As promised, here is my update to the Virginia Beach Vaccination program.

After I received my first dose (Moderna on 2/16) I started checking the new state website to schedule my second dose on or around 3/16 (28 days), No clinics were posted. I was beginning to be a little concerned about next availability.

This morning in my email was registration for my second dose. I clicked the link, registered and am scheduled for 3/16.

The program is working and seems to be improving. The addition of the J&J vaccines to the mix is going to help tremendously in getting the VA populace vaccinated. I just wish they would get moving to the 1C group so the rest of my household can get their vaccines. (also for those of you here who are not in 1A or B and haven’t started your course yet)

14 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. I’m glad it worked for you.

    Though I am still registered(there is no way to delete it) neither I (72) nor my wife (70) has been given a first dose appointment yet.

    I will report it when we do, it will be interesting to see how long I would have been dead if I had not gone to NC.


    1. Sounds to me there is an issue with Chesapeake.

      Remember, my initial registration was on the VB site prior to the conversion to state-wide program.

      And don’t forget that you already received your vaccine in NC and not to slide someone else in your household din your VA place. 😇

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    2. My wife and I have our first dose appointment tomorrow. And the second dose at the end of the month. I would like to report that it was arranged by the state system. It wasn’t. We have been trying on the still functioning web sites of the various providers who are still scheduling appointments independent of the state system. This morning we got appointments with a Kroger Pharmacy in Virginia Beach.

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    3. Clean living pays off…or perhaps because I vote Democratic or live in the “urbans”😇. Or.more likely, the luck of the draw.

      I get my second Moderna tomorrow. I got my first (in VA) a month ago. Since then I have had two offers for appointments. One was last Friday from the VA Health and the other came in yesterday from my primary care group. Of course we immediately released them, but it seems that the valve is opening more.

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  2. Here’s my story.

    Last week I had not heard from Virginia’s new system which had all the different cities’ Health Departments merged into it. So, I started looking very hard – late at night and different times throughout the day – to find something in CVS’s sign-ups. I finally I nailed down the 1at and 2nd shot dates in Hampton. Tomorrow (3/5) would have been the 1st shot. If you go the CVS route you sign up for both vaccine dates at the same time and I did like that.

    But, on Monday, this week, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and don’t you know that what popped up on my TV’s screen was the words VAX IN VA as the phone rang, which I knew was a call from the Virginia HD. So, I answered it and the lady had TODAY’S date (3/4) available on Little Creek Rd. here in Norfolk at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance building. I hesitated for just one tiny moment as I realized if I took this date I would not be able to play golf today which was our organization’s 1st round of the season. But, very quickly sanity returned and I told the lady YES, please!

    So, I went and got it at 12:20 and all went well.

    It was busy but they what looked like chaos, really was planned out pretty well. It was the Pfizer vaccination. So far, so good – nothing hurts or any other side effects. Me and THE MR. grabbed a quick chicken sandwich at Wendy’s, at them in the car, then headed over to the practice range and worked on putts for about an hour.

    I get my next shot about 21 days from now, but won’t know the date till they call me in 3 weeks.

    I’ve been waiting and waiting. THE MR. got his 2nd shot yesterday at Macy’s old area at Military Circle, because he works at the different schools in Norfolk, so that was all set up for him. (Lucky guy.) He’s had no problems thus far, and has only had the slightest of soreness in the arm. (I think being a golfer helps – we’re all use to pain and misery. Ha.

    All in all, it’s not been horrible, waiting, but it could have been a heck of a lot better.

    It seemed for a while there that CVS, the different Health Departments and then Virginia’s Health Department were all changing something or the other with their systems one day or the other. I was so frustrated, because it was hard to determine if my form that I submitted had even gone through. It had, and did show up when the VA HD put up the site so people could check to see if they were actually registered.

    The first thing I did when I got home today was get my confirmation from CVS up on the computer and ‘cancel’ my appointments. I could have done nothing and it would have not been any big deal, but I figure by cancelling today, maybe someone who lives in Hampton and needs a shot will get it in my slot tomorrow.

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    1. Golf will be more relaxing as a result. My golf buddies have all had a least the first shot (I’ve had both) and we all feel like a weight has been lifted (still struggling to break 80, so no change there..).

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    1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention,… at the CVS just about a mile from the house and we have to pass a Baskin Robbins 31 on the way home…. oh the torture!

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    1. Well, when you vaccinate those least likely to die first and delay those most vulnerable as long as possible, you’re going to have a high death rate compared to those states trying to save lives rather than pander to voting blocks.


  3. A couple of notes. My boss’s wife was scheduled through her PCP and received her first in Suffolk sire arranged by the practice with appointment for second scheduled three weeks later (Pfizer protocol). My Boss, who is 76 with COPD has NOT been scheduled by the SAME PCP. He says he hasn’t been contacted even though he asked directly about it. (He fibs sometimes, so I always take what he says with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila).

    The system is NOT perfect. None of us have seen a national or even statewide effort of this magnitude in our lifetimes. There are going to be issues. And when technology is involved, it can only be buggy until worked out.

    I hope all here receive sooner rather than later.

    As far as teachers go, the idea of teachers feeling safe to return to the classroom is important to get them onboard with reopening schools. There are enough people across the spectrum of humanity that do not trust everything they are being told. And with good reason. But if teachers getting shots gets them back in the classroom, which EVERYONE should want, then I do not see an issue with prioritizing them as essential. (PS My daughter REALLY wants all of her kids back, but it is next to impossible to enforce distancing guidelines in the classroom with 30+ students and 3 adults involved.)


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