Findings about 1/6 are revealing more questions than answers.

It would seem at the very least that a president would be kept informed about these serious security issues revealed around the weeks and months of internet chatter regarding violence at an event he organized, even through a proxy, and would be the featured speaker.

My conclusion was that the administration knew the hundreds of people armed and dressed in tactical gear were not a threat to the president. They were his “stand by” gangs. His men and women ready to do his bidding. No surprises except the president’s reluctance to end it all immediately once the fighting began.

23 thoughts on “Findings about 1/6 are revealing more questions than answers.

  1. What is disturbing is the GOP, in the name of THEIR idea of bipartisanship, keeping 45 put of the findings and ZERO information concerning the CAUSE of the Capitol attack.

    This is further evidence that a commission, be it Congressionally mandated or Presidentially appointed, is necessary to get to the why. Imagine the 9/11 Commission not mentioning al-Qaeda or Osama bin Laden in its report.

    This wasn’t just some field trip gone bad, It was an attack in the name of preventing Congress form doing its duty. And the GOP is more afraid of a commission than the alleged fears (Don’s constant refrain) of Democrats regarding the AZ election fraudit.


  2. The NPR piece illustrates why an investigation must wait until criminal trials have been decided.

    The headline “Bring Your Guns” stems from one COMMENT to a social media post.

    No one brought any guns. The only person shot was unarmed Ashli Babett, shot by a Trump hating Capitol Police officer with connections to Black Lives Matter.

    But to NPR, it becomes an armed insurrection.

    The chances of any of the accused getting a fair trial diminish by the hour.


    1. No one brought guns. You know this how?

      With all the tactical gear. bullet proof vests, tasers, sharpened flag poles, bear spray, cuffs, climbing gear, helmets, knives, guns could easily have been part of the armament, just not used.

      The attackers may be ignorant, but they were not all stupid. To start shooting into armed officers would have been a catastrophe.

      The fair trial accusation by you is bogus. Most of the charges are not anything more that common criminal complaints like attempting to kill officers, criminal trespass, vandalism, etc.

      Now there will be other charges for the main planners, but it is still against the law to threaten and attempt disrupt legislative actions.

      Why should publicity about an event the entire world knows about, have seen detailed videos of horrible violence and read the bragging afterward make much of a difference?

      PS: “Ashli Babett, shot by a Trump hating Capitol Police officer with connections to Black Lives Matter.”

      Cite please with regards to the officer.

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    2. “Representative Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma said he witnessed the USCP officer shoot Babbitt as angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building.

      “They were trying to come through the front door, which is where I was at in the chamber, and in the back they were trying to come through the speaker’s lobby, and that’s problematic when you’re trying to defend two fronts,” Mullin told host George Stephanopoulos in a Thursday interview on ABC News’ Good Morning America.

      “When they broke the glass in the back, the [police] lieutenant that was there, him and I already had multiple conversations prior to this, and he didn’t have a choice at the time,” Mullin added. “The mob was going to come through the door, there was a lot of members and staff that were in danger at the time.”

      I could find little except on sites that are copy and paste from somewhere that the officer was a Trump hater or a BLM activist. Considering it was Trump who sicced the attackers against the police fighting for their lives and the lives of our Congressmen, I could understand some animosity towards the president.

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    3. ” . . . shot by a Trump hating Capitol Police officer with connections to Black Lives Matter.”

      What a real piece of uh, uh work.

      It matters not in the least if the officer doing his duty to protect Members of Congress from a murderous mob of insurrectionists and traitors was a member of BLM or if he hated Trump’s guts. If that is even true. Coming from you, who knows? You make stuff up all the time and/or uncritically parrot the racist lies peddled by today’s “conservative” media. Since the officer’s name has been withheld to protect him from violence by Trump cultists it is very unlikely that these claims have any basis in fact. But again, it does not matter in the least if they do. Irrelevant.

      The one person who very clearly has Ashli Barrett’s blood on his hands is the instigator of the violence – Donald Trump.

      Your lame bit of race-baiting is particularly laughable coming from someone who has NEVER found a reason to blame law enforcement in the killing of unarmed black people. If you do not like being thought of as a racist then stop posting racist garbage.

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    4. “Trump hating Capitol Police officer with connections to Black Lives Matter.”

      Assumptions about the officer in question being “T**** hating”. And even if he were, his life was being threatened by an advancing mob.

      I am sorry she got shot. Maybe she shouldn’t have been there.

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      1. Yesh, that 240 pound trained officer was in dire threat from that unarmed 110 pound woman.

        If she were Black and looting a store, would you support a White officer executing her and the police dept trying to conceal the officer’s identity and then exonerating him withoht a pubic hearing?


        1. Uh, how do you know ANYTHING about the officer involved? You finding stuff on web sites trying to draw a target on this officer for doing his duty?

          I have seen the video of what happened. That sad little 110 pound woman was not alone. She was one of many “patriots” bashing down the last door between them and the members of Congress they were there to murder. These “patriots” were so brave that they threw her through the opening they created rather than charging the officers with drawn guns themselves. Stupid, disgraceful and cowardly conduct by everybody involved EXCEPT the Capitol police who made if very clear what would happen next if they continued their attack.

