Registered Republicans seem to have lost their common sense

Joe Biden wins the popular and Electoral vote in similar numbers to what his predecessor called a “landslide”, and now 46% of GOP voters blame HIM for January 6th. The Grand Old Party should be renamed the T**** Old Party. The loyalty shown to a man over the country is just amazing in my mind.

I am, in a word GOBSMACKED.

35 thoughts on “Registered Republicans seem to have lost their common sense

  1. The cult of the ex-president is almost religious.

    Curious that they picked Biden to blame for the assault. As far a I can recall, he pretty much ignored the rants and never ending court cases and lies.

    Yet people who believe in conspiracies will justify anything to soothe their imagined grievances.

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  2. Cult behavior does not lend itself to rational/logical analysis. It is an emotional reaction that defies explanation beyond the “I want this to be true..and so it is” .

    As I’ve repeatedly opined; the deprogramming will be difficult, but I hope we can create an environment going forward that lessens its reoccurrence.

    TRUTH could be a good start….

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    1. “TRUTH could be a good start….”

      Perhaps. But first you have to get the cult to realize the real truth and not the alternative version of it. And the only way to accomplish that is to get the cult leaders to tell the TRUTH…

      I wonder if Anthony Anderson is available?


  3. It is more than reasonable to cast blame for Jan 6 rioters on Democrats. Democrats started a campaign of rioting, protests, arson, looting, assault on police, assault on citizens, destruction of personal property, defund police, anti 1st amendment against free speech, anti 2nd amendment gun confiscation, phony claims of systemic racism, armed take over of entire city blocks, attacks on federal buildings and more for over 4 years all cheered on, approved and encouraged by Democrat politicians. All of a sudden Biden claims to want to heal and have a group hug after HIS party caused all of this? Of course liberals deny it but YES Democrats are indeed culpable. If anyone needs deprogramming, it is liberals. That or the wood shed.


    1. “It is more than reasonable to cast blame for Jan 6 rioters on Democrats.“

      So who invited all these folks to come on January 6? Who told them Pence could overthrow the election results? Who told the gangs to “stand by” a few weeks before the election. And at the same time insisting that if he lost, the election was rigged? Did any of the rioters and insurrectionists say that this was in retaliation for last summer?

      I thought so. Gaslight is not just a Boyer movie.

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        1. I am still not sure of the logic of blaming Biden.

          I guess we will have to blame Nixon for the “enemies” label for the press. Of course, that makes the ex-president a plagiarist.

          This is so confusing.

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    2. Uh, no. It is not reasonable to believe ANY of those things. They are the beliefs of a very weak mind very easily manipulated by the lying liars pulling the strings of the modern GOP. Keep people like you mad at others who are different and they will not notice that they are picking their pockets. That is their plan and it clearly works on some people.

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    3. RE: “It is more than reasonable to cast blame for Jan 6 rioters on Democrats.”

      I agree. I’m not much interested in doing so, but I can see the logic. The fundamental reality is that it takes two to tango. So, if Democrats insist on calling Trump supporters cult-members and insurrectionists, Trump supporters may as well respond in kind.

      If liberals riot, burn cities, commit murder and cause billions of dollars in damage, why shouldn’t conservatives?


      1. The comparison of the summer violence and what happened on January 6 are not comparable.

        What happened on 1/6 was a large group of T**** supporters attempting to interfere with the democratic duties of Congress through intimidation and violence.

        Commit murder? The only murder charges I am aware of are against Rittenhouse.


    4. Oddly enough, and maybe I just wasn’t watching closely enough – and, trust me – I was watching that whole Trump Terrorist thing from start to late in the evening – but I don’t recall a single “BIDEN / HARRIS” hat, shirt, flag, umbrella, anything, at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

      So, either your mind is slip-slip-slipping like most of your guy’s supporters, or you’re just trying to keep ‘djt’ in the news longer than he’s got scripts for.

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  4. Trump’s actions in his last two months in office were shameful. but at the same time, there has been a pattern of abuse by the left that has left Republicans rightfully angry, and that anger has often been expressed as unearned loyalty to Trump.

    There is no doubt that Trump and his supporters were treated unfairly for the last 4 years by the press and equally importantly, the entertainment industry. Democrats need to own that. You can’t expect people to be lied about 24/7 for 4 years and not carry resentment.

    There is no doubt the COVID crisis was used as cover to unlawfully change the rules of the election in a manner that makes fraud possible and difficult to prove. Republicans are right to suspect that there was cheating. Maybe not enough to change the results, but that it occurred must be acknowledged.

    It is not reasonable to blame Biden for that. as while he benefited from it, he did not orchestrate it and what he has done SINCE Jan 6 cannot be used to blame him for it.

    But so long as Democrats will not admit to press, big tech and entertainment bias on their behalf or acknowledge that they blatantly ignored the law to gain advantage in the election that anger will persist and Trump will continue to benefit from it.


    1. RE: “Trump’s actions in his last two months in office were shameful. but at the same time, there has been a pattern of abuse by the left that has left Republicans rightfully angry, and that anger has often been expressed as unearned loyalty to Trump.”

      I don’t buy “loyalty to Trump” as a real thing. Some portray the notion as cult-like; I think it is no more cultic than fandom for a sports team.

      As a rule, the proponents of Trump cultism don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t know the psychology or the anthropology of real cults, but apply shallow, pop-culture reasoning in a way to justify their own prejudiced assumptions. It’s pretty disgusting, and justifies a backlash.

