Terminal. Beyond hope. Time to pull the plug.

This is how a party looks as it finally dies.

As an actual bona fide conservative Christian, Michael Gerson, put it the other day . . .

“To be a loyal Republican, one must be either a sucker or a liar. And because this defining falsehood (about the election) is so obviously and laughably false, we can safely assume that most Republican leaders who embrace it fall into the second category. Knowingly repeating a lie — an act of immorality — is now the evidence of Republican fidelity.”

14 thoughts on “Terminal. Beyond hope. Time to pull the plug.

  1. Yeah, Tell me how dead the GOP is after the next mid term election.

    That is not to say that I am not weary of Trump’s ego and his disruption of the party, but the Democrats worship of Wokness is so much more repulsive that it won’t matter.


    1. Democrats do not worship “wokeness.” Your saying so is the obvious result of your living in the right wing media bubble still trying to find race-based wedge issues to cling on to power. We are a true big tent party with a wide variety of views on every issue.

      With that said, I have to agree that even though the patient is very, very sick we will not know if he is dead until after the next election. And that, of course, is the reason the GQP is doing everything it can to suppress voter participation.

      I would have more respect for you if you had said that you were weary of LIES and not just “Trump’s ego and disruption of the party.” His LIES are the real issue – and especially his BIG LIES designed to undermine our country – are far, far more repulsive than a degree of acceptance of “woke” thinking by people emerging from centuries of oppression.

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      1. It’s your party throwing around race based wedge issues ad nausium. Who are you trying to fool? It’s you and your party pushing “woke” lies to explain anything you perceive as bad. Again, who are you trying to fool? I can only assume you must be in front of a mirror blaming the guy in the image not knowing it’s you.


  2. Remember that this 2020 election was good for Republicans. The “rigged” election was about pitching a very unpopular and now disgraced president, but gaining seats in The House.

    That being the case, the GOP is offering up a toxic mix of cult worship based on fear and the rising from the mud of extreme candidates of challengers to those legislators Trump has deemed disloyal to him.

    The Republican voters who split the ticket are not going to fall in love with Trump surrogates.

    The “woke” issue is really pretty minor except in the world of Tucker and friends.

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  3. RE: “This is how a party looks as it finally dies.”

    I doubt it. Overwrought New Yorker stories come and go, leaving no impression on the world.

    Trump is rumored to begin having rallies again this month or next. Attendance figures will tell us more about the status of the GOP than anything The New Yorker has to say.


    1. New Yorker? Okay. Sure.

      Now spin away Michael Gerson’s take on the state of the GQP.

      As for Trump’s future rally attendance figures – the better they are, the better for the Democratic Party. For pretty obvious reasons.

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      1. RE: “Now spin away Michael Gerson’s take on the state of the GQP.”

        I don’t care what he says.


  4. First of all, Gerson is far from a conservative. Color him RINO. If you want to know what the Dems are doing bad,, listen to what they accuse Trump of doing. Oh, he’s colluding with foreign governments and telling a lot of lies??? That’s my Dems.

    Second, I see casual accusations that Republicans are robotic cult-members who have been indoctrinated and now need to be psycho-analyzed and de-programmed. in other words, that’s what the Dems are up to. They are the cult, etc, as explained in this article from a week or two ago..


    The fascinating thing for me was the casual way our elite media people discussed arresting and rewiring 75,000,000 Americans, as if this was something you could do on a weekend, never mind the illegality and immorality. Clearly these elite media people have only a childlike connection to reality.


    1. …”he’s colluding with foreign governments and telling a lot of lies”…

      The only factual statement you made. Too bad you questioned it.

      …”our elite media people discussed arresting and rewiring 75,000,000 Americans”…

      THAT never happened except in your warped mind.

      T****ism IS a cult-like state of being. It is proven by the way members and candidates make pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago for the blessing of the Dear Leader. It is proven by the way supporters believe every little utterance from his pouty little mouth. Bleach, stolen election, the list goes on and on. And Giuliani is about to pay the price for HIS loyalty, which is NEVER returned. Stand by for the big gulp of kool-aid!

      The Republican Party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the T**** Organization. To deny that is to deny reality. Which, based on most of your drivel, is VERY commonplace for you and yours.

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      1. All of these Trumpkins are delusional. It is are requirement.

        But, the fact is that some of them are FAR more delusional than others. While they ALL have to believe in the Big Lie, “the Russia hoax,” and that Birtherism was a legitimate political tactic, they do not HAVE to believe in Pizza-gate, the “murder” of Vince Foster and ANYTHING that Q dreams up. But some do.


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