A Sad Day for Conservative Talk Radio


Never agreed with him or some of his antics. However, my wife did listen to him in the car when out and about and she made a point of telling me any time a caller would start off on some rant that was, for lack of a better word, BS, and he would cut the individual off and tell them there were off base. Maybe he got a little gentler as his illness progressed? It does happen.

It is sad when anyone passes. Even someone some find as disagreeable as Mr. Limbaugh

50 thoughts on “A Sad Day for Conservative Talk Radio

      1. Intiendo, that was as civil as I could possibly be given the damage he did to the American psyche.

        It wasn’t even so much what he did, but rather the fact that he did it for self serving and self enriching reasons. He knew the weak minded easily led morons would suck up his crap and did it anyway.

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          1. “Marketing” would be beyond kind.

            IMO his rants that I forced myself to listen to were routinely seditious. He found an audience with white (generally aggrieved white people who care less about the “other”).

            So, to his passing…And the horse he rode in on.

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  1. Good riddance.
    It is hard to quantify the damage done to this country by his toxic schtick, but it was considerable.

    He fits a pattern. The so many heroes of the “conservative” side of the political spectrum these days seem to be really horrible human beings. Trump. Limbaugh. Hannity. O’Reilly. Ailes. Cruz. Paul. If decency were dynamite there is not enough amongst all of them to blow your nose.

    As Len might say, IMHO.

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    1. Being a critic of Limbaugh means being a critic of Limbaugh. No reason to classify them as aberrant, ungrateful or cowardly.

      His politics were hard right wing, but his rhetoric was often insulting, racist and hateful. As a primary pusher of birtherism, cross party primary voting and more recently pushing that the virus was just the common cold it is hard to ascribe much good that came from him. He was slicker and more polished professionally than Savage or Ingraham or Carlson who wear their hate with pride. So there was that.

      More importantly he was proof that along with FOX, NewsCorp and Sinclair the MSM media had a very powerful conservative voice equal to or greater than center or left wing. Victim hood about the “liberal medial is just grievance whining, the stock in trade for Republicans who want to take that role of “underdog”. (The same role that eventually led to violence on January 6, BTW.)

      Limbaugh played that game to the hilt.

      Was he a political Rasputin? Maybe for some. In the main, he was an opportunist who saw a niche in grievance politics and made himself rich and famous.

      In retrospect, he should have given up cigars a long time ago.

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        1. Birtherism was about love and immigration policies. I understand that. 😇

          I know you don’t agree that Republicans are all about grievance. But that sells like opioids and conservative revel in it. And grievance requires an enemy. Not opposition politics, but enemies.

          When our own majority party is framed in the same bracket with ISIS, that is hate.

          I note you ignored that right wing media is MSM. And counting audience and impact, it is the most powerful MSM.

          Is it the “enemy of the people”? Why not? Common cold reports sure did not help us in the long run. Just pointing out the obvious.

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        2. About cigars and cancer. Never smoked cigars, except for special occasions, but did the cigarette thing for many years. Now over 16 years being free of the cigs. I found that when I did smoke a cigar I tended to smoke it like a cigarette……in other words inhaling. I did it subconsciously and it wasn’t just me. I’ve known ex cigarette smokers who took up cigars and even though they try not to, by habit, they still inhale some of the smoke. For me it wasn’t a pleasant experience. With the cigars he smoked I’m sure they contained more carcinogens than a cigarette. And I totally agree with you about Limbaugh and hate as it relates to some of the posters on this forum. It’s pathetic.

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    1. “He said the things we believed better than we could.”

      Such as that Barack Obama was not a “real American?”

      Here is some truth-telling about this odious fellow. You will not like it.


      “Limbaugh oozed bile. He did not merely characterize his targets as misguided, or stupid, or even selfish. He rendered them for his audience as dehumanized targets of rage. He had special rage for feminist women, who were castrating harpies, and Black people, who were lazy, intellectually unqualified, and inherently criminal. The message he pounded home day after day was that minorities and women were seizing status and resources from white people and men, and that politics was a zero-sum struggle — and the victory would go to whichever side fought more viciously.”

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        1. So, in the bizarro world that you inhabit some obituary writer believing that “Bo Snerdly” – whose voice was never heard – was an invention becomes “the Left erasing” a successful black man?

          And you want to talk about “hate goggles? While denying the toxic and divisive impact that Limbaugh had on our country in general and the “conservative” movement in particular?

          You cannot make this stuff up.


          1. “You confuse disagreement with you with divisiveness.”

            Uh, bullshit. If you really think Limbaugh’s toxic schtick was not divisive then – as in most things – your opinion is that of an extremist minority.

            In what way is this NOT a true statement . . . “The message he pounded home day after day was that minorities and women were seizing status and resources from white people and men.”

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        1. LOL!

          The sewer? Is that all you got?

          But we understand. The contempt Limbaugh expressed over the years for African-Americans, for liberated women, for the LBGTQ community, for the transgendered, for victims of the HIV epidemic, for desperate immigrants, for the handicapped, for Michael J. Fox, for President Obama, for the Clinton family (including Chelsea – “the White House dog”) and for liberals in general mirror your own attitudes, prejudices and beliefs to a tee. As you put it . . . “He said the things we believed better than we could.” Indeed he did.

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          1. Odd that the Black man he worked with for 20 years didn’t think he was a racist, nor did Camile Paglia, his cigar smoking buddy, think he was misogynist nor homophobic(Paglia covers a lot of ground). I guess those people who knew him well for years were fooled and only those of you who never listened to him truly know who he was.


