US Military Plans To Harvest Solar Energy In Space, Beam It To Earth

Source: ZeroHedge.

This is the best news I have heard in many years: a demonstration project for space-based solar power. Should it prove feasible and scalable, the next step would be development of a “space elevator” for transporting building materials, equipment and personnel to an off-planet construction site.

5 thoughts on “US Military Plans To Harvest Solar Energy In Space, Beam It To Earth

  1. Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle did some great SiFy on this back in the 80’s

    The problem with the elevator is that the material with the strength to weight ratio doesn’t exist. And there are safety concerns. What if the cable broke near the counterweight?

    But solar power from orbit is appealing


    1. “But solar power from orbit is appealing”

      So why is it appealing from orbit and not here on terra firma? You complain about the costs associated with renewables all of the time. It’s probably your primary argument against renewable energy reliance. Now THIS is appealing?

      I am in favor of developing new sources of energy for himnas to use. But just the cost alone of the elevator is going to likely TRIPLE defense spending. How many land based arrays can be developed for that money? How much new storage technology could be developed for that money?

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      1. Orbital power stations are unaffected by rain or clouds and if they are far enough out, you can always have at least one above its horizon even at night.


  2. I am a fan of thinking outside the box to ensure that the long term energy requirements of human civilization can be met. I am also a supporter of space transportation development. The ability to deal with a planet killer asteroid completely justifies whatever we spend to make space travel routine. So, I hope something can come of this research that you describe.

    With that said, there is a lot more that we could do right now, here on earth, to harness solar energy. And it could be done a lot sooner and a lot cheaper than space-based solar arrays. This project now underway in Australia is an example . . .

    If the Aussies can do something like this in the Outback, we have many places with just as much solar potential. The Mojave Desert or Death Valley come to mind. And a lot closer to where the power would be consumed.

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