Hating nice people

When haters think they are the good guys

In addition to Shapiro’s article, an observation from yesterday’s deceptively edited Democrat video.

As a part of the crowd began to push through one of the doors, 4 policemen were trying to hold the crowd back. One of the first to push through turned around about 10 feet behind the policemen and began recording the struggle on his phone. As the police were being gradually pushed back, he suddenly pocketed his phone and stepped forward to move a bench out from behind one of the officers so he wouldn’t trip over it in the struggle.

So, perhaps the left should take a breath and ask themselves what they have done to make such basically nice people so angry.

Here’s a hint, for 4 years they have been called racists and worse for supporting an imperfect President who finally stood up to the left after so many other Republican Presidents had caved in the past. Within weeks of gaining control of the government, Democrats have gleefully celebrated the destruction of hard working people’s lives with the stroke of a pen, denying them a say through Congress. where they could at least be heard.

The absolute disdain by the coastal elites for those living in flyover country is where hate lives in this country, and it is tearing the country apart.

36 thoughts on “Hating nice people

  1. Divergent thought: Every senator should be asked if they blame Trump for the 400,000+ COVID deaths in the U.S. If they say yes, they should recuse themselves from the impeachment “trial.” They just need someone to blame.


    1. Wasn’t it Donald J. Trump who lied all the way through his audio recorded interviews with Bob Woodward about the Coronavirus. Wasn’t it the same ‘Trump’ who lied during that same timeframe to Americans every time he had a mic stuck in front of his face regarding the level of danger the virus was, telling people repeatedly that it would be gone in a month, two months or just a little bit longer?

      Yes, Mr. Trump WAS responsible for being so unequipped for his job that he had no idea of how to deliver bad news to people about the danger of the new virus that was beginning to sweep the country. And, those Trump lies, one after the other about the virus, caused plenty of deaths as people believed his words and didn’t take the virus seriously. I would say that is a fact.

      If you want to demand that senators recuse themselves from the impeachment trial because they were intelligent enough to connect the dots between dead Americans and Trump’s early and continued pathetic response to covid-19, than surely you must see that this country should have made DJT recuse himself for thinking he could run this country at a time that Americans needed the TRUTH from him.

      One doesn’t have to HATE Trump to be smart enough to know he failed this country miserably and yes, does have blood on his hands.

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        1. There is plenty of evidence to quantify the horrific magnitude of Trump’s colossal mismanagement of the pandemic. You just go on pretending that it is not there. For example, I remember the time you claimed that accusing Trump of failure was wrong because Europe overall had done worse than the USA in terms of per capita deaths. That was an “error.” I had to set the record straight with the actual data. And that data said that IF we had managed as well as Europe overall, there would have been more than 100,000 fewer dead in this country.

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      1. Democrats are all Stalinists. 😇

        Now can we quit the whiney grievance that the heartland is the victim and urban dwellers are evil oppressors.

        That is so not true, but does make for good demagoguery.

        You do the same exact thing you accuse liberals of, demonizing the opposition.

        “Enemy of the people” did not start with a Democrat.

        You said Trump made being an American good again. Really? When did it stop, I never wavered but I also believe love of country means more that flag waving and hating immigrants.

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      2. He did not prove your point. He decisively refuted it. You are too busy playing your victim cards and justifying violent insurrection to understand the simple truth. “Nice people” do not beat other people to death to make a point.

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    1. “Bubble” thinking is certainly in play here.

      I’d recommend you read Mr. William Shirer’s short review of a civilized people descent into madness last century.

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  2. RE: “So, perhaps the left should take a breath and ask themselves what they have done to make such basically nice people so angry.”

    Good proposal. I’ve noticed that people who hate tend to make excuses for it. This, however, makes solving the problem merely difficult, not impossible.


      1. A behavior of the left is the topic at hand. I’d say pretending it doesn’t exist is a better example of making excuses.


          1. Your claim that an ex-president attempted an autogolpe qualifies. If you didn’t hate Trump so much that it blinds you, you might see that your accusation is reckless and irresponsible.


          2. Of course I could, but that would be delusional.

            Trump tried to reinstall himself in power with all the classic playbook tactics.

            Lies about fraud.

            Stack the Court quickly.

            Extorting state officials to overturn the election.

            Spending months building anger, recruiting homegrown militia gangs and setting a stage on the 6th.

            Refusing to intervene to stop the mob until hours later.

            That only a few people died is a miracle.

