National Sheriff’s Association logo

Somebody might want to think about that

Compare to Musollini’s Fascist Party logo

File:National Fascist Party logo.svg - Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “National Sheriff’s Association logo

  1. Well at least we now know (always did, really) that the 6 pointed Star of David with a pile of cash as an anti Hillary Clinton political ad was not based on the Sheriff’s star as explained by Republicans.

    And now they advertise as being fascists? Who in the world is minding the store anymore?

    Or is the logo another one to be appropriated by the seditious gangs that “stand by”.

    I hope that the design was the result of ignorance rather than signaling.

    I think it probably is. Most people don’t even know the main combatants in WW2, nor do they care.


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        1. You’re the one seeing repurposed ancient runes in a modern stage design and imagining Nazi’s

          The point it that the design was entirely innocent. Yet leftists saw a random design element as some secret Nazi code that no one but them saw.

          So, take care worrying about anyone else’s personal hatred, I’m not the one imagining Nazi’s in the shadows.


          1. “You’re the one seeing repurposed ancient runes in a modern stage design and imagining Nazi’s”

            Not really. I was just commenting on someone else’s perspective.

            Funny how you thin anything that happens on the right, even if designed by a lefty capitalist, is “entirely innocent”, yet if it were a progressive American rally, you would have jumped all over it and compared them.

            I don’t even SMH any more.


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