What’s wrong with this picture?

Everyone in this picture has been vaccinated for months. They work together every day.

Yet they are wearing masks and socially distancing like they fear for their lives. Why would we expect people to get vaccinated if there is no return to normalcy for those who do?

This is the absolute worst example to set for Americans, living in fear forever, even after being vaccinated.

21 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. What is wrong with this picture?


    Wearing masks is still an important tool for SAVING LIVES. This is our President trying to normalize the wearing of them. Leave it to you to call this living in fear when it is actually living in respect for the well-being of others.

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    1. Horse Hockey

      The way to save American lives at this point is to get them to get vaccinated.

      And you don’t do that by showing them it doesn’t make their lives any better.


          1. “Are you advocating people NEVER return to normal?”

            I think I was pretty clear. That masks are important tools to save lives while there are still substantial numbers of unvaccinated people. The link I provided included a number of reasons why that is so. So, it is clear to me that your cheap shot at President Biden and the mockery he is getting in “conservative” media is misguided and unnecessarily churlish.

            Your question raises another – what is “normal?” Wearing of masks in public is not a bad idea even in the absence of a deadly pandemic. They help stop the spread of flus and colds. Wearing them is “normal” in other countries. Maybe we can learn something from them? Or not.

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    2. RE: “This is our President trying to normalize the wearing of them.”

      Is that why Stumble Joe wore NO mask while giving his speach? Do you really mean to say that he leads by example by demonstrating the opposite of the desired behavior?

      I call the man Stumble Joe. It might be more accurate to call him Bizarro.


          1. So, according to this “analysis” independents and moderates are all leftists programmed to admire Biden? And zero Republicans could have approved of what they heard?

            “On December 17, 2020, Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, 25% identified as Republican, and 41% as Independent.”

            So, while not an exact match even this article shows that a fair and representative sample of Americans was included in the result. And more to the point, the poll was about those who watched the speech. So, I will gladly admit I would have been more accurate to say that “the speech was well-received by most Americans who watched it.”

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      1. “Is that why Stumble Joe wore NO mask while giving his speach? Do you really mean to say that he leads by example by demonstrating the opposite of the desired behavior?”

        So you missed the “socially distanced” aspect of things.

        Once gain, only seeing what you WANT to see.

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    3. I agree with your thoughts on this subject.

      Personally, I keep my fabric masks clean by washing them every 2 or 3 days. There are still times, also, that I will have on TWO masks covering my face when in an uncertain environment. I do that because it makes me feel safer even with my two shots behind me and my two weeks after my 2nd shot behind me. My masks have a string attached that goes around my neck which allows me to keep them at hand for when I need one and to just pull it down when I don’t need it. If I were in that picture inside the Capitol, I would probably be wearing a mask and I wouldn’t give a hoot what anyone thought. Anyone who thought I was crazy would probably be one of the total know-nothings that still think Biden and the Democrats stole Trump’s White House office. What a laugh.

      Unlike the epidemiologic geniuses on this site, I can’t see or know which people around me with no masks on are safe. I can’t know which crowds they recently have been in the middle of. (Bad grammar be damned.)

      I’m sad to say that I DID NOT attend a university that would have deemed me MORE knowledgeable about epidemiology and pandemics than every PROFESSIONAL IN THE FIELD on the planet who works with our government.

      For the record – yeah, I am one of those people who are very scared of getting Covid, whether it be the original virus that showed up in America last January or get one of the variants now showing up. Even though I am much safer having got my vaccinations, I still do not know what would happen with my heart if I got it. The experts say it would probably be less serious than it would have been if I hadn’t got my shots, but they don’t know that. IF I should get any of these viruses, I can’t know for sure I’d get through the illnesses, such as pneumonia, should I get it.

      I have come too far and made it through without coming in contact with someone who has the virus, to let my guards down now. If in an indoor location such as the one those people attending Biden’s speech, I’d have on my mask. It’s not going to ruin my day.

      My husband and I are going to visit our son and his family in FL and to attend an outdoor/indoor baby shower. Me and THE MR. will be the ‘grands’ hanging around OUTSIDE. We have to TEST NEGATIVE within 5 days of the shower. Since everyone invited does NOT have to have been vaccinated, you can bet the farm we will have masks on when talking to anyone. And, social distancing? You betcha.

      Just traveling means we’re looking toward normalcy at some point, but for us – it ain’t now.

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  2. “Everyone in this picture has been vaccinated for months.”

    You’re 100% sure of that? While it is most likely true, there are 40-some % of citizens in this county who will NOT take the vaccine, even when things like $100 Savings bonds are offered as incentives.
    Until we get to the 75-80% level of vaccinations, it is still prudent to wear a mask, especially INDOORS.

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    1. Overselling masks and reduced capacity among vaccinated people discourages those not yet vaccinated from getting the shots.

      Everyone there has either been vaccinated or has refused vaccination.

      As far as I am concerned, anyone who has been offered the vaccine and declined has chosen to get infected and I am under no obligation to protect them(other than those who are immunocompromised and for whom the vaccines are ineffective.


      1. “I am under no obligation to protect them”

        That says an awful lot. Maybe more than you should share?

        So, as far as you are concerned, let the pandemic rage through the ranks of those tens of millions of people whom have been intellectually damaged by Trump’s anti-science lies. If a vaccinated person such as yourself transmits the virus to one of them and they sicken and die, so be it. If they refuse to wear masks and sicken each other, so be it. They are asking for it. About right?

        Unlike you, President Biden DOES have an obligation to protect every American as best he can. Even the incredibly stupid and selfish people who will not get vaccinated. One way to do that is to encourage mask wearing even for people who are relatively safe. Simple really.

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          1. Full marks for fully owning the ugliness you espouse.

            God forbid that you should be asked to keep wearing a mask when YOU no longer need protection. So inconvenient. And if some anti-vaxx doofus dies as a result, well . . . “Choices have consequences.” Maybe if enough of them die, they will learn their lesson.

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      2. Yet you fault those who choose to continue to protect themselves, when in an INDOOR setting.

        “Everyone there has either been vaccinated or has refused vaccination.”

        You sound so sure of yourself, yet you SPECUALTE continually. You do NOT know who has been, who hasn’t been, who has declined and who is just anti-vaccine.

        Just keep spewing those “facts”. Credibility continues to wallow.

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        1. Good question. I am not opposed to some level of caution for those who, through no fault of their own are at risk.

          But once we are at the point where everyone who will accept the vaccine has gotten it, we have to get back to normal. We can’t keep the current restrictions to protect those who choose not to vaccinate.

          I would guess that it would be up to those who are vulnerable, and their caretakers, to wear a mask for their own protection and as a signal that they are at risk.

          This was true before COVID when they were at risk from any number of other diseases. Immune compromised people have always had to avoid crowded theaters and such, We should reach the point where when you see someone with an N-95 mask on, you know they are at risk.


          1. There is a new concern with India. It has a huge population, over 4 times ours, and the COVID is totally out of control. This has epidemiologists worried that the country will be a huge Petri dish for numerous variants. And, as we know, the virus can be around the world in months.

            I would not toss put masks yet.

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