          2. The “Some of my best friends are Black/Gay/Women” excuse to attempt to prove them someone is not a racist, homophobe or misogynist is classic. It also basically says “I am not a bigot but I play one on the radio.”

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          3. So, friendships that lasted decades mean nothing but what someone said who knows neither party is the truth.

            Basically ‘What I want to believe is the truth, and facts can be adjusted. ‘


          4. Let me say it again.

            “I am not a bigot but I play one on the radio.”

            Ad the truth is that Rush spewed his vitriol towards groups AND individuals on a regular basis, including referring to a young woman testifying before Congress concerning access to birth control as a “slut”. And let us not forget the phrase “feminazi” that he used to condemn feminists fighting for equality for women.

            To quote Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth.”


          5. Sandra Fluke?

            The one who told Congress she needed free birth control in order to attend college and couldn’t afford the $1600 a month it would cost her?

            Rush pointed out that was enough for 300 top-of-the-line condoms a month and that no one but sluts and prostitutes needed that many.

            Rush was very careful in the use of th term Feminazi, and explained it was limited to those radical abortion advocates who regarded abortions as a sacrament or rite of passage for women and thought every women should have the experience. He never applied it to feminists in general. only to the radical abortionists. Others in the MSM applied it differently, but not Rush.


          6. If it were your daughter or granddaughter, maybe you would feel differently. Maybe not. Regardless, the implication that Ms. Fluke was a “slut” was uncalled for and hateful.

            Repurposing the Nazi party to demonize feminists, regardless of what they were fighting for, is akin to using the other n-word to demonize people protesting for civil rights.

            Take off you blinders and see how offensive that man was on his show.

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          7. If it were my daughter or granddaughter, I would be paying for it, not demanding you do. And if she were using 300 condoms a month, we would have a word.


          8. Probably, and Rush did apologize for the inference, but to be accurate, he did not directly call Ms Fluke a slut, he said only a slut or prostitute would need that many condoms. So he was actually calling her a liar more than a slut as she was exaggerating her need for assistance.


          9. “He did not directly call her a slut”

            Well, this is what he said . . .
            “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.”

            That is pretty damn close to directly calling her a slut.

            Of course the real point is that she did nothing to deserve the ugly treatment he gave her on his radio show. It was a vicious personal attack that was totally unwarranted. Entertaining? Obviously, for the Limbaugh/Trump crowd it was very entertaining.


          10. I cannot comment on Rush’s black friends and/or lovers. There being a few such people in his life proves nothing. We are discussing his record and rhetoric on the air. And that record is full of utter contempt for and lies about the groups and people that I listed. That is the simple truth and no amount of spin can change it.

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          11. Sandra Fluke testified about the importance of contraception to women. She spoke in support of it being a required part of preventative care to be covered by insurance. Her position was reasonable and popular. Limbaugh’s attacks on her as a result of this innocuous testimony was vicious, misogynist bullshit, i.e., things you were thinking but he expressed better. As in . . .

            “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”


            “So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.”

            It is obvious that your defense of Limbaugh’s rhetoric about Fluke and his restricted use of the term “feminazis” is hokum.

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          12. The first quote was from his broadcast of February 29th. The second was the next day. There are numerous locations where the quotes can be found. Here is the Wikipedia summary of the affair . . .


            Your not finding these ugly quotes in the transcripts is because they are not there. Anymore. Limbaugh was caught altering the transcripts when advertiser heat got too intense.


            It is worth noting that the hilarious and witty Rushbo referred to Nancy Pelosi AND Ms. Fluke’s parents in this diatribe . . .

            “Can you imagine if you’re her parents how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she’s having so much sex she cannot afford her own birth control pills . . .”

            No wonder your man Trump gave this man pig the Medal of Freedom. Birds of a feather.

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        2. “That’s only mainstream in the sewer.”

          Right. There is no hate on the right or in Libertarian circles. It is hateful to refer to opinions you disagree with as being in the sewer.


          1. Maybe stop and think before hurling your silly slanders.
            You are obviously confusing MSN and MSNBC.

            MSN is just a web channel for a variety of news sources and opinions. This piece highlighting Limbaugh’s long history of racism was from the Boston Globe.

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  2. It is interesting to see the media portraying Limbaugh as a leader of the conservative movement, a notion Rush always denied. His talent was to say the things we already knew to be true in a light hearted, informative and entertaining manner. He was not our brain, he was our voice. He said the things we believed better than we could.

    One of those things was his skill at deflating the self-righteous virtue signaling of liberalism long before that phrase was coined. Now, in his death he does that again, as the bile of the MSM on his death reveals that the true home of hate in America is on the left.


    1. …”the true home of hate in America is on the left.”

      Your denial of hate on the right is delusional. The true home of hate in America lies in the hearts of SOME Americans, regardless of political bent.

      As an example, you consistently spew your hatred for Democrats. That ain’t comin’ from the left, Don.

      And HE may have denied being a leader in the conservative movement, but that was false humility. He used his celebrity to drive home conservative, and sometimes hateful, thoughts. With his number of listeners, to say he was not a leader is bull puckey.

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  3. This is one of the more fair and balanced (apologies to Fox News) articles I have read on the passing of Rush.


    Some contradictions in Rush that are fairly addressed. But the closing sounded accurate.

    “Much of Limbaugh’s performance was entertaining bluster, and, if one happened to catch it in the right mood, it was made more enjoyable by the impression that he was enjoying it as much as anyone. But the core of resentment was real — as corrosive for Limbaugh personally as it is for the political culture over which he loomed so large for so long.”

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