Happy Birthing Person’s Day

Some GOP Senators are just having too much fun

Coming soon, Lawn mowing person’s day.

In politics, you know you are doomed when they start laughing at you.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthing Person’s Day

    1. So are there going to be any he/she’s giving natural birth to meet this “gender neutral” mandate? Don’t make the giggle too much of a laughing roar by adding even more stupidity…


  1. Legislative silliness is universal. Constituents need to be catered to, after all.

    But let’s keep the GOP fixated on Mr. Potato Head, PC naming, looking for Chinese ballots, personhood, BLM, Gays, yada, yada, yada.

    Meanwhile, Infrastructure is taking hold. Voting rights are spotlighted. Immigration efforts at stemming the source, higher paying jobs…these are topics that most Americans will vote on.

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      1. That’s the problem. People like you go to buzzwords to try and scare people into thinking something nefarious is going on.

        Maybe YOU should try to be a little more awake and aware instead of living in the 50’s, (sometimes 18, sometimes 19)

        And maybe you should take a closer look at Orbiting Louis and Out-in-right field Ronnie.

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        1. Maybe YOU should stop trying to find “racism” under every rock. It just isn’t there no matter how “woke” you are. Are there racists in the world? Yes. Are they from ALL races including black? Yes
          . Are they the extreme minority? Yes. It is YOU feeding the race pot.


          1. “It is YOU feeding the race pot.”
            Feeding the pot? Not sure what that even means, but whatever.

            Where exactly did I mention racism anywhere in this post. I addressed the idea that a phrase like “wokeness” is just another right wing buzzword to attempt to deny that there has been racism throughout the history of this county and it has been ignored for the majority of our history.

            People who want to maintain Civil War “hero” statures insist that the statues stay up and that some context be added to them to address ALL of the history. What is the issue with including ALL of the history of this country and avoiding some of the dark side of it?

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      2. So “wokeness” is a bad thing in your book.
        Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Or is it actually denial.
        I think the latter.

        Here is the actual definition of “woke”

        “woke : alert to injustice in society, especially racism.”

        Yeah, that is just terrible. I can see why you “European civilization chauvinists” have your panties in a twist.

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        1. That’s A definition.

          I’d define it as a form of mental illness in which the sufferer engages in propitiation for sins committed before he was born he has been deceived into thinking are his .


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