No wonder Harris is in hiding

VP speaks at Naval Academy

Democrats better start shopping around for a 2024 candidate, because Kamala would lose to Reagan’s corpse.

8 thoughts on “No wonder Harris is in hiding

  1. Your headline belies a fact: She was giving a speech at a commencement ceremony. A VERY public one at that.

    Working behind the scenes is not “hiding”. Just because it doesn’t get fully reported on, doesn’t mean a damned thing.

    But your Dem-hatred just has to be fueled.

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      1. If she cannot find ways to improve the situation at the border then she will pay a price politically. And, BTW, it is actually President Biden who is “in charge” of the border – not her – so he will too.

        Entertaining is not part of her job description. This “hiding” is a typically desperate and phony issue pushed by right wing media lead by Fox News.

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  2. Actually losing to dead candidates has happened. Usually, the winner died within a few weeks of an election and was still on the ballot.

    Reagan’s corpse would be a far stronger candidate than just about any present day GOP pol, but he would be censured, demoted and vilified by its leadership today.

    (And he certainly would not have waited for hours before doing anything about the attack on Congress.)

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  3. RE: “Democrats better start shopping around for a 2024 candidate…”

    There’s always Hillary.


  4. Wait a minute. According to you people Biden only ran as a way to get the “Commie” Harris into the Oval Office. Why are you now talking about the election of 2024? Shouldn’t he carry out his plan long before then?

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