8 thoughts on “Mental illness is contagious. Don’t catch it!

    1. And the obsession with Trump by the Republican Party is not?

      Liz Cheney, who speaks the truth about the election and the cult of the ex-president as well as being one of the most conservative members in the House is about to be dumped from her role.

      Just a few months ago she got 75% support from her party and McCarthy blamed Trump unequivocally for the insurrection attempt.

      Now, the party is so conflicted just because of Trump.

      He is out of office, yet we are getting recounts in secret by partisans with no oversight. Green gets to stay and Liz is probable history. McCarthy has denied ever blaming Trump and kissed his butt in Florida. Election laws are being changed faster than ever to please #45.

      (I wonder how much effort to tighten voting rules would have occurred had Trump won.)

      The key is make sure that no Trump lies go unanswered but that is tough with about 25% of the country under his spell.

      Trump is not gone until the GOP learns to walk again. Until then, it is cowering in fear, and you wonder why some Americans are concerned for their country enough to make sure Trump does not rise like a broken Phoenix.

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    2. The obsessesion is a clear sign of mental illness. Keep your distance lest ye fall victim to its contagious nature. What a miserable existance the left wallows in.


    3. “Your obsession with Trump is unhealthy”

      Far more unhealthy is repeating and spreading his lies as if they were holy writ. Especially unhealthy is spreading his Big Lie that the election was stolen from him. So, check your own health before throwing stones at me.

      My “obsession” is easily explained. Trump is controlling one of our two viable political parties, I think it is useful for the preservation of our democracy and our Constitution to keep in clear focus what a deranged and dangerous piece of shit he is.

      But, hey, I get it. As a diehard Trump enthusiast, any evidence of his incredible venality, banality and corruption is discomfitting for you. So you lash out.

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