10 thoughts on “Covid Deaths Plummet as Excess Mortality Falls to Pre-Covid Levels

  1. Masking and distancing did the job intended, albeit not as effectively as they would had they not been demonized. As the number of vaccinated went up, these primitive methods returned less and less. It’s for certain, that the diligent received some protection which even at, say 10%, is a helluva lot of non infected persons. There certainly is some point on the way to herd immunity that they no longer provide noticible returns, e.g, if herd immunity is achieved at 75% then by the 50% mark, the number of additional infections by eliminating masks is not that significant, especially since the vaccines began with the most likely to become severe.

    It’s all about just buying time. But you can bet the farm on this: end completely all mask mandates today and there will be another spike on June 1.

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    1. RE: “Masking and distancing did the job intended…”

      That’s debatable. All epidemics peter out eventually. Distinguishing the effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions from the natural course of the disease is incredibly hard to do.


      1. “That’s debatable.”

        No it isn’t. Remember how you used to tout that first study that showed 2 million dead if nobody changed their behavior? No? Well, I do and you did. Your purpose was to make Trump’s failed management look like a success.

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          1. Regardless of what you remember or fail to remember, the not debatable fact is that mask wearing and social distancing but not stupid people kept the pandemic from being much worse than it actually was.

            But, we all know that as a diehard Trump supporter you are required to deny anything and everything that actual science has to say on any subject. And that is doubly true on any area that your Dear Leader has told you what you must believe. In this case, that there was no need for mask wearing and social distancing – both of which he mocked costing thousands of lives.

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          2. I remember i creating one of the first posts in the Forum on facemask use and effectiveness. It was a survey of the medical literature written by Scott Alexander.

            I remember that the science was somewhat ambiguous. I concluded in my comments that the benefit of wearing a facemask was less to protect the wearer from becoming infected than to prevent the wearer from infecting others.

            My statements on facemasks have always been consistent with the view that they can’t hurt and might do some good. But that is not the issue here. The issue is whether science can show a benefit from the public policies that required masking, social distancing, etc.

            I don’t think it can, for all the same reasons that the survey I posted many months ago was non-definitive.


          3. With all due respect, you are ridiculous. There is nothing “debatable” about whether masking and social distancing helped slow the pandemic. There are countless super-spreader events, including in the White House, that demonstrated beyond any doubt that lack of social distancing lead to infections with more infections from those infections. And so on.

            The root of your problem is political. You belong to a group of selfish individuals who CHOOSE to view the need to help with a public health disaster as an infringement on your “Liberty.” So there you go spinning away trying to pretend that your resistance to these measures and your refusal to get vaccinated have some sort of rational basis. They don’t.

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          4. RE: “There is nothing ‘debatable’ about whether masking and social distancing helped slow the pandemic. ”

            You make the assertion, but offer only your own beliefs to substantiate it. That’s the very definition of ridiculous.


          5. Only my own beliefs?

            My “beliefs” are supported by a year’s worth of scientific guidance from every public health agency in the world. Your belief that the efficacy of mask wearing and social distancing is “debatable” is the pinnacle of nonsense supported by nobody except maybe Q and Donald Trump.

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          6. RE: “Your belief that the efficacy of mask wearing and social distancing is “debatable” is the pinnacle of nonsense…”

            Not what I said. I said NanyNaive’s assertion that “masking and social distancing did the job intended” was debatable.

            So here we are after all your accusations and insults at the same place your commentary always ends up: You are attacking a straw man.


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