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  3. “ Within weeks of gaining control of the government, Democrats have gleefully celebrated the destruction of hard working people’s lives with the stroke of a pen, denying them a say through Congress. where they could at least be heard.”

    How so?

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    1. By executive order, Biden has snatched high paying jobs from hard working people in the energy industry, wrecking their lives. Then dismissively claiming they can get better jobs in Green energy.

      Jobs that at best are years away and likely to be in China.

      If it were 100K social workers eliminated from the work force, the left would be up in arms (if they had any) but the attitude directed toward those oil industry workers has been dismissive at best and in many cases gleefully hateful.


      1. Are you talking about the Keystone Pipeline? Again? If so, your observations are simply ridiculous. For starters, the point of the pipeline is to eliminate good paying railroad and trucking jobs so that global oil companies can increase their profits.

        If that is not what you are referring to then maybe you can enlighten us?

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        1. Far from just the Keystone workers.

          The EO stopping planned leasing of Federal lands and waters for oil exploration will eliminate far more long term jobs. and the higher cost of energy and loss of feedstock for plastics and chemicals will drive countless more overseas.

          And the point of the pipeline is to move oil efficiently and safely.

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          1. Okay, thanks. Not just Keystone.

            Those federal lands were off-limits for many years until Trump tried to throw them open – by XO. It is good policy to preserve wilderness, protect the natural environment and preserve possible fossil fuel reserves for future generations.

            What you seem to leave out of your complaining is that President Biden made it very clear what his environmental policies would be and support for those policies was part of the reason for his decisive election victory. The election had consequences in 2017 and now again in 2021. In spite of the best efforts of the insurrectionists we are still a democracy.

            It is not at all clear where the “gleeful” accusation comes from. It seems like your projecting your reactions when Trump “stood up to the left.”

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      2. “…gleefully hateful…”

        You are on a roll now. Please don’t lecture us about demonizing.

        If we ever get Congress to take back the powers it has given the president over the decades, we might see fewer XO’s and more administration.

        But until then, we will be stuck with directives that may not agree with half the nation. That is the divide on presidential elections now.

        Better yet, if we can get rid of gerrymandering we can get a better balance in Congress since conservatives own the Senate with rare exceptions.

        You loved the past administration’s XO’s, so a reversal is painful, I suppose.

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        1. Uh, Biden has control of both houses of Congress, He is not being stymied by a hostile Congress, There is no excuse for him to govern by executive order for anything other than an immediate emergency.

          He should givern by the traditional means of a party in power, pass legislation.


          1. Control of the Senate is very tenuous.

            Besides, the last president had both houses early on and wrote a flurry of XO’s.

            He should have gone through Congress also, right?

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          2. “He should have gone through Congress also, right?”

            HAHAHAHAHA! Only Democrat Presidents write bad EO’s.

            Funny how it is ignored that the MAJORITY of the EO’s were to REVERSE EO’s by the previous administration. As Biden stated, he is not changing laws, just reversing bad policies.


  4. In the good old days a lynch mob was often made up of similar “nice people.”

    And the “nice people” who dominate the Trump base were eager to believe that President Obama is a Muslim from Kenya and that Mexican immigrants are mainly drug dealers, criminals and rapists. Trump understands these “nice people” very well and knows how to incite their hatred and bitterness.

    Trump – mighty man of principle – stood up to “the left”, did he? Patently absurd. Uh, no. He is nothing but a well-practiced practitioner in the American tradition of the Snake Oil salesman offering nothing but divisive lies and magical promises. Call me a “hater” for saying so, why don’t you? I will call you a “fool” for believing otherwise.

    What is really rich is how you constantly accuse everyone but the actual haters of being haters. Your own drooling hatred is evident in almost every post. This one is no exception.

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    1. The old postcards from lynchings showed townspeople, their children, picnic baskets and fine, upstanding citizens torturing a victim to death.

      Post cards of the rally listening to speeches about how the only way to save the country was to get Pence and other Congressmen. Followed by the attack in more postcards

      I see little difference. Including the lack of culpability for the mob leaders.

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        1. Well, for all intents and purposes, the GOP is mostly toast. Hundreds of thousands of registered Republicans have left the party. And that is only from evidence in the states that require registration by party.

          The Trump “dependency” among many GOP Congressmen is going to be a big problem as Trump fades into endless litigation from rape victims, banks, the IRS, state prosecutors on everything from felony election interference to taxes to bank fraud.

          The end result could be a bunch of “primaried” office holders, thereby setting up more losers with extreme, nut job views.

          Our form of government needs a loyal opposition to curb the extremes of the party in power.

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