How to save the world, in three easy steps.

This long video interests me for a number of reasons. One is the commentary by Dr. Malone, credited in the show notes as “the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.” He seems to think there is something broken in our public health bureaucracy that leads to sub-optimal decision making, and also that there are significant reports that signal potential concerns with the Covid vaccines.

The host and moderator, Dr. Bret Weinstein, is “an evolutionary biologist.” At the end of the video he offers some thoughts on driving Covid-19 to extinction in as little as two months, as well as on overcoming the systemic errors that resulted from the special version of “regulatory capture” which emerged in the Covid pandemic.

Steve Kirsch, “a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines” is a strong advocate for therapeutics. He also supports the view that something is systemically broken in our public health system. He talks at length about the adverse event reporting systems in the U.S. and the U.K. and makes a claim that government insiders in the U.S. have confided to him informal estimates that vaccine-caused deaths in America may be 20,000 or more. A blog post by Mr. Kirsch is one of the focal points of the video:

My own biggest takeaway is that therapeutic treatments using existing medications have evolved to the point that vaccination is no longer the only or even the best solution to the public health puzzle Covid-19 presents, EXCEPT that discovery and adoption of effective therapeutics have been (unexpectedly) suppressed.

The video may seem to promote vaccine hesitancy because some of the science it covers is indeed concerning. Dr. Malone is particularly helpful on this point. His technical expertise and careful observations serve as a calming counterpoint to Mr. Kirsch’s more excitable commentary. What emerges from the candid discussion is really a case study in institutional stumbling. The panelists agree that censorship, groupthink and secrecy have played key roles, even to the point of compromising peer review and harming public knowledge.

(Note: YouTube deleted this video shortly after it was published. Quotations from the show notes are from the original YouTube post.)

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