Governor Northam Eases Mask Mandates

Executive Order 7th Amended Number 72 (2021).

For what it’s worth, the original version of EO 72 contained only two pages addressing face mask requirements. After seven amendments, it now takes just under 17 pages to revise the original guidelines. A forgivable assumption might be that the Governor is retaining more control over the public than he is giving up.

My wife just got back from running her daily errands. She didn’t notice that anyone, except for one shopkeeper she visits regularly, has stopped wearing masks yet. Asking about his bare face is how she learned about the EO.

2 thoughts on “Governor Northam Eases Mask Mandates

  1. A visitor from another planet would be amazed, amused and befuddled how we have managed to politicize a simple health measure for a respiratory pandemic. You’d think we asked Americans to cut off a limb.

    Well, we did lead the world in deaths, so that is something I guess.

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