terrible and un-American thing.

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      1. RE: “It is about NOT sweeping them under the carpet for no reason other than that they make some white people uncomfortable.It is about NOT sweeping them under the carpet for no reason other than that they make some white people uncomfortable.”

        Got it. CRT is about making some white people uncomfortable. Lynching, of course, was about making some black people uncomfortable.

        CRT is anti-white racism.


        1. “Got it.”

          Uh, as is almost always the case, you ain’t “got” nothing.
          CRT is not about making white people uncomfortable. I said that making white people uncomfortable is not a good reason to sweep accurate and complete history under the rug.

          CRT is about educating everybody more fully. We cannot solve problems until we acknowledge and understand them.

          “CRT is anti-white racism.”
          I will not point out that only a white racist would really believe such nonsense. Besides, you do not really believe that, do you?

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      2. While the article does illustrate how states and localities in both the North and South prevented Black veterans from taking advantage of the GI Bill and other benefits, it does not demonstrate ill intent in the bill itself. Sure, barely literate Balck veterans could not take advantage of the college benefits, but that is a wrong in the pre war education systems that failed them.

        And yes, Blacks have been largely denied the opportunities to build intergenerational wealth due to housing and lending discrimination.

        I have recommended a remedy for that disparity, where’s yours?


        1. I did not claim that there was ill intent in the bill itself. There is not mention of race in the bill. But if you had actually read the article you would understand that leaving the administration of the bill to the states was demanded by the racist Congressional delegations from the South.

          And so, as the article spells out in detail, for a variety of racist reasons, the GI Bill made the income inequality worse when it should have made it better. That is an important part of the history of the bill that is not currently taught and should be. But now it won’t be because racist Republicans have passed legislation in some states to make it illegal to do so. You can start cheering for those states now.

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        2. “And yes, Blacks have been largely denied the opportunities to build intergenerational wealth due to housing and lending discrimination.”

          Since you know that and accept its importance, why all the fuss about some academics encouraging the teaching of this part of history and other similar parts of the buried past?

          As for your remedy for wealth and income inequality, you will have to refresh my memory. As for my solution, check the Democratic Party Platform.

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          1. The remedy? Of course it can’t be race limited, but it can be based on current wealth and income.

            So, I proposed a pre-tax savings account like an IRA for those who do not already own a home or have other, equivalent assets.

            Further, I proposed a sliding scale match on these savings based on income.

            Simply giving people money does little to build wealth, so I propose helping people SAVE to catch up.

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          2. “Further, I proposed a sliding scale match on these savings based on income.”

            Kind of like the Libertarian medical insurance proposal with its health savings account subsidized for the low income folks.

            Race based is impossible without reverting to a modern version of the “one drop rule”. So based on wealth and income is good.

            What would help urban Blacks, however, would definitely be a system to educate them in the world of budget and finance. I caught a snippet on the radio where low income family can get extensive training in “family economics”, mortgage procedures and requirements, etc. Then with cooperating lenders, they can get a mortgage. The isolation in ghettoes has pulled so many out of the mainstream of a modern, industrial economy. The kind of knowledge that many middle class families have passed on to progeny for generations.

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          3. Hey, I like your idea.
            It could be a very useful part of a more realistic and less bureaucratic “War on Poverty.” Combine it with Medicare-for-all and a really vigorous Earned Income Tax Credit and we could eliminate dozens of well-intentioned but expensive and often counter-productive programs, save money overall and get a lot closer to the ideal of a level playing field.

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        3. …”that is a wrong in the pre war education systems that failed them.”

          You mean the SEGREGATED education system that was not fully supported to provide the proper resources by the states?


          1. Not just before the war. When I was a Fifth Grade child in South Carolina in the 1950’s I went to a nice school, with nice furniture, new books and a nice playground. Black children of my age were schooled in a run down tobacco warehouse rented from a local white man. Benches instead of desks, hand me down books and no playground.

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  3. CRT declares current white society and government institutions as racist. Learning of snippets of unfairness in history is fine but that is not CRT. CRT attempts to cast blame and responsibility on those living today for something that happened 150 years ago and longer and conviently leaves out the broader picture of those times. No, CRT is extremist racist trash used for political divisiveness.


    1. “CRT declares current white society and government institutions as racist”

      That statement proves you only parrot what right-wing pundits tell you. You do recall when CRT actually first came around and what it was? If not, you have lost any leg to stand on to call it whatever YOU think (or have been TOLD to think)/.

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  4. CRT does not cast blame on those living today. That is nonsense arising from your eagerness to be a victim.

    You got one thing right . . . CRT IS used for political divisiveness – by Trump Republicans. It was an obscure subject of discussion in obscure academic circles for about 40 years UNTIL Republicans decided they could make political hay with their base of “European Civilization chauvinists” by talking it up.

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  5. “European Civilization chauvinists”, “superior culture”, cough, bullshit, cough. Do i need to provide the definition of what CRT is to you AGAIN?? I already have TWICE this week but you insist on claiming it is some obscure moving goal post idea. You are the one casting victimhood not me.


    1. You provided a link to the Britanica article on CRT along with your false spin of what it says.

      The uproar in conservative circles about this 40 year old academic theory is politically motivated divisiveness as the moribund Trump GOP tries one more time to throw a racist Hail Mary pass by feeding the bigotry of racists. THEY obviously think that white racism is deeply embedded in the body politic or that would not keep trying year after year to appeal to racists.

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