It’s over? Maybe

CDC: vaccinated no longer need masks

It’s going to take a while for the State and businesses to react, but the mask mandates are on the way out for vaccinated people.

Not sure how businesses will tell who is actually vaccinated and who is lying and just doesn’t want to use a mask, but I don’t know that it matters if everyone who wants to get vaccinated ahs been able to.

22 thoughts on “It’s over? Maybe

  1. RE: “Not sure how businesses will tell who is actually vaccinated and who is lying and just doesn’t want to use a mask…”

    There’s the rub. There are all kinds of nefarious ways to exploit the social psychology of the new rule.

    The nation is very close to herd immunity based on the vaccination and natural exposure immunity numbers. A better, more rational public policy would be to simply declare masks to be voluntary for everyone.


    1. Israel has implemented programs for businesses to ask for proof of vaccine before allowing patrons in. Not saying it would work here due the number of people who forget that their liberty stops at my nose. But is has worked there with great success.

      Not sure where you get the “very close to herd immunity” numbers from, but I wish it were true. Or at least provable.


        1. Thank you for the reminder.

          I went back and looked and I stand by my assertion then the Dr. Makary, while quite good at writing, should follow science instead of fudging facts to meet his desired outcome. He should stick to gastroerentology and Public Health and not dabble in infectious diseases.

          He has floated more theories than carter has little liver pills.

          I said it before. He may be right. But he has moved the goal posts a couple of times already. When Fauci did that, you (and others) excoriated him for it.

          As far as Tabbarock goes, he can stick to economics.

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          1. It is good to know that we can all rely on the superior knowledge you bring to the Forum.


      1. Well, they’re still cross-fingered in London about that one, but then they were Astra-Zenica(sp?).

        Personally, I never donned a mask for me. I wore it, and will for awhile, for others. It’s not effective against virus-sized particles free floating in the air, but surely is against spittle-sized chunks in the breath. I assume that’s why surgeons wear them and patients don’t.


    1. …”some airport in Podunk, Indiana”

      I’ve been in that airport. Clean, tiny and an ex-New York hot dog vendor is the only game in town for layover food. He’s also the baggage clerk for incoming and outgoing flights, so sometimes the dogs are a tad overdone.


  2. If you’re lying about having been vaccinated you’re really only endangering yourself by going maskless, right? Kind of a non-issue.

    Although I guess there may be some people who haven’t had a chance or can’t get vaccinated who could still be endangered by the liars. Good news though.

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  3. I would hate to think that politics has anything to do with this new guidance but it seems premature to me. For example, this week’s taping of the Bill Mahr show has been cancelled because Mahr just tested positive for Coronavirus. He is well and has no symptoms. The key fact is that he is fully vaccinated. Is there any reason to believe that he cannot spread the virus to others? I haven’t heard of any.


      1. One of those eight was player Gleyber Torres. Strange that he tested positive after receiving the vaccine. Even stranger is the fact that he had previously tested positive for the virus. So he has had the disease and later vaccinated for it but still tested positive. Makes me wonder about the accuracy of the test.

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  4. Masks will continue as a personal choice. Personally, I will continue to use one when it is appropriate (to me!), like in Wal-Mart, or any other retail establishment where I could potentially come in contact with a non-vaccinated individual.

    A question came up this morning at work about mask usage. I offered the same opinion. I also wondered allowed how many people will be wearing masks during the next flu season, a la Asian countries. With flu numbers so low this year due to 1) folks not going out and 2) those the did go out being masked, I am semi-curious if masks will become the norm. AS A PERSONAL CHOICE. (Trying to be clear that mandates should go by the wayside now).

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    1. I would agree that if there is a chance of infecting others, wearing a mask would remain the right thing to do.

      Earlier, it appeared that being fully vaccinated would still let you get infected enough to pass it on even though they did not become ill. However, according to John Hopkins, you might still test positive, but not shed virus enough to be infective.

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