Symbolic? Or Just a Sign of Things to Come?

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10 thoughts on “Symbolic? Or Just a Sign of Things to Come?

  1. The news is purely liberal symbolism cheered on by the left. The fact is there were 4 casinos that went bankrupt in Atlantic City in 2014. The property fell into disrepair and Icahn bought the land. Not worth trying to repair it so down it comes due to safety concerns and reuse. Not a first time for this to happen and won’t be the last but all the Trump haters think it means something. I’m off to more important things like wine tasting and dinner, ciao…


    1. I do hope you enjoyed the dinner and wine tasting. I am curious as to the wines you tasted and your opinion on them.

      And once again, in some grievance laden rant, you missed the point,


      1. Cab Sauv, pinot noir, merlot, petite serah, tempranillo and several others. All dry reds, full bodied laced with tannins. Each its own added flavors but all were delish. Not a sweet wine guy.

        If I missed the point, so did everyone else in this thread.


        1. I’m with you on the wine. Any recommendations for the tasting? I would be interested if any of them stood otu to you.

          “If I missed the point, so did everyone else in this thread.”

          based on others’ posts, You are the only one who missed it.

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          1. Cabernet sauvignon is my favorite. The tasting was at Coopers hawk.Goo but they are expensive. You can find plenty of $10 bottles of it at food lion. Uh, all the posts were anti Trump or GOP rants I responded to. I missed nada.


          2. I have come to enjoy Malbecs, but would never say no to a cab ( or Pinot Noir, or Merlot) Agree on pricing, but a good wine tasting is always worth the price. Total Wine does a nice job on pricing as well. (Just wish they could sell booze like in other states)

            And as far as missing the point, I can’t explain it to someone who just doesn’t see it.


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