Going off the grid for the next few days. No email, smartphone or internet. Just good wine, good, food, good bourbon, good company and a good time away from it all.

Y’all play nice in my absence.

And stay outta my yard, you danged whippersnappers.

6 thoughts on “Enjoy

    1. Thanks.

      As for your reading recommendation. Meh. Like I said Off the grid. Don’t want to deal with or think about any of it. Spending a long weekend with the male parental unit. Won’t even watch the news. Probably sports and that causes enough stress.

      If you fish this weekend, catch the BIG ONE.

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  1. Have a great Cab Sauv, Pinot Noir or MD 2020, whatever your preference, weekend. Come back with a good headache and a bad attitude…har har har….

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