13 thoughts on “Origin of Covid — Following the Clues

  1. I did recently hear a joke that supposed we don’t see Biden speak much because his handlers are afraid, in response to the increase in violent crimes against Asians, he’ll say something like, “You gotta knock off all that malarkey, man. The virus didn’t even come from China, it came from Fort Detrick, man!” before being hit in the neck with a tranquilizer dart and dragged away from the podium.

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    1. That actually produces a pretty funny visual. Can Harris get hit with a fry pan at the same time while the road runner says thpt, thpt, thpt and speeds off?


  2. Considering that the Chinese Commies have total control of the information, and no compunction about eliminating witnesses, we’ll never really know.


    1. I take the point, but note that total control of information may be inherently impossible. I accept that direct evidence for either hypothesis is absent, at present. This, however, creates the interesting puzzle that no one who speaks with certainty for one hypothesis or the other must be blowing smoke.


    2. “Commies?”

      You are showing your age.

      And, BTW, in spite of the survival of the ruling party name, China has now become the capitalist country of your dreams – one where the government stays out of the way – except for suppressing unions – and lets the market do what it wants.

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      1. Nope. China is the cronyist country of your dreams, where the government controls the economy with an iron hand.

        There is nothing remotely approaching a free market in China. To go into business, you have to partner with a CCP investment group(probably partly owned by a Biden)


        1. I will stick by my characterization of what China has become and ignore your silly jab at President Biden.

          You need to think a little harder about the power relationships between oligarchs and government. You say the “government controls the economy.” Who do you think controls the government in China? In both China and Russia the end of Communism has turned out quite similarly – Countries ruled by Robber Barrons in a way very reminiscent of our own history in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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          1. Hunter Biden’s “Chinese interests”

            Hunter Biden’s $420K investment in a China-oriented private equity firm BHR Partners has not been withdrawn. He is not active in the business and has not been since October 2019.

            There is zero evidence that Hunter Biden did anything illegal by investing $420K (in 2017 with no family member in office) in setting up an investment fund to work in China. His stake was 10% of the initial capital. What IS probably illegal was the Trump DOJ singling him out for investigating in 2018 and not telling him of the investigation until after the election in 2020. Trump opposition research at public expense which came up with nothing.

            Hunter Biden’s dealings in China with his father OUT of office are a pittance compared with Ivanka’s Chinese dealings with her father IN office. So, IMHO, your selective umbrage and grotesque exaggerations (a partner in every CCP business, really?) can only be described as “slimy.” “Desperate” applies too.


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