Maricopa voting data files in a home somewhere in Montana.

Apparently a one man company has taken possession of the data files.

“A copy of the election data from Maricopa County’s servers and hard drives was sent by controversial contractor CyberNinjas to the Montana home of a technology company president who accused the county of deleting a voter database.”

No observers allowed. Just an 800 pound man in a bed with voter data files of 2.1 million Americans and bags of Cheetos. 😇

Arizonans can rest easy now. 😇😇😇

25 thoughts on “Maricopa voting data files in a home somewhere in Montana.

  1. RE: “Apparently a one man company has taken possession of the data files.”

    No. Apparently a one man company has taken possession of A COPY OF the data files.

    What’s suspicious about that?


  2. Nothing that should ban bipartisan observers. But apparently that is the case.

    No one seems to know where the files are and for any modicum of transparency I think AZ citizens deserve to know that. After all, names, addresses, voting records, etc. are all there.

    I know I would be uncomfortable about not knowing who has access.

    During the election counting, some Republicans got apoplectic if an observer was 2 feet too far away and other nonsense. Yet now, AZ citizens are subject to an audit with no observers, no known location for files and suddenly that is not important.

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    1. According to your source: “‘The original evidence was left completely intact,’ Bennett told 12 News. ‘A copy was taken to do whatever evaluation they are doing for Cyber Ninjas.'”

      I still don’t see any reason to be suspicious.


          1. Silly. I told you there were no security provisions, so that is that. Bennett…no better than me.

            So you believe him and not me?

            I’m devastated.

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          2. RE: “I told you there were no security provisions, so that is that.”

            There don’t have to be any security provisions. We’re talking about a copy of the original data which is preserved.


  3. First you were upset because Cyber Ninja had no prior election auditing experience and now you’re upset because they have subcontracted some of the technical analysis to CyFir, which is an established ballot auditing firm.

    You are hard to please.


    1. If the election counting observation was so critical that crack lawyers were hired to bring dozens of cases that alleged hanky lanky when observers were taking a leak, or there was a possible chain of custody break, or observers’ glasses fogged up, then what are the Republicans hiding in this count and audit?

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        1. Alterations by the hot shot jerk Cyber Ninja who hadn’t a clue about how to even handle the ballots.

          Hiring election losers to recount their own votes. Allowing blue and black pens in the counting area.

          Yeah, with no oversight by anyone, this is a Tea Party with an irrational Queen and a Cheshire Cat.

          No matter what this finds, it will be suspect. If nothing comes of it, Republicans will demand another audit. If some discrepancies are found, the method was so sloppy, that everyone else will say it was a farce.

          If a group of observers were allowed from the Democrats and non-partisans, this might have a smidge of respectability. Without such protection, it will be no different than what you and other Trump loyalists alleged about the original counts.

          So why should your team be so “special”?

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          1. The fact that this “audit” becomes a segment on the Daily Show tell you what you need to know.

            In a more serious vein, the AZ Secretary of State has produced a list of the unprofessional practices and incidents that are rife in this “audit.”


            An actual ballot audit firm was ignored by the AZ GOP Senators in favor of CyberNinjas apparently because the CEO is a spreader of election stolen conspiracy nonsense.


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          2. RE: “The fact that this “audit” becomes a segment on the Daily Show tell you what you need to know.

            Ridiculous. It tells us nothing.


          3. Observers from the GOP, Dems and nonpartisans are present, with color coded shirts.

            They have made some complaints, such as blue pens being present in the room, though not used, and those complaints have been addressed.

            But that is just deflection, there is nothing improper about the files being examined by forensic experts.


          4. “Ridiculous. It tells us nothing.”

            It tells that the whole thing is a joke. And that is all we need to know.

            The utter failure of the AZ Senators to conduct this “audit” with competent people without pre-existing axes to grind makes ANY findings they publish not worth the paper they will be printed on. In short, an expensive joke.

            That is not just my opinion but the opinion of the GOP controlled Board of Elections involved.

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        1. “Don’t confuse Cyber Ninjas with CyFir.”

          Uh, I am not.
          CyFir is a cyber security and network consulting company. They are not an “established ballot auditing firm.” You just made that up.

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          1. I see that as a operator of this website you were able to delete your – let’s say – erroneous post that started like this . . .

            “CyFIR LLC: Digital security screening
            Headquarters: Ashburn, Virginia
            Founded: 2018
            Services: Digital security
            Certified by U.S. Elections Assistance Commission:”

            According to the email, you left out the last characters in your clip so the last line actually read . . .

            “Certified by U.S. Elections Assistance Commission: No”

            So, good for you deleting it.

            But you should have just admitted your “error” rather than posting this latest bit of smoke blowing. I read the article linked. Did you think I wouldn’t? It is a long piece and I read it closely and found NOTHING to support your latest claim that “The parent company has worked in elections since 2015.”

            But thanks anyway for the link that shows again how totally NOT TRUE it is that any of these people are an “established ballot auditing firm.” The only fully qualified auditors mentioned in the story was the firm originally contracted by the Board of Elections to audit the ballots and the experienced hand re-count firm replaced by more hacks.

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