Actual Covid Deaths Are About Double the Official Numbers.

This top down analysis of actual versus expected mortality shows – among other things – that the USA death toll is fast approaching 1 million. And ours is one of the more accurate compilers of death statistics.

12 thoughts on “Actual Covid Deaths Are About Double the Official Numbers.

    1. Huh? What is your problem?

      This study is a serious stuff. But it flies in the face of your cult’s Revealed Truth that the pandemic is some sort of overblown hoax so out comes the race-baiting nonsense. You may have some anecdotes you read on one of your rabid Proud Boy web sites but I doubt there is ANY measurable impact of police funding cuts. There have been very few, if any such cuts.

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      1. Sometimes instead of just telling people things I try to lead them to see it for themselves.

        But that doesn’t work with closed minds.

        COVID deaths are deaths resulting from the infection and it’s aftermath. That’s all.

        Gang murders, domestic murders, suicides, delayed diagnosis of cancers, overeating, lack of exercise are not COVID deaths even if they might be in part linked.

        The concept of the article confuses linguistics with science.

        Would you call drug shootings overdoses?


        1. The study is about the ACTUAL mortality impact of the pandemic. It is important because the reporting systems that the official reports are based on are imperfect. Just because you do not like what it says, does not mean it is not science.

          While the other causes of deaths that you list MAY well be part of the excess deaths that have occurred during the pandemic, it is very likely that a very large number have been from “natural” deaths that were – in fact – undiagnosed and unreported Covid deaths.

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    2. RE: “So the additional gang murders resulting from the Defund the Police movement count as COVID deaths?”

      That’s about right, based on the study the story reports. The methodology seems to be to add the deaths that didn’t happen due to other causes to the deaths attributed to Covid-19. This may be a good approach, but other statisticians do the opposite, subtracting deaths that didn’t happen due to other causes from those attributed to Covid-19. The reason for the latter approach is that many instances of erroneous cause-of-death have been documented, leading to the inference that official Covid-19 death statistics are already inflated.

      We’ll have to wait for peer review to know how seriously to take the subject study.


  1. 2020 had the highest murder stats in a long time. We had 20,000 homicides. 2019 had 16,000.

    So that is about 4,000 more. How many were gang related, COVID mental strains, domestic, etc.? How many were even related to the movement to reform policing?

    Even allowing for all 4,000 to be non-COVID, that is a rounding error for the confirmed almost 600,000 and the possible million pandemic related fatalities.

    In other words, “bupkis”.

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    1. RE: “Even allowing for all 4,000 to be non-COVID, that is a rounding error for the confirmed almost 600,000 and the possible million pandemic related fatalities.”

      The point to grasp is that the 600,000 reported Covid-19 deaths are not confirmed at all. Trying to estimate the actual number is the very puzzle the study in the story tries to solve. It is an open question whether the authors of the study have solved the puzzle well or poorly.

      Wikipedia notes that early in the pandemic the researchers who produced the instant study produced other modelling studies that influenced Trump administration Covid policies. Back then, this group of researchers predicted low Covid death rates. Now it is predicting high Covid death rates. This pattern might be normal (based on science) or abnormal (based on politics). Time will tell.


  2. Just like you and your assertion that blacks get pulled over less at night because cops can’t see their race, the study only makes an unproven assumption and claims their conclusion is fact. In other words it’s horse shit. Facts require proof of which you and this study completely lack. Shame, the paper they wasted could have been used for toilet paper and put to good use.


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