Covid Authoritarians Abuse Children

Source: Ron Paul Institute.

Ron Paul believes, “The science says no to lockdowns and masks” for children. Also, “[C]hildren are statistically unlikely to be at risk of either spreading Covid or becoming very sick from it.”

I would go a step further by suggesting that children should not be vaccinated with any of the available Covid vaccines until the long-term safety issues are resolved.

12 thoughts on “Covid Authoritarians Abuse Children

  1. “. . . the long-term safety issues are resolved.”

    It will be a long wait. There are no long-term safety issues to be resolved. Whatever issues may possibly be presented by the vaccine, the KNOWN issues of the infection are almost certainly worse.

    Any “doctor” who has to create his own personal Board in order to be “Board-certified” is a quack.

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    1. RE: “There are no long-term safety issues to be resolved.”

      That’s just ignorant. The mRNA vaccines currently available are the first ever mRNA vaccines ever approved for use. Other mRNA vaccines for other diseases have been developed, but have not been approved due to known long-term safety risks.

      Your cavalier reasoning ignores the risk that long-term adverse effects of mass vaccination could become a pandemic in its own right.


      1. Okay, what are the long term safety issues to be resolved? You imagining that some might be found does not count.

        Currently, there are no such issues presented by the vaccine. The infection, on the other hand, is known to hospitalize approximately 1 out of every 50 children infected, kill some of them, and do long term damage to vital organs in many cases. A vaccine with those characteristics would never be approved. So the idea of letting the infection run its course through 70 million children while waiting for unknow issues to show themselves is a bad idea. IMHO.

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  2. We tend to think of COVID as a respiratory disease, and it is the respiratory aspect that is causing immediate deaths, but it is also a vascular disease whose effects may take decades to reveal themselves

    For that reason, I would still maintain that the risks of the vaccine, even for children, are vastly lower than the risk of the disease.

    Because children are largely unaffected by the respiratory part, and don’t’ seem to spread the disease among themselves, opening schools and dropping masks for them makes sense, but vaccinating them to protect against the vascular problems still makes sense too.

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    1. …”but it is also a vascular disease whose effects may take decades to reveal themselves”

      That was one of the issues found in athletes by the NCAA. Vascular and heart problems that developed after being infected. That is why sports departments are supposed to be monitoring their athletes if they have been infected.


  3. The next generation of Republicans is at risk perhaps.

    Maybe we should just let this go quietly and see what happens.

    Choices have consequences.

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      1. The next generation of Democrats will be the tech, green energy, sustainable agriculture, etc. billionaires.

        That leaves the Republicans with conspiracy nuts and gang members.

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  4. And I don’t appreciate my daughter being referred to as “authoritarian” because she has chosen to have her children wear masks. She is a parent looking out for the best interests of her children and family.

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