You’re Fired

The Eleventh Commandment, as handed down by Ronald Reagan, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Liz Cheney ousted as Conference Chair

The GOP was right to remove Liz Cheney from her position of Conference Chair.

We can debate whether her underlying hatred of Donald Trump is justified, but I don’t care.

As Conference Chair her job was literally to promote part unity. As a Republican, she should be guided by the 11th Commandment, but in a leadership position, she is bound by it.

If she made the choice to run to the TV cameras at every opportunity to bash Trump and any Republican who supported him, that is between her and her constituents, but it absolutely disqualifies her from the position she held.

Even if her opinions were right.

There are things you can do as an individual, or even as a Congressman, that you simply can’t do as part of the leadership. This is not a matter of personal integrity, if she had that, she would have resigned from the leadership before trashing Trump, and especially before criticizing sitting GOP members of Congress.

She should have been aware of her job description.

23 thoughts on “You’re Fired

  1. Got it. Integrity is no longer a requirement in the GOP.

    Congratulations. You are officially a T****lican. You may turn in your Libertarian Party Membership Card to the local circular file.

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      1. She didn’t divide the party; 45 did. How many GOPers attacked him for his inability to become Presidential? How many are now making mea culpa pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago weekly?

        You keep saying it isn’t all about T****. You’ve been wrong about things before. You really blew it this time.

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  2. RE: “This is not a matter of personal integrity, if she had that, she would have resigned from the leadership before trashing Trump, and especially before criticizing sitting GOP members of Congress.”

    Exactly right. Management and labor, like officers and enlisted, face different performance standards.


    1. Leadership is more than just toeing the company line. It it should also call into question decisions made above them if they are detrimental to the core mission. Buying into the BIG LIE, promoting it, running campaigns based on it….The first bell has tolled for the GQP.

      I can’t dance, so I’ll just bow my head reverently at the funeral. And then laugh all the way to the bar.

      And 45 spent as much time bashing Republicans while running for and in office. Don’t recall anyone quoting Reagan about THAT.

      Hypocrisy is once again the GOP. Or I should say STILL.

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        1. “The BIG LIE is that Stumble Joe won the election fair and square.”

          Evidence? None. Proof? None. Factual statement? Not even close.

          Where is the MASSIVE fraud that would have changed things? What was not fair or square about the 2020 election? Which evidence presented in a court of law showed there was an issue? Nada.

          Not even SCOTUS, with 3 45 appointed Justices saw anything to cause them to even CONSIDER looking at the case. And the single justice who thought they should had a spouse spreading conspiracy crapola on her social media accounts.

          And thank you for FINALLY admitting you live in tin foil hat land.

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        1. But Reagan said that is the 11th Commandment. Don’t knock other Republicans.

          But 45 can do whatever he wants because the snake oil has been ingested and taken full effect on the Party of Lincoln

          And both Lincoln and Reagan are rolling over in their graves. And neither of them would get a whiff of nomination in the TOP.


          1. Did I ever say Trump was a good Republican or even a good person?

            He was what the GOP needed at that time, someone to kick over the table and put some fight into them. But I would certainly prefer that he fade away.

            But you don’t get to say that if you’re the Conference Chair.


          2. “But you don’t get to say that if you’re the Conference Chair.”

            Actually it should be the duty of the Conference Chair to put an end to the fealty to the twice impeached, loser of the popular vote twice, loser of the EC in 2020 former President and build a winning coalition, be a vocal minority in the House and try to sell a better way forward (if they have one) to the American voters.

            But to give in to 45 in the manner the majority of her colleagues has is a losing strategy. – IMO

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  3. I think he’s mostly right about this. The rank and file is clearly team Trump and if she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t be there.

    And I don’t think it’s a matter of integrity–these are politicians we’re talking about here. The Cheneys are very wealthy, high society people. She probably just wanted to get invited to the polite dinner parties again. Let’s not forget how she treated her gay sister. She’s still a Cheney.


  4. The more that the Republican Party “unites” around Trump, the better it is for Democrats.

    I generally agree with your take on this EXCEPT what Cheney needed to do with respect to her integrity. If you are a person of integrity and know beyond any personal doubt that your party has been captured by evil your duty is to fight, not slink away.

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  5. That is my take on it as well. When Demcrats exhibit the same behavior, they get canned too. Heck, in any organization, bad mouthing leadership and fellow contemporaries will bring you trouble especially if you ARE leadership.


    1. “When Demcrats exhibit the same behavior, they get canned too. ”

      Democrats haven’t threatened the integrity of elections. Democrats did not cause an attack on the Capitol and then say it didn’t really happen.

      Liz Cheney may be a Cheney and a nasty old school conservative, but give her credit where it is due. She stood up for what she believed in while the majority of her party started buying plane tickets to WPB. I may not agree with her policies, but I do admire her for doing the right thing.


        1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

          She did the right thing. She should not have assumed that the shitheads prevail in the GOP. She should have made them prove it. And own it. And she did. For all her faults, she is a patriot. The ones who voted her out? Not so much. Party over country is bad enough, but Trump over country? Disgraceful.

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          1. “Fine for rank and file, but not for Conference Chair.”

            Well, I disagree. I think Cheney forcing a vote was the right and patriotic thing to do. Now, each of those elected officials who voted to remove her can explain themselves to the voters – not just in the next GQP primary but in the next General Election as well.

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      1. You don’t read very well, do you. Did you ever dare to bad mouth officers in the Navy in public no matter if you thought they were wrong? Did you bad mouth your shipmates in public?


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