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      1. “I don’t buy “loyalty to Trump” as a real thing”

        Horse Hockey. The number of state and county GOP parties that have censured their members for voting in favor of impeachment and conviction shows a loyalty to the man and not to the country.

        Utah’s GOP got it right yesterday in NOT censuring Romney for his votes.


    2. Why is it a big deal if the entertainment business is not favorable to a political party?

      For decades, “Hollywood” has been the whipping boy for all that is wrong with America. And yet Trump was elected and he was by any standard, “Mr. Hollywood”.

      Then war was declared on a few athletes who protested by kneeling during the National Anthem. Kneeling, not shouting or spitting or make obscene gestures. Just kneeling in silence.

      They are part of the entertainment business, to be sure. And they were viciously attacked as “sons of bitches” by the president. You see the irony of Mr. Entertainment himself denigrating peaceful protest by a few at a few events. Is this a major grievance enough to enrage an attempted insurrection. Really?

      You are taking the position of the “Heartland Elite”. The only “real” Americans. “Real” Americans who now have committed an attempted coup because they just had enough.

      Really? Enough of what? What horrible suffering, persecution and misery allows them to attack Congress?

      Now please take a second before you post “you made my point” and try, try hard, to see our side.

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      1. Are you denying media bias?

        Are you denying big tech sabotage?

        Are you denying unlawful changes to election procedures?

        And yes, the entertainment industry can affect opinion, sometimes for good, and in making racial bias unacceptable .

        But also sometimes in arrogance and hatefulness.

        Does that justify attacking Congress? No. But 74 million Americans did not attack anyone, a few hundred with their own agenda did.


        1. The vast conservative empire in cable, print and radio is a good deal of the problem. You want WAPO shut down and Murdoch elevated to sainthood?

          Big tech is interested in making big money. Conspiracy theories were creating a massive problem, and still are. Trying to protect brand and profit are what companies do. You know that. But if shooting up pizza parlors is your thing, go fo it.

          Election changes? They were made in both Democratic and Republican controlled states (most states made changes of some kind) and approved by courts under our legal system that you agree to abide by as an American. You may not like them, but they are not illegal until courts or legislatures change them by overturning or codifying procedures.

          So you want to regulate what entertainers can say or do?

          Their own agenda? Trump explicitly recruited them to stand by and then made sure they were there on the sixth. Then did nothing to stop them.

          So what is the justification for tearing apart the nation?

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        2. “Are you denying media bias?”

          Nope. Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, Breitbart, and various other MSM sites have been completely biased and loyal to T****.

          “Are you denying big tech sabotage?”

          Proof. Not conjecture, but actual evidence showing sabotage.

          “Are you denying unlawful changes to election procedures?”

          There was none. Legislatures made their own rules as they are entitled to do so. But just because the outcome was not what they wanted, they cannot then say what they did was unlawful. And now there are over 400 new state laws being bandied about to suppress the vote again. Because as we have been told, when people are allowed to vote, the GOP loses.

          “But 74 million Americans did not attack anyone,”,,, And 81 million Americans did not steal the election.


          1. Election rules were not changed by legislatures, they were changed by executive branch and in some cases judicial branch fiat, which is prohibited by the Constitution.

            In PA, the legislature changed the rules, but its own Constitution required an amendment be submitted to the voters. That law was simply ignored.

            Repeating the denial of documented fact as though repeating the same lie enough makes it true is one of the things conservatives are angry over.

            As for proof of big tech suppression, check your Parler account.


          2. “Repeating the denial of documented fact as though repeating the same lie enough makes it true is one of the things conservatives are angry over.”

            Then they should quit repeating their OWN lies. Including the ones about election fraud and the stealing of the election. if the election WAS stolen, why hasn’t there been 81 million charges filed?

            The PA GOP in particular is evidence of what I said. They didn’t get the outcome they wanted so they said what they did was wrong. If that is true then state impeachment proceedings should being immediately.


          3. I will agree that Trump’s campaign should have sued before the election rather than after, but it remains that the PA Constitution requires election procedure changes be made by state constitution amendment and that was not done.


        3. You stipulate that election laws were changed unconstitutionally. So the remedy is to legally and with standing challenge the changes. That was unsuccessful.

          (Now the Republican states are rushing to change all the rules again so they can win.)

          But until the challenges are adjudicated, the laws hold. And adjudication does not work too well by waiting to see who won and where, but, as you stated, it should be before the election.

          Like I have said before, in Brown v. Board, separate but equal was unconstitutional. So the law changed. We did not go back and prosecute school board members who followed the law nor did we re-educate those who were wronged.

          Do you think our Black population had justification to attack the Capitol before the Brown ruling? They certainly had grievances that were pretty strong compared to today’s, by any measure.

          (What would have been the result of such action?)

          The big point of contention is simple:

          Voter participation is not in the interest of the GOP. Once that is understood, all the rest, including the attempted autogolpe, fall into place.

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          1. I said you did. But the point stands that if you believe in the Rule of Law, then you follow the paths for appeal as stipulated and agreed to by every American including Republicans.

            If you lose the cases, do like the anti-abortion crowd does. Reformulate and try again. Don’t send armed mobs.

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          2. And if are ruled unconstitutional or unlawful, so it goes.

            Lawfully. Peacefully.

            I would bet that the rulings will be favorable to the changes or very narrowly focused.

            And I would wager that trying to make a case that Texas voters were damaged by Pennsylvania election rules will fizzle again.

            After all, when Houston was limited to one ballot box for 4 million voters, how fair was that to Pennsylvania ballots?


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