Oregon legislator let’s in mob and tells them his plan ahead of time.


It is getting increasingly clear that many, or most, Republicans don’t respect or love, or even like, our nation anymore. They actively betray our values and resort to violence to cause our demise. I am sure that some of the scum in Congress aided and abetted the attackers on 1/6. Oregon was not a one off, but rather the beginning. And it was almost a dress rehearsal for the attempted autogolpe.

Time to get rid of the pure GOP garbage that is trying to set up a dictatorship. What now? “They have no choice” excuse again? Trump got the racist gangs excited and now we put up with this kind of crap.

15 thoughts on “Oregon legislator let’s in mob and tells them his plan ahead of time.

  1. Did you read your own source? Here’s the first sentence:

    “Republican members of the Oregon House of Representatives are calling on one of their own to resign after a video surfaced showing that he coached protesters on how to breach the state Capitol as lawmakers discussed coronavirus legislation.”

    Those words don’t in any way support the conspiracy theory that Republicans are “trying to set up a dictatorship.”


    1. There is only one party whose leader has tried to overthrow the elected government and in which it is political death to acknowledge the truth that Joe Biden won the election fairly and decisively. Len is absolutely right in everything he said.

      The term “conspiracy theory” does not apply. Conspiracies are done secretly. There is nothing secret about GOP efforts to subvert democracy. About 150 GOP members of Congress voted openly to reject the results of the election. And that vote was AFTER the terrorist insurrection that tried to keep Trump in office.

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  2. Let’s in? Your spelling is as reckless as your reporting.

    I think you’ll find it was a fauxsurrection, just like the fake epidemic.


    1. Oh my! You caught a grammar error.

      “Fake epidemic?”
      What part of 600,000 dead flies over your stable genius head? Such utter nonsense is not only terminally stupid it is an ugly insult to those dead and to the many, many millions of people mourning the loss of someone near and dear to them.

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        1. That occured to me as well. Does his stupidity rise to the level where he is risking his life? Thanks to the pernicious influence of Donald Trump there seems to be millions of such people – some who post here regularly.

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    2. …”fake epidemic.”

      Tell that to the families of the millions around the world who died.

      You are a dangerous hateful man who needs to be a little more open to reality, as opposed to the unicorn, rainbow world you think the rest of us should live in.

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  3. Something is being missed here.

    I don’t necessarily support his method, I don’t know what other remedies he explored first.

    But if, as he claims, the Oregon constitution requires the capitol building to be open and the legislators to be available to their constituents, then the fully vaccinates legislators were violating their constitution by keeping the capitol closed using the pandemic as an excuse.

    Neither the US, nor as far as I know, any state constitution, has an “except in case of contagious disease” clause.

    It has become fashionable among Democrats to ignore the rule of law when it is convenient using COVID as an excuse, and some remedy is required.


    1. “Something is being missed here.”

      Uh, no it isn’t. Your post is very typical of your smoke blowing. Seems that you are always trying to justify insurrection. And, of course, to somehow blame the Democrats who had NOTHING to do with what this jackass tried to do.

      The Oregon Constitution says NOTHING about the Capitol building being open to the public. What it DOES say is that Legislative sessions be “open.” That requirement is clearly met by the live streaming of all legislative sessions and committee meetings. You can find the archives here . . .


      Further, these were not peaceful citizens willing to subject themselves to the normal rules of decorum that is required when the public galleries are open. They were violent protesters, rioters and a danger to the members. That is why this jackass has been condemned by Oregon Republican legislators who presumably know more about their Constitution than you do.

      You blather on and on about the rule of law but find excuses for people who ignore it ALL THE TIME. This is just one more example.

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      1. If a video feed is adequate to provide an open meeting, then why can’t BLM protestors keep their protests to social media?

        Some appeals to the legislature must be made in person.


        1. Again a really stupid response. With one of your patented racist twists. BLM protests have been in the streets where they are legal. These MAGAts could have protested legally in the street as well. Instead they decided to illegally raid the Capitol with the criminal assistance of a legislator.

          Let’s review your nonsense. First you claim that the Oregon Constitution requires that the Capitol building cannot be closed to the public – even with a pandemic raging. It doesn’t require that at all.

          Now you claim that an “open” session requires that people be able to petition their legislators WHILE they are in session. That is nonsense. The idea of “open” in this context is OBVIOUSLY that the actions of the Legislature not be conducted in secret. Full stop. No legislature in the world allows its deliberations to be the venue for “petitioners” to shout their opinions.

          And now there rioters are simply “appealing” to the legislators. Uh, even Republican legislators do not share your benign spin on insurrection.

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          1. Legislators and their staffs were among the first to be vaccinated, so how is the ‘pandemic raging’ an issue? And in any case, where s the clause that allows the constitution to be abandoned?


          2. “And in any case, where s the clause that allows the constitution to be abandoned?”

            What part of the Constitution was abandoned? A televised session is an “open” session.

            Your argument that, “Gee, the legislators are vaccinated, so why close the Capitol” is pretty shallow. Incredibly shallow, actually. People gathered in the galleries may or may not be vaccinated and gathering in close proximity to other people indoors is still dangerous with so many dopes not getting vaccinated. Maybe they could have opened the galleries to people with proof of vaccination but then you would be whining about the “tyranny” of that too.

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