Former Antifa Member Speaks Out

It should be obvious that Antifa is a terrorist network, but I wonder how many young people see it that way. Conversion stories like this one inspire hope that groups like Antifa, BLM, etc., will produce their own rejection in the end.

7 thoughts on “Former Antifa Member Speaks Out

  1. Antifa is a problem. As are the myriad of other groups or gangs. For decades we have ignored such groups while focusing on Islamist organizations for decades.

    But while we should not ignore Al Qaeda and all the other offshoots of Saudi extremists, self-described “patriots”, the “stand by groups”, are a real concern and no one iota better. So real that 1/6 was the culmination of our ignoring the problems in our own house.

    BLM is no more a terrorist organization than most “pro-life” groups. (Though some of which have bombed and killed in the name of God.) Or major gun rights organizations.

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  2. Jerry Nadler has been accused of calling Antifa “imaginary”. There is nothing imaginary about Antifa. However, it is not nearly as well organized as the right wing gangs.

    Antifa has been called by firebrand Congressman Jordan the “armed militia of the Democratic Party”. On its own that is kind of ridiculous since Antifa is primarily anti-government no matter who is running the show. I don’t recall President Biden asking Antifa to “stand by” for anything.

    Right wing gangs on the other hand were given carte blanche by the former president up to and including their organizing and participating in the terror attack on Congress, 1/6. That the Proud Boys gang incorporated “stand back, stand by” as part of their logo is kind of telling in my book.

    As far as Gabriel is concerned, he is just one of a long list of “I used to be a liberal until…” or “I was a solid Republican until…”. The world is full of dazed and confused folks who find solace in one group or another and if they are weak enough, actually profess some kind of transformation. Kind of like the ignorant folks who were “swept up in the rally” enough to follow a trail of broken bodies, smashed glass, a haze of Mace into the Capitol and then profess “the president made me do it”.

    That reminds me of a long story about a man who picks up a beautiful girl, underage, and details when, how and where the liaison took place. Details that all seem like a series of innocent misunderstandings. He ends his tale with “and that, your honor, is how I ended up in a hotel room with her”.


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  3. “Conversion stories like this one inspire hope that groups like Antifa, BLM, etc., will produce their own rejection in the end.”

    The same could be said of groups like the Proud Boys, The Boogaloo Bois, Oath Keepers and the like.

    Always a one-way street with you , isn’t it?

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