Are YOU addicted?

Apparently watching Fox News is addictive and may require some time at the Betty Ford Clinic.

So ask yourself. Remember, the first step is to admit you have a problem.

“Hi. My name is John.”

“Hello, John.”

“And I am a Fox News Addict.”

(The above is not directed at anyone here on TNF. It is used in the same manner as John Doe”>)

15 thoughts on “Are YOU addicted?

  1. I guess the same addiction defense could apply to MSNBC, CNN, NBC, Guardian, etc. There are just more left wing mind warping drugs than right wing.


    1. MSNBC,CNN, NBC, Guardian, etc. did not lead to an attack on the US Capitol. Nor does it feed into the anti-vax myths. You may not like thier opinions, but at least they are honest and don’t cause idiots to storm the Capitol over a LIE.

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  2. Heard somewhere in court:
    Your honor, after watching MSNBC commentators for too long about transsexuals, I became convinced I’m a girl, cut off my penis, grew boobs and amassed a $150k debt buying dresses, shoes, cosmetics and glamor magazines. It suddenly dawned on me I can’t bear kids and can no longer write my name in the snow if you know what I mean. My life has been totally destroyed and I have no control over my actions. MSNBCotitis filth caused me to look up Pelosi’s dress and scream “yo, dike mama, hubba bubba”. She liked it but she’s disgusting… wink, wink…but I had no control…


    1. It’s much simpler than that.

      Those who watch the liberal MSM have succumbed to the delusion that stealing through the surrogate of government isn’t really stealing.

      As a result, they know no way of life other than dependence.


    2. Bob,

      You are embarrassing yourself. Again. Big time. On almost any subject you find a way to start your mockery of transgender people. Constantly returning to this subject may lead people to think “The lady doth protest too much” for some reason.

      You also miss the point. NO ONE has ever argued in court that they were mislead into criminal behavior by MSNBC. That cannot be said of Fox News viewers which was, of course, the actual story that was shared. I will add that – unlike Fox News commentators – no one at MSNBC has had to defend themselves against defamation charges by claiming to be entertainers whom no serious person would actually believe.

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      1. Tis you who embarrasses themselves on a constant basis thinking you are just smarter than everyone else and making asinine assumptions of other’s intelligence to attempt to insult them. Yes, your true character oozes through and to be honest, sniff, it smells like a sewer.


        1. The only sewer here is flowing out of the Smith household and poisoning this board relentlessly. The problem is you are too dumb to notice the stench coming form your own house. It is very T****ian to say someone else is guilty of doing exactly what YOU yourself is doing.

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