Too good to not pass on

Just hear former press Sect Hogan Gidley describe the MSM as ‘Joe Biden’s bidet, cleaning up his crap on a daily basis.’

You almost have to be British to insult a group that well.

10 thoughts on “Too good to not pass on

  1. Leaving aside that it is utter nonsense it is too, uh, scatological. With that said, it does fit well with the Trumpist program to degrade our culture and civic norms. Decency and dignity are for sissies, right?

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  2. Gidley was an idiot when he was in the WH Press Office. He was, appropriately a mouth piece for his boss. BUT he indicated no ability at independent thought. He just proved that changing jobs does not change anything else in that world.

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    1. “Gidley was an idiot . . .”

      Credit where credit is due – generating nasty insults is a highly prized skill in Trump circles. Look how Tabor shared and praised this ugly joke and how quickly Roberts chimed in with his approval. They love this stuff.

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  3. I wondered how long before “little Adam Schi**” would get company in the right wing outhouse of wit and wisdom.

    #45 has trained his cult well. A legacy to be passed like a swallowed rhinestone.

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