          But naturally, you side with the victim THIS TIME. She was, after all, white.

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          1. Has anyone been charged with the attempted murder of a Congressman?

            Do you have any evidence at all of such an intent? Or are you just projecting your own violent tendencies on others again.


          2. The mob was there to protest, and perhaps temporarily delay a process they belived to be corrupt, but there is no evidence anyone was there to commit murder, so yes, when they are accused of attempted murder, I will defend them and when that charge is used to justify shooting an unarmed woman, I will call BS


          3. So I guess I only pretended to hear the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” or the calls to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s head.

            The mob that stormed the Capitol had murderous intent. They were not a group of rowdy high schoolers on a field trip or even a drunken bunch of tourists looking for the gift shop.

            …”that charge is used to justify shooting an unarmed woman, I will call BS”

            Your double standard of a property owner being allowed to shoot a looter versus a POLICE OFFICER protecting the lives of individuals is disgusting and you should be ashamed of saying so. You defend Kyle Rittenhouse, an uninvited teenager who shot protesters but say you call BS on POLIC OFFICERS protecting (kind of ) innocent lives.
            You are so wrong.

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          4. Police officers must be held to a higher, not lower, standard in the use of deadly force.

            And Rittenhouse was protecting himself from a direct attack with a deadly weapon, in order, a can of soup in a plastic grocery bag, a skateboard and a handgun.


          5. Someplace he never should have been.

            And the Capitol Police were protecting their charges from a rampaging mob. The violence perpetrated PRIOR to the actual invasion of the building seems to be justification enough.

            Oh, wait. They weren’t being violent; just a little rowdy, smashing police with hockey sticks and flag poles, tossing fire extinguishers into police lines, forcibly pushing against the line of police, breaking windows and pushing against barricaded doors to gain entrance.

            It could be the new video for “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.”

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          6. The right wing Gaslighting is in full force. The playbook of repeating lies until they become accepted as the “truth” is not new, but it is effective among a vulnerable portion of our country.

            The gangs are ecstatic since the last president gave them credibility (and a new logo…bonus!).

            And top GOP politicians are repeating the Big Lie because they fear the Big Emasculation. Of course, this exposes them for what they are: Liars and wimps. They might as well get fat and wear yellow to complete the transformation from patriots to simpering sycophants.

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          7. Police being beaten half to death, dragged down the concrete steps, sprayed with bear Mace, speared with long poles, 150 injured, 15 hospitalized and 3 dead by suicide or stroke almost certainly related to the mob’s violence.

            Yes, I think the evidence is clear that murder was not out of the question.

            Then to watch a spittle spewing, rabid mob smashing through glass doors and shoving a women in first in case there was a gunshot that was plainly visible to all present.

            I quoted a republican congressman who said the office had no choice. Mobs were broaching the chamber from two directions.

            Wake up and smell the coffee, or just stay in fantasy land.

            Don’t try to gaslight us.

            Thank you.

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          8. Attempted murder of a Congressman?

            Uh, that will not be charged because the Capitol police kept them safe. In some cases getting them to safety seconds before they would have been at the mercy of the lynch mob pounding down the doors.

            Do I have to point out the Catch-22 nature of this silly argument? Okay, I will. Capitol police used “excessive” violence because no Congressman was killed. But, Catch-22, if the Capitol police had not used “excessive” violence Congressmen would have been killed.

            Projecting my violent tendencies? That is an irritating bit of bullshit coming from someone like you, but it is so monumentally dumb, I will let it pass.

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          9. ” . . . there is no evidence anyone was there to commit murder”

            Another grotesque LIE.

            For starters the PLANNED violent attack on the Capitol included the detonation of pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC as a diversion which – had they not been discovered in time – could easily have killed and maimed any number of people.

            Unless you are a total moron you cannot believe that a peaceful protest was to be kicked off by the explosion of pipe bombs. And yet, that is what you are saying you believe.

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          10. “Police officers must be held to a higher, not lower, standard in the use of deadly force”

            Laughable. You have never been able to bring yourself to such a statement around the MANY killings of unarmed black men and children by white police officers. There it is ALWAYS the victim’s fault. What is different here? Easy. The officer is black (you say) and the victim is white. So trot out those higher standards. And pretend that a murderous mob are mere “trespassers.”

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        2. She was part of a MOB. Unless you can prove without a reasonable doubt that she was targeted individually by the officer, you are full of shit.

          Big difference between looting a store and BREAKING INTO THE HOUSE CHAMBER. If the owner of the looted store fired at a looter and hit a passerby, would the owner be held liable for defending his property but hitting the wrong person?

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  3. To anyone but the most partisan Trump supporter, the rally, the attack, the damage, the response were all orchestrated directly or indirectly by the president and his allies. That was the whole point of a rally at the selected time and place. And now we know that the attackers were planning well in advance. That this was not known by the man in charge of the security of the nation is just not possible.

    His conversation with McCarthy alone would be an impeachable offense.

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